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11-10-14 | Posted by

ZO Skin Health is generously giving away their potent ZO Offects® Hydrating Cleanser ($38 value), which hydrates and rejuvenates normal to dry skin without disrupting the moisture barrier – a perfect way to combat the cold weather’s effect on the skin. Using panthenol and allantoin to soothe, repair, and restore skin, this product cleans away dead skin cells and supports cellular renewal.



  • Helps retain moisture during the cleansing process
  • Soothing and calming properties
  • Helps stimulate collagen production
  • Removes dirt, oil, and makeup without leaving a residue


Key Ingredients:

  • Sodium hyaluronate, panthenol, glycerin, sodium PCA, and urea: Hydrates and replenishes moisture
  • Allantoin: Soothes and calms
  • Lipopeptide-myristoyl pentapeptide-8: Stimulates collagen production


To Use:

  • Moisten hands with lukewarm water.
  • Apply a small amount to damp face and neck.
  • To help increase penetration of the active ingredients, rub one minute.
  • Rinse thoroughly.


TO ENTER: What clever way do you keep your skin healthy during the winter season?

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  1. martinam1952 Says:

    Moisturize all the time!!!

  2. CourtyB34 Says:

    I do an avocodo and oatmeal treatment once a week, and I use a nice facial cream. You should also hydrate from within, so I drink a ton of water with citrus essential oils. Hydrating from the inside out makes a big difference.

    -Courtney Biggs from Barefoot in Blue Jeans

  3. miriama59 Says:

    Moisturize regularly and stay out of the wind. HYDRATE

  4. tamaraben Says:

    Stay hydrated, exfoiate, moisturize

  5. boofa29 Says:

    I just try to moisturize all the time. I use a thicker, heavier cream moisturizer in the winter months to tackle my extremely dry skin.

  6. dilciaenid Says:

    During winter months use coconut oil as a massage oil, as a makeup remover, and left on as a deep condition overnight.

  7. Annette Says:

    To make the serums/creams work better, I exfoliate often.

  8. kjellk Says:

    Taking a lukewarm bath with oatmeal!

  9. germgina Says:

    Take shorter showers!

  10. chelseaplus02 Says:

    I moisturize my body twice a day especially when I get out of the shower and my skin is damp. I use moisturizing face masks so my face doesn’t dry up. I also apply Hand lotion constantly through out the day and drink lots and lots of water.

  11. Kat Says:

    I use a moisturizing mask 2x a week and switch to products for ‘sensitive’ skin-cleanser and toner. I use a heavier moisture cream as well.

  12. njsunbunny Says:

    I moisturize my face in the morning and at night after washing it with a gentle cleanser and warm water. I also eat healthy and drink plenty of water.

  13. Annette Says:

    I exfoliate regularly to remove the dry skin then use a heavy cream/moisturizer.

  14. poordaddy Says:

    I use tons of moisturizer. Thank you for giving us the chance to win this !!

  15. champ76 Says:

    I drink lots of water, exfoliate and use an spf daily for gorgeous glowing winter skin! #GORGEOUSGIVEAWAY

  16. Jamie18857 Says:

    I use an exfoliant cleanser and I use moisturizer.

  17. Eustacia Says:

    I have to use a lot of moisturizing lotion especially after I have been outside shoveling snow!

  18. areck2004@yahoo.com Says:

    My clever way of keeping my skin healthy and clear looking is to moisturize 2 or 3 times a day. I love to have olive oil and argon oil as well. These rich oils nourish my skin and I love it. I am looking for a great cleanser.

  19. labskita523 Says:

    I use shower oil and moisturize my whole body including my heels. I exfoliate and scrub my heels 2x a week and every night I put on Rescue Balm and cover it with socks leaving my feet soft. I use lip scrub and advanced lip therapy to avoid chapped lips. =)

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