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04-30-12 | Posted by

Positively-Ageless-Skin-Strengthening-Hand-CreamThis week’ GORGEOUS GIVEAWAY is a mega prize thanks to our friends at Johnson & Johnson. We have 3 J&J Gift Bags (a $99 value!) to give to our lucky winners. Each bag features a combination of 9 skincare, body and sun products from Neutrogena, RoC, Aveeno and Lubriderm to give to our lucky winners. All of the items are brand new to the market and include many favorites that were showcased at the American Academy of Dermatology Annual Meeting (the world’s largest, most comprehensive dermatology event), which took place this past March in San Diego.

From anti-aging to sunscreen, this gift has a product for you. Take a look at the lineup.


RoC® RETINOL CORREXION® MAX Wrinkle Resurfacing System – a two step system that fades the look of wrinkles around the eyes, forehead, and cheeks.


AVEENO® Positively Ageless Body Cream – clinically shown to make dry, fragile skin look and feel stronger, as well as fully hydrated.

AVEENO® Positively Ageless Hand Cream – instantly boosts skin’s hydration levels to moisturize and strengthen dry, fragile hands and cuticles.

Neutrogena Naturals Multi-Vitamin Nourishing Moisturizer – a vitamin infused moisturizer that boosts the skin’s defense against dullness and roughness.


Neutrogena Oil-Free Pink Grapefruit Cleansing Wipes – specially formulated for acne prone skin, these wipes sweep away pore clogging dirt and oil.

Sun Care

AVEENO® HYDROSPORT SUNSCREEN SPF 30 – a water-resistant sunscreen with UVA/UVB protection that even adheres to wet skin.

Neutrogena Clear Face Liquid Lotion SPF 55 – a sunscreen developed for acne prone skin that will not cause breakouts.


Neutrogena Visibly Bright Cleanser – a daily cleanser that helps skin look brighter and less tired.

Skin Barrier

LUBRIDERM® Daily Moisture Shea + Calming Lavender Jasmine Lotion – a non light body lotion that contains a calming lavender and jasmine fragrance.


To Enter: Tell us about your major summertime skin concern.

COMMENT post your response in the comment
section of this post

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*to be eligible to win!

*No purchase necessary. Open to US residents only. Contest begins 4/30 at 11 AM EST
and ends 5/6 at 11 PM EST.


  1. lizplawman Says:

    To try and find something to protect my skin when running.

  2. missluckybreaks Says:

    Major summertime concern is wanting to get tan and forgoing sunscreen.

  3. garianne Says:

    I have melasma and my concern is making it worse with sun exposure.

  4. aritson5 Says:

    My major summertime skin concern is keeping the sun and redness off my face. I use 3 products every morning that have SPF but my nose still manages to look like Rudolph :/ The other thing is the sweat that comes with the summe heat…makes me break out more.

  5. chrystal Says:

    my summertime skin concern is to protect my face, i dont want wrinkles… i’ll be 30 july 1st!

  6. traymona Says:

    I worry about squinting in the bright sunlight and causing crow’s feet.

  7. brendac313 Says:

    I always have to worry about getting sunburned. I have very light skin and it doesn’t take much…which leads me to worrying about the fine lines…so I have a few concerns.

  8. mustbinsane Says:

    Sun damage! I burn so easily, sunscreen is a requirement.


    My major concern in the summertime is oily skin.

  10. ipodmom Says:

    My biggest summertime skin concern is darkening of the areas of my skin that are already darker than the rest of my face

  11. laroyal06 Says:

    I’m most worried about UV sun damage to my skin.

  12. marylou222 Says:

    My problem is sun-sensitivity and rosacea. What can I do? 🙂

  13. rosimccoy Says:

    My major summertime skin concern is protecting my skin from sunburn.

  14. kvieweg07 Says:

    Getting a sunburn is a major concern for my whole family, we are fair skinned!

  15. purpleige Says:

    Dry skin and sunburn

  16. susanharp Says:

    My major concern with summer coming up is the danger of UV rays, especially with the growing number of cases of melanoma. As a child (I’m now 54), no one seemed to worry about the harmful effects of the sun. But with skin cancer on the rise, it is crucial that we protect ourselves and our children. I am teaching my children to be extra vigilant when soaking up the sun, on those hot summer days and even when enjoying outdoor winter sports.

  17. jenniferjoy Says:

    My skin concern is sun damage.

  18. rmmahal Says:

    My biggest skincare concern during summer is keeping my skin hydrated. With the sun expose, heat, and being in the water I find it hard to stay moist and to keep my skin from feeling chapped. Any suggestions?

  19. msbogwan Says:

    My major summertime skin concern is making sure I wear an effective SPF every day that doesn’t cause acne and that I’m hydrating my skin regularly.

