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08-19-13 | Posted by

Keranique-GiveawayThinning hair is no laughing matter. It affects more than 30 million women of all skin tones and ages, hair types, and hair color. In honor of Hair Awareness Month, this week’s GORGEOUS GIVEAWAY addresses this condition that impacts confidence and self esteem as well as appearance.

We have three sets of the Keranique Solution for Thinning Hair (ARV $95) for this week’s beauty giveaway. Formulated to strengthen, fortify, and thicken women’s hair, this three-step system includes: Scalp Stimulating Shampoo, Volumizing Conditioner, and Hair Regrowth Treatment.

Not merely a beautifying product, Keranique contains Minoxidil (2%), the only ingredient approved by the FDA to treat female hair loss. In a study of 21 women with thinning hair, 100% agreed that they have thicker, fuller hair after using Keranique for four months. One hundred percent also said they would recommend Keranique to family and friends.

The Keranique three-step system is simple and straightforward: cleanse, condition, and treat. Our Gorgeous Giveaway includes:

Keranqiue Scalp Stimulating Shampoo: This shampoo is gentle enough for thinning hair, but powerful enough to cleanse flattening oils. It strengthens hair with vegetable proteins and cleanses with keratin and pro-vitamin B5. Plus, it’s sulfate-free, so it can be used on color treated or keratin straightened hair.

Keranique Volumizing Keratin Conditioner: Designed specifically to help thicken and volumize thin, fine hair without weighing the hair down like traditional heavy conditioners, this cream-gel formula uses keratin to thicken hair along the cuticle and restore the hair’s own protective layer.

Keranique Hair Regrowth Treatment: This serum is the key hair regrowth element of the system. It contains 2% Minoxidil, approved by the FDA to help regrow hair on women. Apply 1 ml with the dropper two times a day directly to the scalp in the areas with hair loss. Continued use is necessary to increase and keep the hair growth.

Many women suffer from thinning hair or hair loss. If it affects you or a loved one, enter this giveaway today for a chance to reverse the condition.


To Enter: How has thinning hair affected your life or the life of a loved one.

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*No purchase necessary. Open to US residents only. Contest begins 8/19 at 11 AM EDT
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  1. a1nettie Says:

    It is starting to thin and I already have flat hair so it makes it worse. I am looking for something to help prevent any further thinning and build up volume

  2. NancysParadise Says:

    my beautiful thick hair with body is now skinny hair that has turned curly… talk about change with thinning.. Wishing for my thick hair back!

  3. kayenewman40 Says:

    I can’t do anything with my hair over the past couple of years. It is just so thin and flat.

  4. snevels Says:

    It’s just not as thick as it used to be & it’s flat.

  5. Susan Allard Says:

    I hate my thinning hair…and I have tried quite a few products that advertise that they can help the thinnng hair situation, but nothing seems to work. I would love to try the “Keranique Solution” and give my hair a fighting chance:)

  6. soonerookie Says:

    My hair is thinning a lot. Need some help quickly!!!

  7. labskita523 Says:

    I am always conscious of my hairstyle now that my hair is thinning. Bald spots arent nice especially if you’re a woman. Hard to voluminize your hair too.

  8. msbogwan Says:

    Having my hair get so thin is devastating but I try to make the best of what I have with styling and volumizing hair products. I would love to find something that actually makes a difference in the thickness of my hair.

  9. syconley Says:

    I would love to try this product. I have a family history of hair loss and want to stave off any potential loss.

  10. missluckybreaks Says:

    I see it affecting my mom! I’d love to win this for her!

  11. GarnCap61 Says:

    My hair is probably at the beginning stages of being thinner, as I am starting to lose more hair – I see it in the bathtub drain! I’ve always had fine hair, so now that I’m in my 50’s, it’ll probably thin out more. This affects self esteem greatly!

  12. helobuff Says:

    My husbands thinning hair is really a problem. He is self conscious about it and now constantly wears a baseball cap. Of course wearing a hat all time increases hair loss, so it’s a vicious circle for him. I would love for him to try this and resolve this issue for him. Thanks for contest!

