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08-13-12 | Posted by

fathairIt’s all about hair this week – repairing summer’s damaged locks and getting ready for fall. For our GORGEOUS GIVEAWAY, we have three 3-product sets from Samy Fat Hair (a $29 value) to give to our lucky winners. This beauty giveaway includes a shampoo, conditioner and hairspray that are formulated to add body and bounce to fine, thin and lifeless hair.

The giveaway includes:

Fat Hair “0” Calories Thickening Shampoo – a lightweight and sulfate free shampoo that is the first step toward thicker, stronger, fuller hair.

Fat Hair “0” Calories Thickening Conditioner – a conditioner that helps transform fine, limp tresses into a full volume head of hair without adding unwanted weight. .

Fat Hair “0” Calories Amplifying Hairspray – an extra hold hairspray that adds volume, fullness and shine without residue or stiffness.

Summer fun and sun can really take a toll on your hair, leaving locks limp and damaged. This giveaway trio is sure to turn your tired tresses into buoyant locks.


To Enter: Tell us, in your opinion, what is harder to cope with – fine, limp hair, or coarse, frizzy hair.

COMMENT post your response in the comment
section of this post


TWEET your response to @Beautyinthebag

*to be eligible to win!

*No purchase necessary. Open to US residents only. Contest begins 8/13 at 11 AM EST
and ends 8/19 at 11 PM EST.


  1. lizplawman Says:

    I would think the coarse frizzy hair would be hard. Its the damn culrs that getcha each time.

  2. kaym Says:

    Coarse, frizzy is the hardest to deal with. Summer’s damage takes it’s toll and needs repaired for Back to School!


    I think frizzy hair is the most difficult to tame.

  4. Franklin2001 Says:

    I would have to say coarse and frizzy hair. I can never do anything with my hair at all! I have tried just about every product there is, and nothing works. Especially when it rains!

  5. libby701 Says:

    For me, because I have it,definitely coarse, frizzy hair. It breaks and humidity reeks havoc on it. I have to keep just as many hair products in the console of my car as I have in my bathroom.

  6. kvieweg07 Says:

    I have fine, limp hair. But when it gets frizzy its WAY more annoying!!

  7. g_michaella Says:

    Fine limp hair, atleast coarse hair is easier to tease and the volume lasts all day!

  8. lizc Says:

    Harder to cope with coarse, frizzy hair!

  9. shashi Says:

    Coarse curly hair is tough.I have it and i struggle everyday to make it easy 🙁

  10. snevels Says:

    Im going to say – fine, limp hair is hard to deal with. It just looks oily and lifeless, even though its been washed.

  11. Kim D. Says:

    It’s harder for me to cope with my frizzy hair.

  12. Unite Socially Says:

    We love getting & hosting giveaways! Getting something fun and special in the mail just adds a bit of joy to your day, especially when it’s free!

    Per our Twitter account (@unitesocially), we believe coarse, frizzy hair is much harder to cope with. Not only is it more expensive because the plethora of products you need based on the given weather. You also strike out when it decides to go wild and you can’t keep it from looking unkept.

    When you have coarse and frizzy hair it’s always a gamble, because no one can predict the weather or the events that might arise on a first date. 🙂

    Who agrees with us?

  13. LinJP21 Says:

    I’d have to say frizzy hair! I can’t get control of it!!

  14. sandollar Says:

    Sadly, we all want what we don’t have & I have naturally curly hair. It will be fizzy if I don’t use the right hair products.

  15. missluckybreaks Says:

    Fine, limp hair would be harder for me b/c it takes me awhile to get volume in my hair, and when I do, it doesn’t stay full for long!

  16. LadyintheManor Says:

    Coarse frizzy hair mixed with limp hair is very hard to deal with.

  17. GarnCap61 Says:

    fine, limp hair. It’s that way all year, whereas frizzy hair gets worse in humidity. At least with frizzy hair, you still have body and can put serum on it. with fine, limp hair, it takes a lot for it to get any body.

  18. herblady Says:

    Coarse, frizzy hair is worse. You can always give volume and curl to fine, limp hair but in humid weather, nothing compares with my frizzed-up, wavy hair. It’s like a wire spring that is going to do what it wants, no matter how hard you try to style it.


