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10-28-13 | Posted by

What do Beyoncé Knowles, Angelina Jolie, and Jennifer Lopez have in common? Their makeup done by the fabulously talented and charming Mally Roncal, makeup artist, product innovator fierce personality. This week, BITB is lucky to have two Mally makeup products to present as our Gorgeous Giveaway. The Mally Makeup Duo includes Mally Perfect Prep Poreless Primer and Mally Evercolor Poreless Face Defender (a total value of $75).

Mally creates her products based on personal experience and what works well in real life as well as under the flashing lights of the red carpet.

Mally Perfect Prep Poreless Primer works for any skin types to smooth out the surface of the skin before applying foundation. Pores become invisible and lines and wrinkles get filled in thanks to this weightless formulation. Plus it helps makeup stay fresh all day, seals in moisturizers, and helps brighten skin.

One of Mally’s pet peeves is how translucent powder shows up in flash photos highlights lines and wrinkles, and creates lackluster looking complexions. Enter her number one bestselling product, Mally Face Defender, a crystal clear and featherweight alternative to powder that sets your makeup without the chalky and cakey look of powder. “I’ve banned so-called translucent powder from my kit—and created a bulletproof way to mattify and set makeup,” stated Mally. It even works on the décolleté for a flawless photo finish.

No time like the present to enter this fabulous beauty giveaway today. The contest ends on Sunday, November 3 at 11pm.


To Enter: Tell us about your biggest challenge for creating a flawless complexion.

COMMENT post your response in the comment
section of this post


TWEET your response to @Beautyinthebag

*to be eligible to win!

*No purchase necessary. Open to US residents only. Contest begins 10/28 at 11 AM EDT
and ends 11/03 at 11 PM EDT.


  1. robin Says:

    can’t find the right foundation!!

  2. lisalubrown Says:

    My large pores make it hard to be flawless
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  3. elainecad Says:

    My biggest problem is covering the pores on my nose.

  4. teachjmh Says:

    My skin tone is uneven and I have some large pores; this makes it difficult to get a nice smooth base for my foundation. I also find that the translucent powder I use to set my makeup leaves my skin looking dried out by midday. Both of these products look and sound amazing! I’d love to be able to try them both out (especially since the holidays are around the corner and that means lots of family photos!).

  5. caroln Says:

    my biggest challenge is in finding a foundation that is not to heavy but still gives coverage.

  6. labskita523 Says:

    How to apply BB cream without looking cakey and make it look naturally flawless skin.

  7. redfuzzycow Says:

    uneven skin is my biggest challenge

  8. lizdavis80 Says:

    The hardest thing is buying different products that may or may not work on my skin. Being in my 30’s it seems as if i have some ache still, lines popping up, and complex skin which is some times oily and some times dry… Sucks many days to find the right in between.

  9. nonstpcute Says:

    I have rosy cheeks and not just the apple part of my cheeks but the whole sides of my face, could be rosacea of some sort, but it is sometimes hard to cover up the redness to look flawless.

  10. Svitlana Says:

    Finding the right shade!

  11. magentaruby1 Says:

    Having oily skin creates a problem for me. I dont like to load my face with alot of products because it will be shiny in a few hours or feel heavy. I’ll only wear foundation on special occasions, but I’ll always wear moisturizer, mascara, eyeshadow and liner.

  12. msbogwan Says:

    My biggest challenge for creating a flawless complexion is making sure makeup doesn’t settle into pores and fine lines. Mally’s Poreless Primer works great to refine the look of pores and smooth the skin before applying makeup. Mally’s Face Defender sets your makeup without adding powder, which can add about 10 years to your face!

  13. carole312 Says:

    Definitely acne, I still get it even though I’m in my 30’s!

  14. collifornia Says:

    My make up lasting all day.

  15. havensmommy26 Says:

    My biggest challenge for creating a flawless complexion is concealing my pores! I hear this product is absolutely amazing for doing that, so I hope I win so I can start creating a flawless complexion! 🙂

  16. mommydi1 Says:

    It’s tough achieving a flawless complexion with oily, large pores, and ance prone skin! Most foundations increase oil production , cause breakouts, and make pores appear larger. My daily routines become simply primer & bb or cc cream, and use foundation only on special occasions.


    My makeup never lasts all day.

  18. kayenewman40 Says:

    Finding the right color to match my skin.

  19. cathi Says:

    I would like my makeup not to settle into my wrinkles.I use a primer. I would like a flawless complexion when I use my foundation (or as close to it as possible). Also finding the correct shade for my age of 61.I don’t want to look washed out or pale.

  20. ericarr6 Says:

    my biggest challenge is covering up my post inflammatory hyperpigmention/moderate acne. And controlling shine.

  21. dragonfly777 Says:

    My challenge is so frustrating. I’m very oily, yet, I need coverage big time. After a couple of hours my makeup is a big mess. I need a great primer and something to blot with, that isn’t cakey. These products look fantastic!

