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11-19-12 | Posted by

Are you ready to do something about the dark spots, sun spots and uneven skin tone on your face? Then this Gorgeous Giveaway is for you. This week we have three Lumixyl Topical Brightening Systems (a $353 value!!!) to give to our lucky winners. The kit includes a 4-step brightening system plus Revitaleyes, which has been developed specially to treat dark circles around the eyes.

Unlike many brightening products, Lumixyl improves the appearance of hyperpigmentation without the irritation of hydroquinone or retinoids. Its secret is a skin brightening peptide called Decapeptide-12, which was developed by a team of dermatologic researchers from Stanford University. Clinically proven to lighten pigment in all skin types without irritation, the Lumixyl system addresses mild to moderate hyperpigmentation, including age spots, sun spots, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and melasma.

The 4-step system offered in this beauty giveaway includes:

Active-Prep Cleanser – antioxidants help combat the oxidative stress that triggers hyperpigmentation while the cleanser washes away dirt, oil, and makeup, and prepares the skin for the Lumixyl peptide.

Topical Brightening Cream – the core technology of the system, the cream delivers the patented Decapeptide-12, which has been clinically proven to regulate new melanin production without the risks associated with other skin brighteners.

GlycoPeel 10 – an exfoliating lotion with 10% glycolic acid that helps remove layers of hyperpigmented skin by encouraging your skin’s natural cell turnover process. Suitable for all skin types.

MoistureLock Sunscreen SPF 30 – provides dual layer sun protection without the white film of other physical sunscreens. Also contains SymHelios™ 1031 to fight the effects of UV on collagen and elastin.

As a bonus, this gift also contains Lumixyl Revitaleyes, the first and only eye cream formulated with Decapeptide-12 to correct dark circles, eye area lines and wrinkles, dryness, and inflammation.

Lumixyl is the only skin brightening system that is non-irritating or allergenic, non-toxic, safe for all skin types, safe for prolonged use, will not increase skin’s sensitivity to the sun, and offers a luxurious experience. The Lumixyl Topical Brightening System is available only through physician offices, so this is your chance to perfect your skin tone without the cost of a  doctor’s visit.


To Enter: What do you hate more, wrinkles or brown spots? And why?

COMMENT post your response in the comment
section of this post


TWEET your response to @Beautyinthebag

*to be eligible to win!

*No purchase necessary. Open to US residents only. Contest begins 11/19 at 11 AM EST
and ends 11/25 at 11 PM EST.


  1. nananami Says:

    As a dermatologist I can tell you that hyperpigmentation is a tricky problem. Lumixyl addresses brown spots in a way that is safe and effective.

  2. Tammy Says:

    Wrinkles, they’re much harder to hide

  3. Pwilliams Says:

    wrinkles because they are more embarrassing.

  4. wendya Says:

    In my opinion, what is worse is hyper pigmentation or brown spots.
    I’m a school teacher and have had brown spots /hyper pigmentation
    after my second daughter. I have tried countless products
    but have not had success with anything. I constantly have
    my school kids question why my face looks dirty
    Or why I have dark spots in select facial areas.
    I’m so self conscious of my hyper pigmentation! I
    would love to win a Lumixyl kit in the hopes that
    These products will diminish my issue.

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