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04-27-12 | Posted by

Caudalie wants to make sure your skin gets enough water, organic grape water, that is. Nutritive and hydrating, grape water is the star ingredient in the new Vinosource range, a moisturizing line that offers a product for multiple skin types, from extremely dry to combination.

Quite different from grape juice, grape water is derived using a low pressure and low temperature distilling process to extract the purest water from grapes – rich with trace elements and nourishing sugars.

The hero of the Vinosource line is S.O.S. Thirst Quenching Serum ($48), an ultra light to the touch surge of moisture that can be used alone or under your regular moisturizer or treatment product. Its delightful scent was specially created by Caudalie founder Mathilde Thomas.

Moisturizing Matifying Fluid ($38), is a non-greasy treat for combination skin. Perfect for year-round anti-shine moisturization, it works to reduce excess sebum while restoring the skin’s water balance.

Moisturizing Sorbet ($38) is a light moisturizer ideal for young sensitive skin. A gel-cream with a fabulous texture, the Sorbet actually turns into water on contact with the skin to soothe, hydrate and fortify.

Moisture Recovery Cream ($38) is geared toward skin on the dry side, delivering the perfect dose of plant lipids required to make your skin feel nourished, comforted and silky soft.

If your skin is extremely dry, Vinosource offers Intense Moisture Rescue Cream ($38). Butter textured, the cream soothes the skin by restoring lipids and creating a moisture blanket for dehydrated complexions.

Always focused on the natural, all items in the Vinosource collection are composed of 92% to 97% natural ingredients.

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