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02-17-14 | Posted by

Brighten up mid-winter doldrums with a complete nail color wardrobe. For this week’s GORGEOUS GIVEAWAY, Julep Beauty has graciously contributed 3 of their product loaded Color Caddy & So Much More (a $75 value).

This portable mani/pedi kit includes all the elements (sans files) you need to create well-groomed sophisticated digits or wild nail art designs.

The Julep beauty giveaway incudes:

Color Caddy: Colorful carrying case, sized 9” x 5.5” x 6.75”, features two zippered compartments that store tools and 57 polish bottles!!!

6 Nail Colors: Chip resistant, highly pigmented, and fast drying, Julep nail colors are “4-free,” formulated without formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, and DBP.

Vanish Cuticle Softener & Remover: Used in over 250,000 Julep Nail Parlors, this professional cuticle softener makes it easy to maintain gorgeous nails.

Ta Da! Quick Dry Drops: Wait one minute after the final coat of polish, then apply this lavender and ylang ylang scented oil to reduce dry time.

Indulge your most colorful side and enter this week’s contest for a chance to win this playful polish caddy.


How to Enter: Get into nail mode and share your tips for extending the life of your manicure.

COMMENT post your response in the comment section of this post


TWEET your response to @Beautyinthebag

*to be eligible to win!

Open to US residents only. Contest begins 2/17 at 11 AM EST and ends 2/23 at 11 PM EST.

*No purchase necessary.


  1. kvieweg07 Says:

    Use a base and top coat, and if you do lots of housework like me, be sure to wear gloves, especially when doing dishes!

  2. labskita523 Says:

    I use Julep nail polish. It lasts longer than other brands. Keep nails shorter and apply moisturizer or oil to prevent from splitting. Avoid hand sanitizer as it eats away the top coat. =)

  3. GQ Says:

    I Reapply topcoat after a few days by reapplying topcoat it restore shine and prevent chips and it helps give my manicure new life. By the way beautiful giveaway and thanks for the chance <3

  4. onegreatsmile Says:

    I always wipe down my nails with 91% alcohol right before I lay down my base coat to make sure all the oils/product are off my nail beds. A strong foundation is the most important part. If the base coat can’t stick, your manicure is doomed!!

  5. Lim01Babe Says:

    Make me Gorgeous Beauty in the Bag! Thanks for the chance

  6. boofa29 Says:

    I always use two coats of polish with one coat of my clear top coat. I always make sure that I paint the front end outer part of my nails, even down onto the other side just slightly. I want to really make sure that I seal my nail color well 🙂

  7. har Says:

    Make sure to not glob on the polish and to cap off the underside of the tip

  8. jadamcikova Says:

    I always buff my nails before I apply polish and seal entire surface, under and around with a topcoat.

  9. cori Says:

    ALWAYS!!!!! I mean always buff your nails. Clean up all the dust and some of you cuticles with rubbing alcohol so you get a great stick from your polish!! 🙂

  10. twilson19 Says:

    You can should be sure to wait long enough between coats and try not to put it on too think, that just ruins it. Be sure to use a good top coat.

  11. bridgetandderekreich Says:

    I always use base coat (OPI Nail Envy), two thin coats of polish and topcoat (Butter London Quick Dry) and my polish stays on pretty well. Julep and Butter London polish both work great for me! 🙂 Would love to win this!

  12. adendyut Says:

    Use a hand scrub every other day to keep cuticles in shape.

  13. JessLovely Says:

    I’ve discovered that my nail color last longer when I have clean, healthy nails. I like to soak my nails in a lemon juice/hot water mixture about three times a month, trim my cuticles, and MOISTURIZE! Moisturizing is very important to my hands. I’d love to win this; Julep is my favorite! 🙂

  14. tweetibird Says:

    I use cuticle oil to soften my cuticles be for I cut them. I makes my hands smell really nice too!

  15. collifornia Says:

    Use a good quality base coat & top coat.

  16. alperjf Says:

    Wow! What an amazing kit! I agree – Julep polish DOES tend to last longer than other brands 🙂 I also make sure to let my nails dry completely so they don’t accidentally smudge or chip.

  17. pixiestixpet Says:

    I apply a clear top coat on the very tips of my nails, as well as underneath the nail. I tend to get chipped polish on the very ends of my nails, so I find coating it with clear over the edge and underneath really keeps them looking great for a lot longer

  18. Eustacia Says:

    I apply one coat of polish and then a few days later when it starts to look faded and chipped I apply a second coat. I usually apply a 3rd coat before I remove it all and start fresh. I do a lot of housework and gardening so I find this works best for me.


