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09-02-13 | Posted by

Beauty in the Bag turns five this month and we want to celebrate with you. In honor of our birthday, we have a special GORGEOUS #GIVEAWAY for FIVE winners. The prize: the gorg, wearable Croc Palette from LORAC (ARV $36) that features four eyeshadow shades and one blush.

The palette’s colors tend toward neutral and are great for everyday. The eyeshadows include: Moonstone (soft champagne), Serenity (peachy champagne bronze), Garnet (copper), and Suede (medium chocolate brown). All have shimmer, except for Suede, which is matte. Soul, the brownish pink blush is also matte.

Suggested use: Moonstone as the base, Serenity on the lid, Garnet in the crease, and Suede in the outer corner. Finish up with the blush for a subtle rosy touch.

As the name suggest, the palette case is covered in faux croc. It’s sleek and chic, very travel friendly, and won’t open in your purse thanks to a magnetic closure. No brush included, just good-quality well-pigmented shades. After all, Carol Shaw, the brand’s creator is an experienced makeup artist, who developed shades that last, stay put, and are easy to apply.

We love the wearability and versatility of the Crosc Palette, and hope you will love it too.


To Enter: Do you have an eye makeup application tip? Please share what works for you.

COMMENT post your response in the comment
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*No purchase necessary. Open to US residents only. Contest begins 9/2 at 11 AM EDT
and ends 9/8 at 11 PM EDT.



  1. 1amypugmire Says:

    I love to apply an eye makeup primer to my eyelid before applying any makeup. It makes my makeup last so much longer!

  2. meenatangy Says:

    definitely eye primer. Then I put on eyeliner and blend it with an eyeshadow brush to make the lines blurry so it doesn’t smudge. I have brown eyes so i love colors tht make my eyes pop such as bright greens and blues. Purples and golds are great too!

  3. msbogwan Says:

    Hate to sound like a broken record, but applying eyelid primer makes a huge difference in keeping your eye makeup looking fresh all day long.

    I like to apply the eyelid color first, followed by the crease color (lightly) and then the “base” color over everything to soften the look. I always apply the lightest color up under the brow to lift the entire eye area.

    Love this combination of colors – bronze shadows really looks great with my blue eyes!

  4. tiffanysusanne Says:

    Your face is a canvas..use brushes.you can blend much beautifully and shading and contouring alot more with different size brushes..It is all about the blending when it comes to shadows.

  5. Nette Says:

    Definitely use a primer and a crease brush! I use two brushes when applying my shadow, one for the base color and one for the crease.

  6. Felita1 Says:

    Me eye makeup application tip is to use a white base color so that it makes your colors pop! White has a brightening effect and when I use it, it really brightens my color and also you can use a white eyeliner on your waterline to brighten your eye as well.

  7. OhLaLaChrissy Says:

    Make sure you have good brushes. I used to use terrible brushes and my eyes looked awful! I finally invested in a quality brush set and it made a world of difference!

  8. jcravenho Says:

    My tip is 1. primer – this will set your eye makeup making it last a lot longer than if you used nothing, and depending on the primer, some primers allow for the color of the eyeshadow to appear more vibrant than if you just placed the shadow on the lid by itself. 2. a good blending brush…blend blend blend….no harsh lines please…blending is so important.


    Use eyelid primer

  10. collifornia Says:

    Eye shadow primer!

  11. savefor4 Says:

    I use a primer first then apply my eye shadow. It’s the same concept as putting a primer on your face before your make-up. Your guaranteed to have your eyes look fresh all day long!!


    Great clean brushes are vital

  13. brea121605 Says:

    When applying any eye product (primer, shadow, liner), I always pull/hold the side of my eye with one finger, it eases the application since it makes the eye surface easier to cover.

  14. Mari Says:

    I do primer always specially if you have oily lids also preferred one that has some coverage for discoloration or redness. This way you eyeshadows will show their true colors and blend great.

  15. missluckybreaks Says:

    I curl before and after when applying mascara!

  16. lindsey651 Says:

    Eye shadow primer is a must!

  17. Maria Shiavi-Johnson Says:

    Using makeup brushes helps create a finished look. Also, I will save the last layer of Mascara for after all the eyeshadow is applied.

  18. MaRyJo1023 Says:

    What I like to use to prep my eye makeup and make it last the whole day is use a primer, then a skin-toned cream base, appply the shadows and once I am done applying all the shadows, I will apply makeup setting spray on the lids for an all day wear eye look.

  19. boofa29 Says:

    My tips would be to apply makeup to clean, moisturized, primed skin. Moisturizer is very important because you don’t want to apply makeup onto dry flakey skin, the makeup would only look worse. Also, primer makes ur makeup last longer. It’s an important base for you to start out with. Another tip would be, to also wear eyeshadow primer. It will not only make your eyeshadow last longer but it will also make it more vibrant. Always take care of your canvas and your makeup will always look wonderful!

  20. afrase Says:

    Applying a highlight color, such as shimmery white or champagne, in the inner corner of the eyes and on the brow bone gives a more awake and doe-eyed look. I also like to use a small damp liner brush to apply shadows for an effect similar to gel eyeliner, its easy to do a bold look or to blend it out for something more subtle and smokey.

  21. purplepassion126 Says:

    When first applying eyeshadow, pat it on the eyelid first instead of brushing it back and forth to help it to stick to the lid better.
    Then, use short, slow brush strokes in same direction to blend.

  22. redrose92087 Says:

    I always use eyeshadow primer…my favorite is Lime Crime at http://www.limecrimemakeup.com because it’s one of the only primers I have found that isn’t yellow based so it doesn’t change my eyeshadow colors, it lasts all day and it makes the eyeshadow pop! 🙂

  23. Calliandra Says:

    I use an eyeliner brush in dry eyeshadow to get that smokey look.


