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04-23-12 | Posted by

We bring a bit of Brazil to the USA for this week’s GORGEOUS GIVEAWAY. We have 3 Soap Kits with 6 Mini Soaps (a $25 value) from Phebo, a classic Brazilian brand, to give to our lucky winners.

Dating back to the 1930s, Phebo is Brazil’s first luxury perfume brand – it was established by two Portuguese cousins in the heart of the Amazon forest 80 years ago. Next month, the brand will be making its stateside debut during an exclusive limited-time launch in Macy’s stores nationwide.

The kit includes six mini soap bars in the following scents: Agua de Lavanda, Agua de Neroli, Agua de Iris, Agua de Rosas and Agua de Citrus. One of each is featured in the kit, except for the lavender soap, which is such a hit in Brazil that the company just had to include two.

A pioneer of vegetable-based soap technology in Brazil, Phebo is proud to produce soaps that are 100% vegetable-based, paraben-free, not tested on animals and produced in the Amazon.


To Enter: Tell us why you would love to visit Brazil!!

COMMENT post your response in the comment
section of this post

TWEET your response to @Beautyinthebag

*to be eligible to win!

*No purchase necessary. Open to US residents only. Contest begins 4/23 at 11 AM EST
and ends 4/29 at 11 PM EST.


  1. lizplawman Says:

    I would like to go to Brazil so I could visit the rain forest and see all the animals down there, it would be incrediable.

  2. meenatangy Says:

    I have wanted to visit Brazil ever since I can remember. The Amazon, beautiful people, amazing food, amazing music and culture are just a few reasons!!! Plus some of my closest friends are brazilian!!!

  3. magentaruby1 Says:

    I would love to visit Brazil. The warm weather is tempting along with learning about the culture of the country, the people, the sights. I hear it’s beautiful there.

  4. missluckybreaks Says:

    I hear Brazil is the place to visit, pretty people and amazing food! Since I can’t afford such a trip at the moment, it’ll be nice to win these soaps! 😉

  5. wizardewu Says:

    I want to visit Brazil to experience the culture – the people, food, music and dance.

  6. demure79 Says:

    I have always wanted to see the statue of Christ in Sao Paulo.

  7. ladyboarder9669 Says:

    I dated a brazillian once… the people are incredible, i would LOVE to visit Brazil!

  8. laroyal06 Says:

    I would love to visit Brazil for its amazing beaches, delicious cuisine, and a diverse cultural experience!

  9. MizCindyHead Says:

    I would love to visit Brazil and see there beautiful beaches.

  10. melissaboyte Says:

    i hate cold weather so i’d love to go to brazil. the rainforest, the beaches… i’d be right at home!

  11. cmbogan01 Says:

    Visiting Brazil would be lovely not only to get to see and experince their culture but also theire history. The landmarks, forest, music and food.

  12. dstabor Says:

    My husband’s response…”he wants to check out the gorgeous Brazilian women”!
    My response…”Brazilian chocolates”, Lol.

  13. Pwilliams Says:

    i have heard good thing about it

  14. Michelle Larner Says:

    I noticed this tweet, because it simply said the word Brazil! One of my favorite countries! I love the language (Portuguese), the music (Bossanova), and the fashion (Carlos Miele). I hope I get a chance to see it during carnivale one year. Great people! : )

  15. sweeper Says:

    I would want to see the rainforests.

  16. Rena Says:

    I always wanted to travel to South America. Looking at beautiful pictures is just not satisfying. I want to listen to the citizens speak in native tongue.

  17. brooklynrose Says:

    If I had the opportunity to travel to Brazil, I would Love to experience carnivale.

  18. Jann Says:

    The people! The culture! The Portuguese language! The food! The sun!

  19. bobbysgeel Says:

    I would love to go to Brazil to see their fashion….seems like a colorful country.

  20. gingerpye Says:

    Because I can get the best tan there!

  21. chrystal Says:

    oh my gosh, i’ve always wanted to go to brazil. great food, beautiful beaches, rainforest!

  22. intrigue1 Says:

    I would love to visit Brazil because my sister-in-law is from there and it’s a beautiful place.

  23. prettymomma Says:

    I would love to visit brazil .. i have seen many places but never any of a different culture and exotic. I would love to try all their foods, wear their clothes, hear their beauty tips and just experience everything the ppl that live there do…

  24. Teresa K Says:

    I would love to go to Brazil, because of the history that’s within the city of Rio De Janeiro. I would love to be there for Carnival and I would love to see the beautiful Rain Forest.
    I hope I get to see the Rain Forest before it’s all gone. At the rate of Globalization they may not be a Rain Forest some day.

    Teresa K.

  25. baileerae101 Says:

    I would like to visit Brazil because I have never been to a foreign country before, or traveled much at all, to say the least. I have seen pictures from my friends’ vacations, though, and it looks beautiful. I’ve always wanted to go there.

  26. smartwolfclan Says:

    I would love to visit Brazil and travel to Lençóis to see and play in the waterfalls and travel via the hiking trails of the Chapada Diamantina to explore the caves in the Lost World…it all seems so enchanting. Someday we will go there.

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