    My hardest hair problem to deal wuth is frizz.

  20. napoleon1 Says:

    i think frizzy hair is harder!

  21. miriama59 Says:

    Frizz..no matter what I do it is something that plagues me.

  22. lin.jerm2011 Says:

    course and frizzy no matter what you do with it or try its so hard to deal with on a daily basis

  23. eyewonit Says:

    fine limp hair ~ I used to have fuller hair and as I age mine is thinning.
    In Florida humidity it goes limp. Frizzy hair can be tamed put limp, thin hair just hangs there lifeless.


    Coarse frizzy hair has always been a challenge for me.

  25. windycindy Says:

    Since, I have had both types of hair in my lifetime,
    I have to vote for fine, limp hair…
    One can defrizz hair, but limp hair, is not to easily
    Many thanks, Cindi

  26. alex04johnson Says:

    I have really fine & limp hair and I have bought so many different products in hopes for a change but nothing has made me completely happily. Hopefully I get to try the Samy Fat Hair products because I’ve heard wonderful reviews from friends.

  27. suzanl64 Says:

    This summer’s heath and humidity has been awful here in the Northeast. The frizzies have been brutal… have tried many different products to control it… with little success!!

  28. susanharp Says:

    My hair is fine and limp, which can be hard to style. But I can always tease the hair to give it some fullness or pull it up. Therefore, I believe that coarse, frizzy hair would be more difficult to deal with. Especially with the hot, humid weather of summer, it is nearly impossible to tame the frizzies.


    Frizz is so difficult in Texas.

  30. sandra Says:

    Fine, limp hair is what I have. I can’t do anything with it. It just stays flat on my head, and is hard to style. I have been looking for something to bring this dull lifeless hair to life. Please help me!

  31. mchoneycutt Says:

    Fine, limp hair is more frustrating for me

  32. tweetibird Says:

    Fine hair I think is the hardest to deal with. My hair is frizzy but thin.

  33. holtonsmom Says:

    Coarse….constantly needing thinned, look like helmet head, very high maintenance for single mom…..agh!

  34. pavanco Says:

    I would have to say frizzy hair is worse…but I do not have fine limp hair so I really don’t know the struggles with that type of hair anyway.

  35. sun222beam Says:

    frizzy hair is my biggest challenge for sure

  36. mommytokids Says:

    I have super long straight hair that’s very limp this would help me so much

  37. deirdre Says:

    I think almost all hair types are manageable with the proper products!! Its just finding the products that work for u!! I too have fine frizzy hair, I have learn that on the days when it is very humid I use different products than on the days the air is drier!! Ask ur stylest for recommendations!! XOXO

  38. jillyrh Says:

    Fine hair, which is what I have. Would so love to win this! Thank you for the chance!

  39. shopalot Says:

    I don’t have it but would think coarse frizzy hair would be harder to manage!


    My challenge daily is coarse, frizzy hair.


    Frizzy hair is so difficult to manage. Would love this to help.

  42. amandaellen Says:

    Oh my…. definitely fine hair. It always separates and looks flat and it doesnt grow all georgous and long like thick hair:( damages very easy too.

  43. ewhatley Says:

    I think either way it’s a tough challenge. I’ve dealt with baby fine, limp hair all my life; the smartest thing I every did was get it cut short. Today’s products make it so much easier than in the past.

  44. loozeybug Says:

    Speaking from my own experience, I have fine hair, which means you have to deal with limpness, flyaways, products weighting down your hair to make it stick to your head, lack of volume. So I say Fine Hair is the worst to try to get a good hair day with.

  45. KrystalR Says:

    Limp hair is the biggest problem for me.


    Frizzy hair in humid Texas is the most difficult. to control.

  47. GRACEMEEH Says:

    definitely frizzy hair. a product that can maintain frizz, will help hair to look healthy.

  48. JK8675309 Says:

    My frizzy hair is the most difficult, i have curly hair

  49. corgimom Says:

    I like limp thin hair is harder to cope with


    Frizz induced by humidity is the most challenging to tame.

  51. sschaeff1 Says:

    I find that fine hair like mine is hair to keep its style goes flat fast

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