  20. wizardewu Says:

    I need to protect my skin from the sun in the summer.

  21. sellybob Says:

    In the summer, when I am out in the sun the most, I get sores on my face. They start out as pimples or little ingrown hairs, but after about 2-3 days they turn into sores and bleed a little. I have tried to combat it with sunscreen, but it usually just burns. And to cover it up with makeup just looks ridiculous. On top of that I have started to get some discoloration in my skin. Especially in my forehead. Here, a brown patch has begun to form in the middle, going from the hairline to my eyebrows. I have begun cutting my own bangs ti make sure that it is always covered. One of the other things that has “worried” is the dark circles under my eyes. With the days starting earlier, my kids wake up with the sun. Which means I am up earlier and get less sleep. And, does sun effect stretch marks? I hate wearing my bikini because after a couple hours in the sun, they seem darker. It isn’t going to get me to stop wearing it though. My kids and I love sun and the water!

  22. norell9694 Says:

    My summertime concern is the sun damagong my skin!

  23. smartwolfclan Says:

    Freckles are my worst summer issue, on my face and chest. Hate the old freckles age marks. Save me!

  24. shel704 Says:

    Oily skin causing breakouts. If I don’t wash multiple times a day, my skin gets too oily. Washing so many times makes it dry. Ugh, I can’t win.

  25. djc319 Says:

    My problem area is my face with blotches from the sun

  26. Mpugh Says:

    My biggest summer skin concern is burning. I am so fair skinned that I burn crazy bad and very quickly. But I hate the way sunscreen feels on my skin and the way it never seems to dry and then lint and dirt stick to my skin, YUCK!

  27. mchoneycutt Says:

    Moisturizing without clogging my pores

  28. llugenbeel Says:

    I was recently told that I have Melanoma and I would like to try the different sun screens to see which provides the best protection. I burn very easily and try different lotions all the time.

  29. dragonfly777 Says:

    I’m super fair, yet oily, so I need a high spf sunscreen that also helps me stay matte 🙂

  30. pdxmom Says:

    My major summertime skin concern is being thoroughly protected against skin cancer.

  31. neha12 Says:

    definetly sun damage is the biggest concern in summer. i always make sure i put spf 50 on my whole body and face too. if i need a tan, i use self tanners. they work great =]

  32. Rebby Says:


  33. chrisdeglen Says:

    My major summertime skin concern is age spotting and wrinkling from unintentional sun exposure such as while driving.

  34. abitnerdy Says:

    My most major summertime skin concern is wearing enough SPF and not burning. I have sensitive skin!

  35. areed1957 Says:

    I wear sunscreen everyday, drink lots of water and use only the best natural products I can find.

  36. debralu Says:

    Freckles!! I’m a redhead and not a big fan of the freckles that cover my face, chest & arms in the summer if I’m not careful with sunscreen.

  37. merewillis Says:

    Repairing past and preventing future sun damage!

  38. meenatangy Says:

    darkening spots due to sun exposure

  39. pontowd Says:

    sunburn..I try to use a sunscreen that is waterproof so I can still swim.. I always wear a floppy hat when I am not swimming

  40. nycindy21 Says:

    My major summertime skin concern are acne, dry skin, and sun damage/ exposure.

  41. mbivins0906 Says:

    My summer time concerns about my skin is sun burn dryness from tanning, redness of the face, making sure my skin is moisturized on my body and keeping my face less oily

  42. born2boop Says:

    Major summer skin concern is blackhead breakouts

  43. MizCindyHead Says:

    I love neutrogena and roc products, have used them for years. I worry about brown blotches, dry skin, wrinkles and skin cancer and of the I have ended up in the hospital 3 times in the last 2 years with sun poisoning… NO fun…

  44. sunflwrnut Says:

    My concern is dry skin & Redness from sun exposure 🙁

  45. jules79 Says:

    My biggest skin concern in summer is getting a burn and/or more wrinkles!

  46. BeautyByKrystal Says:

    My only Summer skin concern is getting random dry areas on my face, I really hate those! 🙁

  47. LT11 Says:

    Overexposure, in search of that golden tan.

  48. Not2Haute Says:

    I’m finally making progress with clearing old scars, but the summer sun can make treated araes even darker than before. Everyone needs to use really good SPF products from head-to-toe (year-round). @Not2Haute

  49. Micho Says:

    Keeping my make up from running in the heat!!

  50. calidreamin87 Says:

    My major concern is getting burned. I’m very fair skinned & I burn easily. Especially my face!

  51. shonnalee Says:

    I used to go indoor tanning for years. I know I know its supposed to be bad for your skin. But I still like to go once in a while but when I don’t, I worry about getting too wrinkled around my eyes and face, I’ve always used sunscreen in my makeup on my face at least. But worry it maybe not enough! And during the winter and summer time my skin on my legs can be soo dry so I need lotion all the time. But I also now break out as an adult when I was younger I didnt, so My skin has plenty of oil, I need something that isn’t oily on my face.