    Remove all oils with toner

  25. Kim Turnowicz Says:

    Use mascara in a lighter shade for definition that also looks natural.

  26. Pwilliams Says:

    I like to use black glitter eyeliner.

  27. pugsley118 Says:

    Use white powder under your eye to catch any falling shadow for easy cleanup after application.

  28. bayctygrl Says:

    my tip is to wet the eyeshadow just e little bit it seems to give it staying power

    hippopurplemonkey at yahoo dot com

  29. omgpreciouswtf Says:

    I apply my eye shadow along the bone line above my eye (it goes diagonally), it creates a more dramatic effect.

  30. BarracudaRon Says:

    no tip, just a husband trying to win some great cosmetics for the wife from beautyinthebag.com weekly!

  31. mommydi1 Says:

    Apply a very, VERY thin coat of mascara before curling lashes. Warm your Curler slightly w a blow dryer, curl lashes at various points from base to tip for more natural curl. Also pump the curler as you curl so u don’t get that awful crimp. Apply two coats mascara & voila, gorg lashes.

  32. lizeranne Says:

    I use dark eye shadow as thick liner. A little smudge and it makes a quick smoky eye.

  33. porschepuppy Says:

    I use eyelash primer. It makes the mascara work even better to get thicker lashes.

  34. koalafrog47 Says:

    Use a bit of Vaseline if you want your eyeshadow to stay put.

  35. windycindy Says:

    When I am in a hurry, I use Qtips to smudge my
    eyeliner, for a sultry, smoky look!
    Many thanks, Cindi

  36. weeziestoy Says:

    I have not mastered the eye makeup part yet….So no tips….


    Toner to remove oils on my eyelids

  38. mefink Says:

    No tips but by reading others I think I better start using a primer.

  39. tammie261 Says:

    I wet the eyeshadow before putting it on to help it stay better

  40. Laurelflower Says:

    I use a primer to help prevent a crease.

  41. ewalsh Says:

    I like to use a powder on my eyelid first. It helps smooth and dry the area so that the color goes on smooth and evenly.

  42. dfilbrun Says:

    Always use primer first – Benefit & Smashbox are my favorites! Also, a bit of gold added to the V in the inner corner of each eye makes your eyes pop & looks more natural than white!


    Clean dry eyelids works well

  44. lovelions Says:

    Primer and always blend your eye shadow colors together 🙂

  45. lizc Says:

    Primer is definitely a must and then I love buying sets so it takes the guess work out of putting colors together. Experiment with the set – usually there are a lot of ways to put the set colors together that look great.

  46. babsliness Says:

    I use my Stila cream blush for eyeshadow. It works great and doesn’t crease.

  47. auntiebb Says:

    Blending is the key, I actually have the best luck by using my fingertips to finish the blending process.

  48. jackie77 Says:

    Eye shadow primer! That is like the best thing ever thought of…. Keeps your eye shower lasting all day with no worries!!

  49. carole312 Says:

    Yes, my tip is to use a sanitezed thumbtack to separate your eyelashes. But be careful! It’s fun too.

  50. jkthomas87 Says:

    I leave my eye makeup to be the very last thing that I do! I also use a primer on my eyelashes before mascara!

  51. catarina Says:

    I personally just put my liquid foundation on all over my face and on my eye lids then I apply my eye make up and set it with powder it works for me and I don’t have to spend the extra money to by primer.

  52. martinam1952 Says:

    I use primer to make my shadow last longer,ty!!

  53. cheeks5151 Says:

    I have very oily skin so I apply an eyelid primer before I do anything. Then I like to put a lighter color on my entire eyelid with a good brush and the darker color at the crease with a crease brush. Once I’m done applying my eyeshadow a I like to a fluffy eyeshadow brush and kind of blend the shadows so there are no harsh lines between the colors. Love me some Lorac!!! 😁

  54. kimmiemarie Says:

    Ill use a bronzed base or any colored base before putting a light shade all on my lid to create a different look! 🙂

  55. kalei77 Says:

    I would love to be an owner of LORAC Croc Palette. Would wear it to work and play.

  56. LuvtoDream Says:

    My tip is to sweep eyeshadow in the crease of the eye to create definition. I avoid applying eyeshadow too close to the edge of my eye and instead focus on making an inverted arc going from the inside of my eye outward. I also like to use a base or primer first so my eyeshadow will last longer. Thanks for the chance! I love the neutral colors in the Croc Palette from LORAC!!!

  57. lexisasuperhero Says:

    Follow your lower lid’s natural curve to add a winged eye on top!

  58. Jamie C. Says:

    I like to apply my a shimmery highlight color only in the corners of my eyes after I have finished my whole eye makeup to look awake and refreshed I also like to use a light cream color in the bottom waterline to make eyes look bigger and also look awake.


    Blending is very important

  60. lifeonprint Says:

    To get my eyes ready for make up application I use cold spoons! I put 2 metal spoons in the freezer until cold, hold them on my eyelids and under eyes to take away any puffiness. Works like a charm

  61. idreamofjenn Says:

    I use a lasting eyeprimer first, then select a good eyeshadow and blending brush to apply the colors. For precision, I like to use scotch tape at the sides of my eyes to get a clean line. Lastly, I use pointed Q-Tips to correct any unwanted smudging or lines.


    Using the right brushes

  63. Annette Says:

    If your eyeliner is too hard, use the heat from a blower dryer to soften it.

  64. robabut6 Says:

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  65. Antonina Gladkova Says:

    if my mascara dried out a bit i am adding an a drop of the eye drops!

  66. wellen1 Says:

    I always use face and eye Primer

  67. jen0214 Says:

    I use concealer first, then white base shadow, and then a soft, shimmery eyeshadow

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