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Pink or white, grapefruit makes for a tasty morning wake-me-up as well as a familiar fat burner for the calorie conscious. But did you know that this bountiful citrus fruit is also a veritable beauty bonanza? Full of vitamin C, it can help ramp up collagen production to create a fuller, more youthful complexion. Grapefruit is also loaded with citric acid, which gives it its signature tangy taste, and is also a great skin exfoliator. Many people credit grapefruit extract for reducing cellulite and leaving skin soft. Oils from the grapefruit have a soothing effect, which is why we see it as a common ingredient in lotions, scrubs and creams.

February is National Grapefruit Month, so check out our list of mouth-watering products and learn why the grapefruit is a beauty miracle.


Seeking a cleanser that works and smells divine? Look no further than the wildly popular Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Cleanser line. These dermatologist-recommended products are made with 100% naturally derived grapefruit extract plus vitamin C. The line is formulated for even the most stubborn acne and blackheads and doubles as a tangy morning pick-me-up. You can find the line – including scrubs, cleansers, and body washes – in most drugstores for under $10.


Photo Credit: www.sephora.com

Camouflaging redness and blotchiness on your cheeks, nose, and under eyes takes a special approach. Clinique Redness Solutions Instant Relief Mineral Pressed Powder ($32.50) is formulated specifically to hide redness and broken capillaries that can leave skin looking ruddy and harsh. While reducing redness, it also keeps skin calm and cool with a blend that includes grapefruit peel. The powder is ideal for use with all skin types with reactive redness or rosacea. Gentle enough for the eye area, the powder is 100% free of fragrances, oil, and talc.


Photo Credit: www.sephora.com

Soy Shampoo ($26) by Fresh is a deliciously citrus-scented, moisture-locking shampoo perfect for all hair types. When used daily, it prevents breakage, and its strengthening soy proteins maximize elasticity for healthy, shiny, strong hair. The grapefruit, orange, and mango scent is sure to make you fall in love.


Photo Credit: www.sephora.com

While Coach is known by fashionistas everywhere for their on-trend handbags, their Poppy Flower Eau de Parfum ($65) fragrance is also getting rave reviews. The scent’s happy and fun personality features sparkling top notes of grapefruit, wet ivy, and mandarin. It is also feminine and vibrantly romantic, with notes of jasmine petals, water lily, and rose. Perfect for the girlie girl in all of us, Poppy Flower is great for a Valentine’s date night or a fresh change as spring blooms and winter vanishes.


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Malin + Goetz has created the perfect cleansing blend for sensitive skin, which is also good for most other skin types. Their Grapefruit Face Cleanser ($30) gently purifies, hydrates, and balances out skin when used daily. The best part is this cleanser is free of harsh chemicals, dyes, and detergents to get skin looking its best in a natural way.


Photo Credit: www.drugstore.com

If your morning shower needs a bit of a boost, look no further than the Grapefruit Purifying Shower Gel ($30) by June Jacobs Spa Collection. This refreshing blend of grapefruit, white, red and green tea extracts, combined with goji berry, pomegranate, and grape seed extracts will nourish skin, protect it from environmental toxins, and combat visible signs of premature aging.


Photo Credit: www.drugstore.com

After your refreshing shower, add EO Grapefruit and Mint Body Lotion ($7.49) your normal moisturizing routine. This body lotion is nourishing, applies easily, and is quickly absorbed leaving skin smooth and soft. The gentle formula hydrates and soothes even the most delicate skin. This lotion is perfect for dry winter skin and for revitalizing warm summer skin, making it ideal for your skincare repertoire at any time of the year.


Photo Credit: www.sephora.com

Fall in love all over again with this latest concentration of Daisy from designer Marc Jacobs. The Daisy Eau de Parfum ($75) is a little floral and a little spicy with notes of strawberry, violet leaves, ruby red grapefruit, gardenia, violet petals, jasmine petals, musk, vanilla, and white woods. Just like Marc’s fashions, the scent is sophisticated with a touch of whimsy.


Photo Credit: www.drugstore.com

Work up a rich lather with the Giovanni Cleanse Body Wash ($10.99) in Grapefruit Sky. This luxurious body wash smells fantastic and leaves skin feeling baby soft, all while being a great natural alternative to cleansers loaded with chemicals. It’s non-irritating and is gentle enough for all skin types, and its foamy texture and sweet scent will make it your go-to body wash.


Photo Credit: www.sephora.com

After a long week, there’s nothing better than getting into a hot bubble bath and lighting a candle, particularly the Tocca Cleopatra ($38) candle. Its grapefruit and cucumber scent will give your bathroom a clean, fruity scent that will both invigorate and relax you. So grab some bubbly while you’re at it along and the bubble bath, and enjoy a little grapefruit-infused “me” time.


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