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02-02-15 | Posted by

FaceGroup_4-0870Purity of Elements offers luxury skincare that celebrates the elemental beauty and healing heritage of the brand’s Santa Fe, New Mexico home. The prestige Skin Care Collection nourishes the face with the most powerful ingredients from Mother Nature, blended into high-tech, proven formulas, to help counteract the impact of age, lifestyle and environment on the skin. All products in the Skin Care Collection contain the Copper 5 Complex™, proprietary blend of healing and restorative copper, plus powerful antioxidants.

Founded by Sheri Poe, Purity of Elements represents her passion and you will see the flawless attention to detail she has put into this exciting new range. Find it at Nordstrom.


This Gorgeous Giveaway includes 5 amazing products:

  • Daily Detox Exfoliating Cleanser –  $29 for 5.0 fl oz/150 ml
  • Radiance Face Serum – $60 for 1.0 fl oz/30 ml
  • Renewing Eye Cream –  $45 for 1.0 fl oz/30 ml
  • Age-Defying Moisturizer –  $50 for 1.7 fl oz/50 ml
  • Pore-Minimizing Clay Mask –  $58 for 3.4 fl oz/100 ml

Retail Price is $242.00

TO ENTER: What does the word ‘PURE‘ mean to you?

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Contest begins 2/1 at 11 AM ET and ends 2/15 at 11 PM ET.

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  1. rlzoeller Says:

    Pure means no toxins, no chemicals, nothing artificial or harmful to me outside or inside.

  2. redfuzzycow Says:

    pure to me means unadulterated or altered

  3. karuna Says:

    To me “Pure” means “Natural” 🙂 ty!

  4. pdxmom Says:

    Pure means to me, all natural, nothing artificial added. Not altered.

  5. bloomover50 Says:

    Pure means clean and not full of chemicals

  6. textiff Says:

    Pure to me means all natural with no artificial additives.

  7. SheldorAFK Says:

    Pure, to me, means clean, gentle, safe.

  8. mouse1025 Says:

    Pure means it is not mixed or adulterated with anything. It has no Toxins or Chemicals in it!

  9. cmshafer68 Says:

    Pure to me means any products in these products would be something I could use on my child and not have any reaction. Definitely no chemicals!!!

  10. areck2004@yahoo.com Says:

    Pure means the simplest most basic substance I am. Pure means not using harsh or unnatural products in my home or on my body. Pure will never harm me.

  11. creativeag Says:

    Pure is simple, beautiful, and free of added elements that are not needed!

  12. Racegirl1022 Says:

    Pure to me means no addatives, all natural

  13. mjcranford Says:

    “Pure” means without blemish or flaw.

  14. babywendy Says:

    pure means gentle and natural products that are healthy for your skin.

  15. jwkuan Says:

    Pure means simple and unaltered-no harsh chemicals and green!

  16. sharharary Says:

    simple and easy to read ingredients!

  17. Sparklebright Says:

    PURE means to me, fresh, natural, authentic and rare with exceptional qualities that are very difficult to imitate.

  18. lisamcf Says:


  19. IzzyFrost Says:


  20. brandisweet Says:

    Pure means that there are no toxins, that the product has not been modified chemichaly from its natural versions of natural ingredients

  21. meghan013081 Says:

    Pure means clear free from blemishes free from foreign or inappropriate elements. Clean products that you can trust.

  22. Minimeeh Says:

    pure means no fillers just the ingredients. no harmful un-natural chemicals and artificial products

  23. joannaonthelake Says:

    Pure to means that something is free of extraneous elements of any kind. I know it sounds scientific, but that is what I learned and that is how I say it. Thanks so much for the chance to enter.

  24. Karren Says:

    Pure means unmodified and liberated from unwanted elements, such as dirt, toxins or manmade additives.

  25. cinmcdan2 Says:

    Pure is just that pure, clear of all chemicals and dyes etc….

  26. Kat Says:

    Pure to me is the level in which something lacks contaminates, such as added chemicals and how authenticity close to natural or nature it is.

  27. snowwite72 Says:

    Pure to me means in the original unchanged form

  28. Beautyforme Says:

    When I think pure — only positives come to mind: healthy, natural, clean, wholesome. Something that is good or good for you.

  29. ewhatley Says:

    Pure, when used in cosmetic terms, means clean, fresh and natural.

  30. martinam1952 Says:

    Pure means fresh,clean ,no additives.

  31. collifornia Says:

    Pure means natural and clean.

  32. Annette Says:

    To me pure means undefiled.

  33. boofa29 Says:

    No chemicals and not modified in any way. It can also mean all nature as well.

  34. elektrablu Says:

    To me pure means as close to the natural state as possible, untainted with added chemicals

  35. charunderhill Says:

    Pure is nothing altered!

  36. Kathy Murphy Says:

    Pure…fresh and unadulterated.

  37. meandbella Says:

    it means completely natural no bad chemicals toxins or nasty ingredients.



  38. Maliceson Says:

    To me Pure means unblemished and clear ★

  39. miriama59 Says:

    It means that it has no chemicals.

  40. @n210ss Says:

    PURE means to me that it is all natural with no chemicals! In a pure state with nothing “added” to it.

  41. gloriaaestradaa Says:

    Pure means clean not mixed into anything Just the original product

  42. jenannhayden Says:

    Pure means clean, simple, no extra ingredients, safe, natural.

  43. Brenda Abrams Says:

    @BeautyintheBag @poeskincare Pure means not harmful in anyway, beneficial producing good or helpful results or effects !!

  44. Pwilliams Says:

    the word pure means being righteous and holy and not being ashamed of it.

  45. CKay Says:

    Pure means to me that the product is made with gentle ingredients that have been tested for safety.

  46. mjcranford Says:

    PURE means no extra ingredients. All Natural.

  47. momma Says:

    Clean. ..

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