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12-08-16 | Posted by

True Confession. For years I stored my beauty products in plastic ziplock bags. I liked the practicality of it. The price was more than right, I could see everything in one fell swoop without having to go digging through an opaque one to find what I wanted, and if the bag got dirty or stained there was always an easy replacement on standby right in the kitchen drawer. I kept a large one in my bathroom vanity with everything I used daily and I also kept a smaller one in my handbag filled with the items I’d need for touchups throughout the day. Then…I spotted the most beautiful makeup bag in a local boutique. Since that purchase, I haven’t gone back to plastic bags and I have no intention of ever going back to them again. There are just too many special options out there.

Here, are 6 of my favorite grab and go makeup bags:

Wander Beauty Pucker Up Lip Pouch ($38) is a fun and ultra-flirty way to carry all your makeup essentials. You’ll want to toss in your lipstick du jour, mascara, breath mints and anything else you might need to freshen up. The strategically placed polished logo hardware is a nice finishing touch and it’s the perfect accessory to wear when out for the evening with friends.


Sophia Joy Floral Hybrid Beauty Organizer ($25) will keep you organized thanks to separate snap out compartments that make it easy to leave behind or take along whatever you might need to have on hand, plus the festive and bright floral print is absolutely gorgeous. This bag cleans up easily with a damp cloth.


Ted Baker London ‘Elanno Shadows’ Cosmetics Bag ($65) is another one of those bags that you’ll want to wear out as a glam clutch — it has sparkling crystals, gorgeous birds and pretty blossoms to boot. It’s roomy enough to store all you need it to and it is durable enough to wipe clean with a damp cloth.


Jouer “IT” Cosmetics Bag ($65) in a pretty pale pink leather multitasks as a makeup bag or as the perfect place to put and tote your cell phone, wallet and other grab and go items. It’s also available in red leather.


Sephora Pull It Together Travel Bag ($26) is the perfect cosmetics, toiletries and travel case. The beauty of it is that it opens up into a 20-inch flat surface so you can keep all your products within view as you make up. Then, when you are done primping, simply pull the drawstring to close up your bag up with everything you need neatly tucked inside.



Burberry Large Check Nylon Pouch ($195) features a top zip closure and inside pocket. It’s also generously sized and stylish enough to double as a clutch for a night out on the town. Just toss in your keys and other small essentials to have everything that you need in one chic and tidy place.



NOTE: The Wander Beauty Pucker Up Lip Pouch and the Sophia Joy Floral Hybrid Beauty Organizer were both sent for review. All others cosmetics bags were tested in store. Opinions are my own.

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