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02-10-13 | Posted by

spasonic1Hey, BeautyInTheBagers. Get ready to start another fabulous week with another fabulous giveaway! This week we’re giving away three (3) Spa Sonic Skin Care Face & Body Polishers (an $80 value). The Spa Sonic is a great device that deep cleans your entire body and face, targeting blemished and damaged skin to create a glowing and firm complexion. The Spa Sonic is a waterproof device ideal for using in the shower, bathtub, or while at your bathroom sink. It comes with four attachments (included): a smaller sized brush ideal for your face, a large brush for your body, a facial sponge for microdermabrasion and the reduction of the appearance of wrinkles, and finally a pumice attachment for your elbows, knees and rougher areas.

The Spa Sonic cleanses and exfoliates your entire body. It helps tighten your pores with its amazing clear complexion technology, guaranteed not to cause irritation. It can be used with any of your favorite moisturizers or cleansers to maximize its effect. Designed to eliminate oil, dirt and makeup residue, it’s safe and effective for all skin types.

Three lucky winners can get the Spa Sonic Skin Care System delivered to their front door. Just answer this week’s question and you could win. Normal rules apply – good luck to all who enter!

To Enter: Your face or body, what needs more attention from the Spa Sonic Skin Care System? Tell us why.

COMMENT post your response in the comment
section of this post


TWEET your response to @Beautyinthebag

*to be eligible to win!

*No purchase necessary. Open to US residents only. Contest begins 2/11 at 11 AM EST
and ends 2/17 at 11 PM EST.


  1. pamh Says:

    This would be wonderful for my face & body. I get breakouts year round on my face and back and would love to finally try something that could help. Also the pumice sounds great 🙂

  2. maeishere Says:

    My face totally needs this product! It’s so hard when you’re exposed to certain temperatures and chemicals as a nursing student. Hopefully I win!

  3. destinyd1 Says:

    My face to help protect from the elements. Besides your face is the first thing people see it is nice to have a fresh look 🙂


    My face is showing the effects of cold dry winter.

  5. Goldengirl101215 Says:

    Both face and body! Hitting my 40s + the ups and downs of this Houston weather take a serious toll on the skin!

  6. tamaraben Says:

    Living in Florida almost my whole life my skin sure could use the the Spa Sonic Skin Care System. I want to have glowing healthy skin!

  7. cls316 Says:

    My 69th birthday coming up in a month. Hoping to continue to look and feel wonderful. Would love to win this great new system to keep me in shape.

  8. extremedesigner Says:

    Both your face & body,need equal attention from the Spa Sonic Skin Care System. The complete relaxing and restorative process of the Sonic Skin Care System allows you to feel pampered and refreshed. If I had to choose between the two, my face would come first. Weather, elements and stress take a considerable toll on the face, exfoliation is paramount. As women we take pride in and have need of understanding, respect & acknowledgement of our skin/hair by others we encounter. When we look & feel well, we project our confidence. I would love nothing more than to be the best I can be. The Spa Sonic Skin Care System is an excellent way to create a winning experience & attitude.


    Need this to tighten pores.

  10. DianeBa53 Says:

    My face needs help-it’s dry , chapped and red! HELP

  11. rachboileau Says:

    I am 44 years old. Want to improve the look of my skin apparence, I always come last the children always are my first priority but I would love to have the chance to have a little something for myself to enjoy and pamper Me!

  12. yadi25cast Says:

    I’d love to win because I’m noticing signs of aging. I guess it’s normal because I’m 32, but I don’t like it one bit! I need this to exfoliate.

  13. OhLaLaChrissy Says:

    My face needs more attention! I have blackheads that I hate. I really want a glowing, radiant face.

  14. floridachick Says:

    My face needs it more, I need to exfoliate and haven’t found a good product to do that, without it seeming to irritate. I think this would be much more gentle and do a better, more thorough job. Looks like a wonderful system!

  15. OczyKate Says:

    My body gets terribly dry in the winter…by the time springtime rolls around it’s a royal mess! PICK ME! PICK ME! haha

  16. kayenewman40 Says:

    I am in my forties now and I definitely need something new for my face care.This sounds like just what I have been looking for!

  17. Joy Says:

    My face needs it, getting older and would like to get some of that dead skin off….have always wanted one of these! keeping my fingers crossed.

  18. erilee69 Says:

    My skin is always so dry & flaky, even in summer! This would really help.

  19. SkinCareGuRu42 Says:

    My face needs more attention from the Spa Sonic Skin Care System, because I have seasonal dryness and need a gently yet effective exfoliation system. Spa Sonic SkinCare System is the best and would love to try it! Thank You!

  20. FireEyez77 Says:

    Face because of outside elements depending on the weather, water temperatures, ect. Would love to try this product!

  21. ait413 Says:

    My face I really want clean pores and to have them minimized! Thank you!

  22. dixie0385 Says:

    My face needs this badly because my pores need to be tighter, it’s dry, and it’s showing some effects of ageing. I just need to feel my face is refreshed and pampered and this system will get the job done! <3

  23. lunastar Says:

    Since i turned 42 my skin seems to have changed alot. I need to exfoliate to reduce pore size and clean out pores. And hope to be rid of the dark spots starting to appear.

  24. lindsey651 Says:

    Body, My back and sholders! I have never tried one of these

  25. cookie213 Says:

    I would be absolutely elated to win this. I want one but cannot afford it at this time, my pores and my arms are problematic and I’ve heard/read amazing reviews regarding this device/product. Thank you!

  26. shannon48183 Says:

    i am an aesthetician and i would use this on the face to make the skin come alive again. this im sure is an amazing product that delivers exfoliation, deep cleansing, and skin brightening all in one! would <3 to try!

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