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04-29-13 | Posted by

J-J-Date-NightTime for another Gorgeous Giveaway, BeautyInTheBag. It’s Monday, which probably means you’ve already looking forward to the weekend and a night out with your significant other or could-be-someone-special. This week’s beauty giveaway is called Date Night Must-Haves (a $55 value) and features eight health and beauty products from Johnson & Johnson brands. For getting ready at home or just keeping a fresh look while you’re out on the town, this giveaway is has a load of essential. Combine them with low lighting and great shoes to look, smell, and feel great.

LISTERINE Antiseptic: Freshen up before you get close. One thirty second rinse and you’re not only approachable, you’re downright kissable!

AVEENO PURE RENEWAL Dry Shampoo: Don’t let hot weather or a tough day stop you from looking like you just stepped out of the salon. Get rid of oil in seconds without going near the shower.

LUBRIDERM Soothing Relief Daily Lotion: Banish fears of holding hands by guaranteeing your hands are enticingly  smooth to the touch. Apply a little Lubriderm before you leave the house, and feel free to snuggle all night long!

NEUTROGENA Naturals Acne Cream Cleanser: Zits should never keep you indoors, and neither should caked-on makeup. Keep your skin glowing and blemish-free for dinner, movies, dancing—whatever!

VISINE Maximum Redness Relief Formula: Spring is bursting out all over and that means its allergy season. Keep red eyes at bay (at least out of pictures) with a few drops of Visine the next time you excuse yourself to the ladies room.

NEUTROGENA Naturals Acne Spot Treatment: On a date and shocked to find a new pimple that wasn’t there when you left the house? Don’t panic. Neutrogena jumps that hurdle with a treatment to halt out-of-nowhere blemishes.

NEOSPORIN NEO TO GO!: Beauty can be taught, but grace, not so much. For your clumsier moments, NEOSPORIN makes quick disinfecting and pain relief easy.

o.b. Tampon Product Comfort Regular: We’ve all been there. It’s that time of the month, just not when you expected it. Don’t get caught in the red. Keep an o.b. on hand for full on, active protection against leaks.

That’s the package, BITBers, and three lucky winners will get it delivered to their front door! It’s perfect for your bedroom, bathroom, or the restaurant’s powder room. Surprise breakout? Hair fell flat? Bad breath? Don’t worry, BeautyInTheBag has your back. Don’t forget to apply in the comment section below or on our various social media platforms. Also, for savings on your big night out, check out the Healthy Essentials coupons and discount on www.healthyessentials.com. Your date night needs are just a click away.

To Enter: What is your worst or funniest beauty-related date night mishap?

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*No purchase necessary. Open to US residents only. Contest begins 4/29 at 11 AM EST
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  1. njf288 Says:

    my date got something out of my eye and smudged by mascara all down the side of my face and I was like that the whole time lol

  2. Mary Wawrzonkowski Says:

    On our 1st anniversary date last year, I decided to try a bronzer on my skin, since I am naturally a pale/very ivory-skinned person. It looked good to me as I was putting it on, but when we got to the restaurant, my husband looked at me horrified, and said I’d better go in the bathroom to look at my face. It was streaky, blotchy, and really bad looking. I tried to wipe it off, which just made it worse. I had to sit through the entire dinner looking horrible and I was so embarassed. From that day forward, I have learned to appreciate my fair skinned complexion.:)

  3. suzanneclay Says:

    This was many years ago but I had my hair cut very short and spiky..had a date and decided to use a little red colored hair hair for a little extra pop…well the date was going great we leave the restaurant and its raining cats & dogs..forgot all about the colored hair gel, but the rain didn’t..and it washed it all out all over my clothes and my skin….I was so embarrassed…he was cool about it, but I will never forget that date!! lol

  4. Amy Honious Says:

    my most embarrassing date nite problem was a few years ago when hubby and i made our only trip to chicago. we waited in line for hours to get into the hard rock cafe, and by the time we made it in the door, i had a huge run in my black stockings and nothing could be done about it. ugh-totally humiliating! this is a great prize-thanks for the opportunity to win!