  13. Antonina Gladkova Says:

    I would love to try thinning hair system. Need some help with the hair loss))


    Thinning hair is embarrassing

  15. lisamcf Says:

    my thinning hair is causing the crown to be flat as a board, not to mention clogging up my drain

  16. ephlet Says:

    My ponytail keeps getting smaller and smaller every year. I would love to try products that would help me with hair loss.

  17. langgataka Says:

    My mom would surely be thankful for these products. I could see her scalp and it is embarrassing for her. Hope these can help her.


    Cover up thinning spots

  19. cherie1629 Says:

    My hairs keeps getting thinner and thinner every year.My hair now looks so flat n limb.

  20. mom4everandever Says:

    I see the hair all over- its obvious- just to regain confidence for sure. I went thru chemo and did not lose all my hair but now I see it getting thinner

  21. desitheblonde Says:

    i had lost all the hair with cancer and then i am in trying to get ti back it is grwoing and then slow i wnat the lsong hair i had at one time

  22. tobogna Says:

    I loose alot of hair when i wash it and comb it out,it comes out in a bunch,also my husband has a big bald spot also

  23. gracie1245 Says:

    When I was younger, I had very thick, very long, dark hair. Then, people joked about my being in shampoo commercials. During my late 20’s, I was put on a drug in an effort to control my migraines. My hair started to fall out. There would be hair on my desk at work, hair around my chair, hair all over the bathroom… My shower drain was constantly in need of snaking. Long black clumps of hair would come out of it. The doctor I had swore it wasn’t the medicine, but I had known others that suffered this same effect. I threw it out.
    Years later, some of my hair has come back, but nothing like it was. I don’t have areas where scalp is visible anymore, but my hair is thin, and I have to really work it to make it look cute, and to feel good about how I look. I want my hair back. Maybe Keranique can help me!

  24. tjfenicle Says:

    It is so hard to grow my hair because it’s so thin and fine. I gave this product a try and found my hair getting stronger and growing. I ran out of the product and haven’t been happy with my hair since, it’s always flying away in my face and I’m losing my hair again.

  25. Butterflyblue1903 Says:

    I started having thinning hair when I was fighting cancer. Still is thinning and very depressing. Has no body, etc. Been looking for something to help.

  26. womenrule9 Says:

    I have been losing my hair for some time, and the Dr just diagnosed me with Lupus. I have used these products, and I highly recommend them. I would love to win to renew my supply, as now, I am on Medicare and my budget can not afford to purchase these at this time. Thank you

  27. ronnie1 Says:

    My hair falls out constantly. It’s a miracle my plumbing hasn’t backed up with all the hair. My hair was thicker and fuller before. But now it’s thinner and less manageable and frizzy.

  28. miriama59 Says:

    I had the thickest hair all my life so it is difficult to get used to thinning hair. So many changes as we age. Hard to believe I now have to shop for thinning hair products.

  29. sandollar Says:

    If I don’t wear a hat, my scalp will get a sunburn.

  30. sandollar Says:

    If I don’t wear a hat, my scalp will burn (my hair is so thin)

  31. mjcranford Says:

    My hair is more diffult to style than it once was.

  32. meelees Says:

    My thyroid has caused my hair to fall out. It’s not as easy to fix up any more so I keep it up. I was hoping the meds would help, nope.

  33. annes999 Says:

    Wow, I would so love to try this. I have been experiencing a scary amount of falling, thinning hair. I have been under enormous stress for quite some time and I think this is part of the tole. I could really use this.

  34. dmdavis555 Says:

    My mom has been so self-conscious about her thinning hair for years now. And now that she has been sick, it has progressed to bald spots in places. I have tried buying every product out there for her, they just don’t actually provide any results. Would love to find a product that actually thickens up her thinning hair.

  35. tiffanysusanne Says:

    my loved one wears a hat now all the time..me the hair in the shower when I am finished is horrible..

  36. collifornia Says:

    It makes me self conscious.