  22. windycindy Says:

    One of my most complex problems, is having a port wine birthmark
    on the left side of my face…..Then, there is my age, with fine
    lines, large pores. The Mally Perfect Prep Primer sounds fabulous
    and I would love to try it before applying my foundation!
    Many thanks, Cindi

  23. ahytts Says:

    Finding the right color to match my skin along with one that stays all day.

  24. cupper73 Says:

    even with primer, it’s hard to smooth over my large pores

  25. deejay.palaruan@gmail.com Says:

    Finding a concealer that covers completely. I’d love to find face products that doesn’t look caked on or dry after using primer, concealer, foundation, bronzing & highlighting.I only use a small amount and it still looks like I have a ton of makeup on and my problem areas are not even covered.


    My oily skin ruins my makeup in hours after application

  27. Karla Says:

    Dry skin. Cannot find a foundation that doesnt look caked on and feels good!

  28. matzsmith Says:

    Large pours are unsightly and even more so noticeable on a ‘clean and even pallet’.

  29. missluckybreaks Says:

    My biggest challenge is covering my broken capillaries!

  30. martinam1952 Says:

    Oily skin, cant stop the shine!

  31. miriama59 Says:

    Biggest challenge is finding the right shade of foundation…it’s always too dark or chalky.


    Covering my dark circles under my eyes

  33. Susan Peters Says:

    My biggest challenge for creating a flawless complexion was getting my making to last throughout a long day. But I bought Mally’s Face Defender in July out of desperation, and was delighted with the results. Mally’s Face Defender sets your makeup, doesn’t settle into fine lines, doesn’t cake, and adds staying power to your makeup. Now I need to try Mally’s Perfect Prep Poreless Primer.

  34. intrigue1 Says:

    My biggest challenge is concealing my hyperpigmentation.

  35. boofa29 Says:

    Oh boy..my skin 🙁 I’m 30 years old now and I wanna say when I was around the age 24 I started noticing my appearance changing.. I have texture problems, large pores, deep pitted acne scars, and also oval crater type scarring. I never really had severe acne but when I was younger I didn’t know how to take care of my skin. When I did have a pimple, I would squeeze it and that’s never a good idea. I also had a couple different cosmetic procedures and after I had them I really noticed my skin changing for the worse. I also suffer from very oily skin along with adult acne. Now that I’m 30, acne is the last thing I want to deal with along with my fine lines & wrinkles. I doubt I’ll ever have a flawless complexion but that’s what I long for.

  36. BarracudaRon Says:

    Shaving, the constant pursuit of a close, nick free shave

  37. weeziestoy Says:

    Making sure the color match….


    Concealing dark under eye circles

  39. adendyut Says:

    A good primer is a must

  40. Dyane78 Says:

    I have trouble concealing dark undereye circles, either the colour is wrong or it’s too drying and looks cakey. At my age (35) I need makeup that is dewy and the undereye is a huge problem especially when you want to avoid highlighting fine lines.

  41. rayray Says:

    my biggest challenge is covering up acne scars and uneven skin tone

  42. Hira Says:

    my biggest challenge is find right shade of foundation and blush

  43. Maria Shiavi-Johnson Says:

    When I powder my face, even just a little to get the shine off, I feel like the natural skin folds are more pronounced and screaming wrinkled old lady.

  44. natasha Says:

    My challenge is my oily,blemished skin with large pores and scars. It is hare to conceal them.

  45. ziggy Says:

    I would love to win the Mally Makeup Duo. I use Mally’s eyeshadow stick. It goes on so smoothly and last for hours. Even while riding my horse in very hot weather (Palm Springs, CA). I’m sure the primer and defender will keep my face looking fresh. I need a foundation and primer that will cover my pores, even my skin tone and stay in place. Thank you for another awesome giveaway!

  46. jcravenho Says:

    My biggest challenge is I have very visible pores and acne scarring so when I wear foundation it just melts right into the pores and scarring and does not make for a pretty or even complexion. I have been wanting to try this product in hopes that it will fill in those spots.


    Covering large pores


    Finding foundation that stays on my oily skin

  49. lparisi1984 Says:

    My biggest challenge in looking flawless, is having flaws. I need to feel beautiful on the inside first and the outside usually follows suite. But lately I have been getting pimples, big red ones around my eyes and I cannot cover them no matter how hard I try. they end up looking like medium beige mountains on my upper nose and around my eye. I have pics lol

  50. Glamourpuss Says:

    Streaking makeup plagues me, especially on my cheeks


    Covering uneven skin

  52. Annette Says:

    My biggest challenge to having a flawless face … my large pores!

  53. Felita1 Says:

    My biggest challenge in creating a flawless face is my oily skin and large pores. My T-zone area creates so much oil. I can wash and dry my face and afterwards literally take my finger and wipe across my forehead or the crease on the side of my nose and it is still oily. My pores are large on my cheeks and nose so my makeup routine does not cover up my pores to make my foundation flawless.

  54. seeshoplove Says:

    My biggest challenge is covering up redness

  55. estaB Says:

    i don’t use foundation, just some bronzer and blush – which is flawless enough for me, but it would be nice if it would stay on all day!

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