  5. deannamil Says:

    My worst beauty mishap was heading to the beach before a date and falling asleep. I got so sunburnt. I was miserable all night long. I could barely move. I look awful. I was freezing yet burning. It is a night I will never forget. Not good at all!

  6. sandra Says:

    did not know that my mascara had smeared under my eyes. I looked like I was on drugs or something. I found out when I went to the restroom. I was so embarassed.

  7. heathersweet Says:

    Plucking my eyebrows and plucked too much!

  8. Terry Sanders Says:

    The night my skirt got caught in my panty hose and the man behind me in line whispered in my ear my husband bust ou laughing

  9. koalaty Says:

    I’m not sure if it’s the worst nor funniest, as the most painful. Forgetting to break in those new pair of shoes…caused my feet and especially the backs of my heels the most serious pain. In need of band-aids to no avail…

  10. brenda65 Says:

    Here it is, I got up early went to have my hair done, and a spray tan, wow did I look awesome…Dinner,a nice walk in the park, to find or nite to get very interesting, we get a call for a house party, and of course its a pool party,after having a few drinks my boyfriend decides he wants to go swimming, oh no..not me..in a blink of an eye, I went from’ smokin to soakin’..there went my hair and my fabulous Tan,OH , But he was so worth it..we got married and will be going on 8 yrs in june..


    I had lipstick on my teeth when I met his parents. UGH

  12. Anne Cahalane Says:

    I think probably getting a blister from heels and trying to ignore it and having a yucky, bloody heel…. not a sexy date look….

  13. lorirc Says:

    I was out on a wonderful date, and I got real sick, REAL fast. As in I need a toilet NOW. Multiple times. It was so embarrassing. I am still with the guy though, so I guess he understood, it happens! (<-no pun intended)

  14. lilval Says:

    When dating my now-husband, we traveled to visit some of his friends out of town. We had planned on staying the night and had a fun-filled day planned the next day. Upon arriving they had a big, crazy hunting dog that jumped on me and freaked me out right away (I hate big dogs!) I had my period, and when I went to the bathroom, they didn’t have a wastebasket for me to toss my tampon applicator in, so I rolled it up in toiled paper and discreetly stashed it back in the box of tampons in my luggage. A few hours later after dinner we were all seated on the couch in the living room watching a movie when that crazy dog came barreling out of the guest bedroom with my used tampon in it’s mouth, long toilet paper trailing behind it. I was so mortified, once I realized what was going on I tackled that dog like a lion going for the kill. I don’t know if our hosts ever did really know what happened, we were all too embarrassed to talk about it!

  15. adendyut Says:

    LOL I tried to quickly shave my legs with a new razor and gashed them up so badly that they were still bleeding at my first date time and later scarred.

  16. lisamcf Says:

    getting my skirt caught in the jeep door

  17. DianeBa53 Says:

    My funniest was my blind date was so bad(this is really mean) I exited the date via the bar’s bathroom window.

  18. Pwilliams Says:

    I had a really bad hair day

  19. mom4everandever Says:

    remember qt the fast orange sunner went heywire- orange hands- odd color yuck


    I had salad greens in my teeth on my first date

  21. anissa23 Says:

    Wearing a totally different color lip liner then of my lipstick. yuck, the 90’s.

  22. miriama59 Says:

    A bird flying overhead dropped something on my head. Yep. It was horrifying. We were standing around trying to figure out what restaurant to go to. I had to run into his house and wash my hair in his tub…he had no blow dryer and I had to go out with a wet head…not my finest moment but a funny story to tell for years after…apparently.

  23. carole312 Says:

    I haven’t had one thankfully. But when I was in the 7th grade, I was smelling a candle while it was lit and I came too close and singed off all my eyelashes on my left eye!! It took like a year to fully grow back and when they did, a white eyelash mysteriously appeared and kept on growing no matter how many times I I pulled it out with a tweezer. I don’t have that white eyelash, I don’t know what that was all about.