    Make sure nails are clean and dry to make manicure last

  20. DianeBa53 Says:

    I found nail polish can last longer in the freezer

  21. amydwill1982 Says:

    use a top coat and use gloves when washing dishes

  22. asoftblackstar Says:

    Oooo, I’ve always wanted to try Julep nail polish! On extending my manicure, I always start of with clean dry hands, and always apply a clear top coat and quick dry drops.

  23. anitakayduvall Says:

    I always use olive oil to soften my cuticles instead of expensive storebrands. Just make sure you wash the cuticle area with hand soap and water after tending to the cuticles, before you apply polish!!

  24. lindsey651 Says:

    I like to use a thinner top coat, seems to make my polish last longer than a thicker application.

  25. areck2004@yahoo.com Says:

    Vanish Cuticle Softener & Remover would be great to manage my cuticles. On color I love bright bold colors. I think it’s best to get them noticed because that’s the whole point.

  26. magentaruby1 Says:

    Wearing gloves when doing dishes, and using a top coat every day protects my manicure. I also moisture my hands every night by wearing cotton gloves while sleeping and that helps protect my cuticles.

  27. Svitlana Says:

    Always use base coat!

  28. ohlalaca Says:

    I always use base- and top coat and wrapp my tips after every coat.

  29. kristie2529 Says:

    I love my gel nails!!!!

  30. amylynnwells Says:

    Apply top coat everyday or at least every other day. Wear gloves when doing dishes or hand s are in water. Swipe fingernails with remover before first coat of polish to remove any oils. Apply a little extra to the tips and underside of first coat where chips start.

  31. eisbeckers Says:

    Don’t just wait till the nail polish is dry; be really careful with your nails for a really long time so the polish can cure.

  32. jdem1971 Says:

    clean your nails and lightly buff them before adding a base coat the add 2 coats of color allowing them to dry in between coats then add a top coat allow them to dry throughly and make the kids do the dishes lol!

  33. savefor4 Says:

    I always use a base coat on clean nails then apply the color of choice & last the top coat. I always use gloves when doing any cleaning, gardening or anything else whcih will diminish or destroy my orignal nail polish routine and take a nail,skin & collagen supplement since I have Hypothyroid issues. Beleive me, the Tyhroid is the utmost regulator for all celluar, hormaonal & organs. If you do not have this problem, you are truly blessed. It affects everyday life regardelss if your “lab numbers are in range!!!”

  34. ewhatley Says:

    use several thin coats of polish and apply another top coat every couple of days

  35. windycindy Says:

    Gorgeous prize package! What fun?! I wear gloves while cleaning the
    house and such. As far as nail preparation, I soak and moisturize the nail and cuticles, first, then make sure to apply thin coats of nail polish and
    under the tip of each nail…
    Many thanks, Cindi

  36. matzsmith Says:

    Don’t do any, any yardwork or paperwork for that matter.

  37. fyrcracker Says:

    I always make sure my nails are clean, then have my cuticles moisturized and pushed back before I use any polish. The only problem with moisturizing the cuticle is any slick residue that may be left on the actual nail. I use a small cotton flat with homemade rosewater to wipe my nailbeds and then I start with a base coat. I generally use 2 coats of polish and a top coat with kevlar fibers in it. I own horses and have two young boys and my nail polish lasts surprisingly long using this process. I love Julep, it’s one of my two go to polish lines. Thanks a ton for another great giveaway!!!

  38. Felita1 Says:

    Wear gloves when washing dishes or cleaning and refresh the maní with another coat until it is time to change your color.

  39. mommydi1 Says:

    Let’s see what can I add, everything’s pretty much been covered, I can say that when by pocket book allows there is nothing better or longer lasting than gel manis. Love them.

  40. wellen1 Says:

    use a clear base coat then 2 coats and a clear top coat

  41. Morgan Says:

    Keep nails short and have at least 2 layers of top coat to seal it.

  42. laceandlacquers Says:

    Cleaning my nails with Zoya Remove+ before applying base coat and going over the tips of my nails with an extra layer of top coat!

  43. smoes Says:

    Cuticle oil and Vinegar! The vinegar might sound strange but it works so well!

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