    Embarrassing hair loss

  38. cmotives Says:

    My hair has become so thin. Its been falling out for months. Very embarrassing

  39. mommydi1 Says:

    Honestly my thinning hair makes me feel so self conscious! I don’t even wear my hair parted down the middle anymore, it’s too noticeable!

  40. BarracudaRon Says:

    52 years old and no sign of hair thinning, I’m blessed!


    Thinning hair has me covering up all the time

  42. weeziestoy Says:

    It has made me self conscious …. constantly trying new styles to cover the spots….not working…

  43. clgrata Says:

    i finally have long hair and now its falling out!

  44. njf288 Says:

    It makes me want to cry because its thining so much in the front areas its getting harder to cover it I bought 2 wigs but they seem to not look right I really really want to cry ….I get so upset and feel so bad I tried rogaine and a few other things but nothing has helped. My mom always blamed it on geting perms but I think its hereidtary. My mom wears wigs I hate to have to do that . Makes me depressed and sad .

  45. yadinoe Says:

    Thinning hair is making me feel old

  46. auntiebb Says:

    My 29 yr. old son has been stressing about his hair thinning, so I would love to win this and give it to him to try. Got my fingers crossed!

  47. Daffyone Says:

    I knew it was thinning but when everyone else started saying something – that was enough. Now I keep it in a pontail while on the lookout for something that make it thick again. Nothing works so far so I’m thinking of getting wigs. When I think of all the thick hair I cut off over the years to send to the wig places – now I want it back. Oh, well.

  48. rudy46n2 Says:

    I have always been unhappy about the way my forehead looks. Now that my hair is thinning my forehead really looks crappy. I wear bangs to cover my forehead but I cant get the same look anymore with less hair there.

  49. Betlou Says:

    I have long hair and when I pull it back I can tell I am losing thickness by the size of it. It use to be so much thicker. I would love to try something that might bring back some fullness.

  50. vickeigh Says:

    My hair has become noticeably thinner since having children! Would love to have that hair back


    I style my hair to hide thinning spots

  52. Minimeeh Says:

    I don’t do anything with my hair because it feels too thin, i want more hair so i can style it

  53. jmiranda181 Says:

    Thin hair makes it harder to style and manage oil in my hair. I have found some help with dry shampoo but I would love to try your products!


    I feel embarrassed in public

  55. karlacomayagua Says:

    I have really thin hair and I ALWAYS straighten it so its SUPER thin. I used to have really thick beautiful hair but not anymore. it has affected me because im eberasses aboit my hair and not as confident on how I used to be. I NEED THIS PRODUCT I CANT AFFORD A 95 DOLLAR PRODUCT TO BE HONEST. AND IM TELLING THE TRUTH NOT LIKE SOME SALTY PEOPLE ON HERE WHO ARE LYING SAYING THEY HAVR CANCER OR SOME OTHER STUFF. ottom line my hair is thin as the ice in California so be my haurrr saver and give me this product because i deadass need it THANKS XOXO


    My confidence is diminished

  57. Annette Says:

    My dad (who is in his 80s) has always had a lot of hair until recently. He’s still active and goes to the gym daily, but his hair is so thin. I think that’s the sign of aging that’s making him feel his real age.

  58. Sarah Richardson Says:

    Age and frequent swimming have made my thin, fine hair even thinner, plus it now has a cotton candy like texture. I would love to try this system to bring back volume, shine, and health to my hair.

  59. cautiouslyoptimistic Says:

    My thinning hair has made me self-conscious about my hair – I usually just tie it up in a ponytail so I don’t have to deal with it!

  60. ladyboarder9669 Says:

    My sister has been struggling with it. I know it has really lowered her confidence level lately! Would love to win this for her!

  61. Windi88 Says:

    I have always had really long nice hair but a year ago I turned 30 and my hair started coming out in clumps in the shower. I have tried different hair products but nothing has worked yet,I would love to try these products. I have to keep my hair in a ponytail a lot so it doesn’t look stringy hope I win!!

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