  24. Sara Campbell Says:

    My date night mishap involves the dress I wore to the date. I wore a pretty sundress. As my date and I were getting out of the vehicle to go to the movies, one of the straps on the dress broke. Luckily nothing popped out but it was still very embarrassing.

  25. amyorvin Says:

    It wasn’t very funny to me but I started my period on my date and had really bad cramps and bleeding. I had to go home. I told him I felt sick.


    Forgetting my makeup bag on a trip to my friends wedding.

  27. Har Suhi Says:

    The one time since th kids were born that finally hubbie and I finally get a date night. But what happens is that I get the major head cold ever. So no going put just in a hotel room in Florida with tissues. Whew.

  28. Laurelflower Says:

    I had an allergic reaction to a new toothpaste and ended up having a red rash around my mouth!

  29. dragonfly777 Says:

    My prom night was a disaster!! I had to pick someone up at the airport and had 30 minutes left to shower, do hair and makeup….in those days I needed about 3 hours for this! I had bad hair and makeup for sure!

  30. niela1221 Says:

    When I was learning to put makeup on i went on a date and he thought i was hot/sick because my face was red because i put to much blush on! lol he kept worrying about me the whole night! ^^

  31. BarracudaRon Says:

    Mr. Smooth here, honestly, looking back, never had or just can’t remember a “beauty’ or fashion mishap… the dating gods were good to me


    I had a huge pimple on my face for my 1st date with my boyfriend.

  33. redfuzzycow Says:

    i was bringing my date to a halloween party a friend of a friend was throwing, and we were denied at the door.

  34. pavanco Says:

    a red shade of lipstick that stayed on my teeth the whole nite

  35. misti911 Says:

    I had went to get a trim for my hair and they asked if I wanted the split ends and damaged hair cut so I said yes. When I looked in the mirror, my hair was so short! I was so embarrassed to go out in public that evening. I think my eyes were red all night, also from crying after the haircut.


    Cried at my friends wedding and had huge mascara under my eyes for pictures.

  37. Valerie Peltonen Evensen Says:

    Eyebrow mishap

  38. LadyintheManor Says:

    My date was a hot cowboy and I spent two hours curling my hair, you know early 90’s style, lots of hairspray and it was very “Texas”. He took me sledding and the snow started to melt down my do’. Sticky hairspray dripping down your face is not hot!! lol…….

  39. K-lee Says:

    Had a cold sore.

  40. lkats16 Says:

    Lipstick on my teeth

  41. cmmirrorimage Says:

    My funny Date night story is when I decided to wear a short black dress to meet my at the time boyfriend and on the way to the restaurant the ring that I was wearing on my hand snagged my stockings…I had to just laugh it off luckily I had clear nail polish to stop the snag….

  42. OhLaLaChrissy Says:

    I forgot to wear anti-perspirant before a date. It was unusually hot during that time of the season (it was Fall). I started to sweat like a crazy person. It didn’t help that my short-sleeved shirt was made from a weird material. My skin was not breathing and it made me sweat even more! I went to the bathroom to freshen up and noticed that black fuzz from my shirt was stuck to my armpits! It probably looked like I had major armpit hair! Ahh!!


    I had entrée with garlic on first date.


    Had allergies before 1st date. My nose and eyes were so red people thought we had broken up

  45. rudy46n2 Says:

    Well this is embarrassing but here goes… I went out with a great looking musician I had my eye on for quite some time, finally he asked me out. We decided to go to a club to see a band. While there I went to the bathroom. When I came out my date tapped me on my shoulder and whispered in my ear, “Your skirt is tucked inside your nylons”. I was wearing thong underwear that night so you can just imagine how embarrassing it was.

  46. LisaSmith Says:

    The night before a first date, my friend convinced me to use her prescription acne cream for a tiny little pimple that was just starting and could have been covered with make up. When I woke up the next morning, my face was BURNT it was red blotchy just really horrible! I did my best to cover it, and i went on that date anyway! No storybook ending to the date, but huge lesson learned! Don’t ever use any prescription anything unless it is prescribed to you!

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