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01-13-14 | Posted by

There is nothing better than shea butter when it comes to moisturizing. For this week’s Gorgeous Giveaway, we have a four-piece bath-and-body set (ARV $30.00) in the Lavender & Wild Orchid fragrance from SheaMoisture to give to three winners this week.

The set includes:

Lavender & Wild Orchid Body Butter (ARV $4.99): Healing, hydrating and calming, this delicate butter contains soothing lavender as well as wild orchid extract to repair damaged skin and prevent moisture loss.

Lavender & Wild Orchid Bath Soap (ARV $4.99): These luxurious, oversized bars are 8 ounces of 100-percent organic bliss. At the heart of these formulas is shea butter, a healing and moisturizing ingredient whose benefits SheaMoisture has been harnessing for decades.

Lavender & Wild Orchid  Hand & Body Scrub ($9.99): Ideal for use on the delicate skin on the hands and body, this scrub gently and effectively removes dead skin cells, leaving your entire body silky soft.

Lavender & Wild Orchid  Body Wash ($9.99): The Lavender calms and soothes irritated skin, while the Wild Orchid repairs damaged skin and helps prevent moisture loss.  Infused with Shea Butter to deeply moisturize and repair with vitamins and essential fatty acids.


To Enter: Please tell us about your favorite way to fight winter’s dry skin.

COMMENT post your response in the comment section of this post


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*to be eligible to win!

Open to US residents only. Contest begins 1/13/14 at 11 AM EST and ends 1/19/14 at 11 PM EST.

*No purchase necessary.


  1. windycindy Says:

    Hi, I drink a lot of water during the winter months and always
    protective moisturizer and outerwear, when going outside!
    I believe wearing a good sunscreen is as important in the
    winter, as it is in the summer, also.
    Many thanks, Cindi

  2. cbrodt Says:

    My favorite way to fight dry skin in the winter months is by regularly exfoliating and using rich body creams to keep my skin moisturized and hydrated.


    Lots of lotion

  4. dpsweep Says:

    Staying moisturized with natural oils

  5. ephlet Says:

    I try to keep my showers short and moisturize my skin immediately after getting out with a rich cream! Also, I try to drink a lot of water.

  6. Leslie Says:

    Exfoliation & body butters/oils!

  7. areck2004@yahoo.com Says:

    I apply moisturizer twice a day and I try to limit my expouser to the cold air that dries my skin out. It can be so pricey to maintain good skin and I appreciate the chance to win this. Lavender and Wild Orchard remind me of summer.

  8. carole312 Says:

    I just drink alot of water and use a humidifier. I never have to use lotion so I’m pretty lucky.

  9. Eustacia Says:

    Drinking a lot of water and using a lot of lotion!

  10. wizardewu Says:

    I use moisturizers with shea butter.

  11. AmadaIsAwesome Says:

    I put on lotion after showering & also before going to bed at night. And I carry a travel size lotion bottle in my purse.

  12. wellen1 Says:

    use foundation with moisturizer

  13. 4orangecrush Says:

    I use baby oil when I get out of the shower

  14. GQ Says:

    I use glycerin+Rose water day and night to keep my skin moisturise by using it my skin feels healthy and glowy! this is also used as a face primer 🙂 .Hope i win and Thanks for the chance <3 , really love your blog <3

  15. DvusGrl Says:

    Vitamin E oil..As a spray and oil for my hands and cuticles. I also like to lather alot on my hands and feet then put gloves and socks on to sleep in. By the time I wake up in the am my hands and feet are incredibly smooth and the feeling seems to last all day


    Use natural oils to moisturize

  17. lisamcf Says:

    moisturize body morning and night

  18. JessieG Says:

    For dry skin I drink lots of water and use producs with shea butter

  19. a1nettie Says:

    Using oils after a hot shower help a lot 🙂

  20. dawnp Says:

    I always carry lip balm and hand lotion in my purse.

  21. CathyM Says:

    I drink plenty of water and use sunblock when I go out, because it’s not just for the summer. The winter sun is just as bad. I also exfoliate my skin at least once a week and use a creamy lotion after every shower because it takes longer to sink in and it last longer than watery lotions.

  22. miriama59 Says:

    Stay hydrated and I use a moisturizer and body lotion.

  23. Rocket Says:

    I drink lots of water which helps keep my skin moisturized. I also use products with shea butter, coconut oil and baby oil.

  24. matzsmith Says:

    The only way I can combat dry skin is with Aveeno Daily Moisturizing with Colloidal Oatmeal (green cap) best I’ve found so far and it works.

  25. koalafrog47 Says:

    Keeping myself hydrated and wearing moisturizer are my ways of fighting dry skin from winter weather!


    Stay hydrated

  27. ewhatley Says:

    for dry skin, I use lots of moisturizer everyday

  28. missluckybreaks Says:

    I constantly moisturize with shea butter lotion and also sleep with a humidifier!

  29. amylynnwells Says:

    drink lots of water and use think moisturizers and Vaseline for really dry areas.

  30. boofa29 Says:

    I constantly use moisturizer and I’m obsessed w/Chapstick. I really hate having chapped lips or dry skin. Winter months are tough.


    Take shorter hot showers

  32. weeziestoy Says:

    Drink plenty of water and use moisturizer lotion

  33. kcthelush Says:

    Moisturize. Preferably in the shower. Sweet Almond Oil is the best!

  34. 1Trish Says:

    I drink plenty of water and keep my skin moisturized with lotions and creams.


    Have a humidifier running in the house

  36. mom4everandever Says:

    stay hydrated, use moisturizers and coverup- yes- that wind whip can do it and I wear sunscreen yr round

  37. Felita1 Says:

    I drink plenty of water and when I get out of the shower or bath, before I dry off, I moisturize with baby oil and just pat dry. Then I use the lotion of my choice for fragrance. This also helps me to use less of my fragrant scent lotions so they last longer.

  38. DianeBa53 Says:

    I drink a lot of water and add moisturizer and sun screen 2 x a day

  39. amyorvin Says:

    I like to use lotions with oatmeal in it.

  40. LuckyJewel Says:

    I drink lots of water

  41. brittles526 Says:

    I use lot’s of lotion on my hands and body as well as apply lip balm several times a day.

  42. cmarie89 Says:

    My favorite way to fight dry skin in winter is to exfoliate and moisturize all over! I keep hand cream and lotion on me always & stay bundled up against the harsh winds and snow here in Indiana!


    Use moisturizer twice daily

  44. IzzyFrost Says:

    Winter is the absolute worst for crocodile tile(dry skin) for me. I use a very an intensive moisturizer to help battle the extreme dryness but Im always on the search for something better. Another thing I do is use Vaseline at night on feet and hands and immediately put socks over top and sleep with those on over night and remove in the morning which tremendously helps those areas. Last, but certainly not least, hydrate well with good ole fashioned plain water!


    Exfoliation and lots of lotion

  46. misaacmom Says:

    My skin is oily but does need to be moisturized so I use a light moisturizer on my face. I also use hand cream, foot cream and scented body lotion.

  47. eyewonit Says:

    I take short tepid showers, use sun screen and moisturize daily!

  48. sweettreasures2u Says:

    Vaseline works wonders. I put it on in small amounts put my pjs on and go straight to bed. My skin feels wonderful when I wake up.

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