  52. MoonRae Says:

    My main concern is dry skin and sun exposure. I really hate the “driving” tan my one arm gets even though I use sunscreen

  53. Merrie Says:

    My biggest concern is getting even more dry skin than I already have. Also, getting skin cancer.

  54. ZadryG Says:

    I live in Miami and summertime is great here except for the humidity. My biggest skin concern is definitely my t-zone. I want glowing skin not oily 🙂

  55. GRACEMEEH Says:

    My skin care routine during the year works except for the summer time when I spend more time outdoors and in the heat. I haven’t found the perfect match for my skin type (oily) to keep protected and hydrated, without looking even more greasy. I am Filipino and I have freckles on both sides of my cheeks (which is rare). On the left, my freckles are scattered. On the right, it is bunched up, and I try to cover this up more to even out my face. If there is an inexpensive concealer, I haven’t found it. I am afraid to spend extra $ on high end products, and since I fear to waste money, I’d rather get quality products to help protect my skin. I’m 32 years old, and I’ve made the decision to stop tanning (tanning bed/natural tanning) to prevent from wrinkling.

  56. bobbysgeel Says:

    Keeping my skin protected & hydrated in the sun is my primary concern.

  57. celticrn Says:

    my main concern….how to keep my makeup and my cool intact in our hot FL sun.

  58. pavanco Says:

    my major issue is shine, a shiny oily face, melting make-up

  59. havewrench2 Says:

    My biggest concern in the summer is wilted makeup and hair.

  60. cvdancer82 Says:

    I’m concerned about sun damage in general. My mom has had several bouts of Basil Cell Skin Cancer, so I’m much more aware of how much sun I get and what I should do to protect myself.

  61. abn81485 Says:

    My biggest concern is my melting makeup and limp hair. Just a brief visit out doors and im instantly oily and clammy from head to toe. Ugh!

  62. napoleon1 Says:

    my biggest concerns are sunburn (i’m extremely pale) and the grease factor! all winter, my skin still produces so much oil in the summer that i’m practically dripping it off my body! and i live in indiana so, it’s still very cold and nippy!

  63. Pwilliams Says:

    I tend to get really dry skin in the summer.

  64. johnmains Says:

    i have oily skin inthe summer and do not know how to control it

  65. laurel Says:

    My biggest concern is sun damage, my skin loses all blemishes with a little tan. So of course I’m out in the sun, now at 42 I’m seeing the effects. Can’t win this one it seems.

  66. llugenbeel Says:

    Since I been told I have Melanoma my concern is sunburn. I need to try all different products to see which gives the best protection.

  67. mscelinemedinaa Says:

    My major summertime concern is covering up in sunscreen on the daily!

  68. shashi Says:

    Sunburn is my major concern.

  69. vmahaney Says:

    My concern is if I am wearing enough spf and having enough shade I stopped sunbathing a long time ago it makes a difference I like to be what I call sunkissed just enough color but not too much.

  70. jaburdge Says:

    My major concern is sun damage and skin cancer, since my mom had it. I never lay out I where hats and caps and stay in the shade

  71. celticrn Says:

    my main concern….how to keep my makeup and my cool intact in our hot FL sun.

  72. Ginalynn12 Says:

    I am 43, live in central Texas and spend quite a bit of time outside daily. Only in the past few years have I begun to notice skin changes. I have always been pale skinned but in my 40s I have started retaining color (YAY!) and I now notice how very dry my skin gets. I am so worried that I’ll be a dried up, wrinkly looking prune at 50. I’m not sure how to prevent this as I never had skin issues before.

  73. Dyane78 Says:

    My concern is sun spots and photodamage and choosign the right sunscreens for my face and body.

  74. Jo-el Says:

    My concern is finding a sunscreen that protects yet doesn’t make my skin break out.

  75. laralynn Says:

    Sun,sun,sun!!! I used to tan and now take great care to always wear an appropriate SPF. On especially sunny days I found a super cute sun hat with a black ribbon that looks good with any outfit. I also now realize the importance of wearing sun protection even on cloudy days, and all year long. I think it is a boon that so many items from primers, moisturizers, eye creams, foundations and many more have SPF built in. So important!! I am so glad J&J is promoting this awareness.

  76. Aubreylaine Says:

    I am concerned about skin damage in the summer from the sun.
    family74014 at gmail dot com

  77. bikeohio Says:

    My major summertime skincare concern is finding a sunscreen that will last on long bike rides.

  78. Loremil Says:

    SPF for me and the kids and keep the bugs away.

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