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05-21-12 | Posted by

This week’s GORGEOUS GIVEAWAY is perfect for subtle summer eye looks. We have 3 Sephora Floral Funk Palettes – Cool (a $28 value) to give to our lucky winners. The kit contains 9 eyeshadows that can create a variety of looks – from natural to dramatic.

With shades ranging from sheer beige to pop of color mauve, the kit is a versatile tool that is sure to replace that hodge podge of eyeshadows mucking up your makeup bag.

And adding to the creative spirit – the Floral Funk Palette compact is absolutely adorable. The black faux leather case is bejeweled with golden rivets and sweet pink and white flowers. A summer must-have!

To Enter: Which eye makeup product can you simply not live without?

COMMENT post your response in the comment
section of this post

TWEET your response to @Beautyinthebag

*to be eligible to win!

*No purchase necessary. Open to US residents only. Contest begins 5/21 at 11 AM EST
and ends 5/27 at 11 PM EST.



  1. lizplawman Says:

    I love two eye products, eye shadow and mascara. I cant live without either.

  2. nycindy21 Says:

    The two products that i cant live without are eye liner and eye shadow!!!


    I cannot live without eye primer to help eyeshdow last all day.

  4. Mstenea Says:

    Trying eyemakeup experimenting

  5. conichka Says:

    I need my primer and a versatile shadow palette

  6. Mia S. Says:

    I can’t live without Masacara.

  7. teradn Says:

    mascara and a great lip gloss can get me thru the day!

  8. Micho Says:

    Mascara! I’d die without mine!

  9. tiati333 Says:

    I cant live without
    1. Carmex lip balm-Well, I know…but I couldn’t resist!
    4. MAC Ruby Woo lipstick
    5. MAC Currant lip liner
    6. MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NC50
    7. MAC Studio Fix powder in NW45
    8. Wet n Wild eyeshadow palettes
    9. MAC Fresh Brew lipstick
    10. Sleek Bad Girl I Divine palette

  10. magentaruby1 Says:

    Definitely waterproof mascara/eyeliner for the summer.

  11. valburton Says:

    I can’t live without a basic highlighting eyeshadow and mascara. Sometimes all I use is mascara and eyeliner, but my go-to products are mascara and basic neutral eyeshadow.

  12. jessa1130 Says:

    I cannot live without my mascara and eyelid primer


  13. cheecha24 Says:

    cant live without eyeshadow lol

  14. Jamie Says:

    I cant live without eyeliner.

  15. Sk3lly_Tin Says:

    Eyeliner and mascara (:

  16. barbieQ Says:

    I cannot live without Sephora Collection 7-in-1 Mascara from Sephora!

  17. cheyen1021 Says:

    Love this palette…my colors definitely:~)

  18. kkostiew Says:

    I always need mascara and a little lip gloss! <3

  19. mistymountain Says:

    I can’t live without mascara; I have long lashes but they do a disappearing act without mascara because they are so light!

  20. vbabe Says:


  21. Cynthia Says:

    Can’t live without my Mascara

  22. bdiva14 Says:

    Mascara and eye liner

  23. martiferg Says:

    Mascara and eyeliner!

  24. Jenn_75 Says:

    Mascara & lipgloss

  25. missluckybreaks Says:

    I cannot live without mascara! My lashes are too short and straight without it!

  26. Sparrini35 Says:

    I can’t live without 2 products. Eyeliner and Mascara. Never leave home without them on.

  27. kathleen Says:

    i love mascara and my eyeliner

  28. danicecc Says:

    I cannot live without mascara!!

  29. tweetibird Says:

    It’s a toss between Eye liner and Lipgloss. SO I choose Eye Liner.

  30. carrkl Says:

    under eye moisturizer

  31. delz11 Says:

    Mascara 🙂

  32. lmnop99 Says:

    I have to use waterproof mascara….other wise my name would be “Smudge Queen”

  33. jaburdge Says:

    I love the colors.the go so well I love it.

  34. Rena Says:

    I cannot leave my house without using eye liner!

  35. collifornia Says:


  36. brandi miller Says:

    I love urban decay face primer and some lip gloss!!!!

  37. carol Says:

    I love using three shades to blend in from lid, brow, to outside corner. Then put on my mascara. For me this like deodorant, you don’t leave home w/o it. It’s like being naked

  38. leisa11 Says:

    I can get along with JUST mascara, but NOT without mascara! Bats eyes<3

  39. BeautyByKrystal Says:

    I cannot live with ELF’s Mineral Eye Brightener!

  40. laur401 Says:

    I can’t live without eyeliner or urban decay eyeshadow primer potion!!

  41. sarahjd766 Says:

    The eye makeup I can’t live without is eyeliner.

  42. craw5family Says:

    Can not live with out my eyeliner

  43. Jo-el Says:


  44. jeevon Says:

    I cannot live without my eyeliner. It’s the necessity that I need to apply before I leave the house in order to look lively.

  45. mom_of_4 Says:

    My mascara, jet black eye liner and a shimmery silver shadow!! Love the way my blue eyes pop with the silver color 🙂

  46. Angela48 Says:

    My waterproof mascara and eyeshadow…..makes me feel good! 🙂

  47. naomiz123 Says:

    eyeliner and eyeshadow

  48. lilval Says:

    I cannot go without mascara! I have fair lashes!

  49. Kimb2Rb Says:

    eye liner and eye shadow

  50. kdmikels Says:

    I love Sephora and everything in there store.

  51. kdmikels Says:


  52. lag123 Says:

    I have to have mascara!

  53. miriama59 Says:


  54. MoonRae Says:

    Gotta be my concealer and eyeliner

  55. Loremil Says:

    I need my eye liner

  56. LiLGlamDoll Says:

    I can’t live without eyelid primer and lip balm! 🙂

  57. styleezta Says:

    i can’t live without mascara

  58. szk Says:

    eye shadow

  59. Jeri Farley Says:

    I can’t live without eyeliner!


    I cannot live without eye primer to keep eyeshadow on all day.

  61. LisaLu Says:

    I cannot live without concealer!

  62. LisaLu Says:

    tweet – https://twitter.com/LuLu_Brown24/status/205665938593419264
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  63. GlitterKitty74 Says:

    I cannot live with out Benefit “Stay Don’t Stray” eye/concealer primer

  64. tamaraben Says:

    Can’t live without my mascara !

  65. matzsmith Says:

    pearly pink eyeshadow

  66. meandbella Says:

    i can’t live without my MUFE eyebrow corrector

    vanitizebaby at yahoo dot com

  67. meandbella Says:

    i tweeted to you!


  68. laralynn Says:

    I can’t live without my Urban Decay Primer Potion in It is great for making shadows pop and stay all day. Another bonus is that if you are in a rush it loLooks pretty by itself with a little eyeliner. Love It!

  69. jennieo23 Says:

    I can not live without mascara, I never leave the house without

  70. Pwilliams Says:

    my mascara

  71. aes529 Says:

    i can’t live without my Smashbox Lash Primer!
    pokergrl8 at gmail.com

  72. aes529 Says:

    pokergrl8 at gmail.com

  73. amandalo06 Says:

    The eye make-up that I cannot live without has to be is Dior 5-Colour eyeshadow! The shades are called Stylish Move! I love the light and dark purple hues that transition my eyes from a day look to night! They really help my green eyes pop! I love that the colors also last all day!

  74. marigolds Says:

    I can’t live without makeup forever waterproof concealer and mally’s volumizing mascara.

  75. marigolds Says:

    tweet! 🙂

  76. cin_20 Says:

    I can not live without eyeliner!

  77. Cynthia Says:

    I can not got without my Lancome Mascara

  78. rh29626 Says:

    I can’t live wIthout eyeshadow and eyeliner!! This would be awesome to win bc my makeup sucks!!

  79. DianeBa53 Says:

    I can’t live without my mascara and under eye concealer

  80. MizCindyHead Says:

    my mascara, it makes my eyes pop

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