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10-14-13 | Posted by

BITB has brows on the mind. This week’s GORGEOUS GIVEAWAY will whip your eyebrows into shape with technique and style. We have three sets of the Tweezerman Isaac Mizrahi 2013 Limited Edition Designer Collection (a $45 value) to give to BITB’s fans.

Boasting brightly colored splatter paint and candy buttons prints, the collection reflects designer Mizrahi’s happy-go-lucky, playful side. And we are so glad—why not have a little fun with your beauty tools?

This beauty giveaway includes a full size Slant Tweezer, a Mini-Slant Tweezer, and a Filemate Nail File—all from Tweezerman. The Tweezerman Slant Tweezer is an award winner time and again for its precision tooling, which helps take some of the drudgery out of keeping your brows in shape.

Just ask Issacc. “Perfectly groomed brows instantly add a sense of polish and sophistication, and Tweezerman has always been a leader in achieving this flawless finish with impeccable precision and performance,” said the designer.

If you don’t have a Tweezerman tweezer in your beauty arsenal, now is the time to jump on the bandwagon. The company’s reputation is well deserved, and they offer free sharpening!


To Enter: Have you ever had an eyebrow disaster? Please tell, and what you did to fix the situation.

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*No purchase necessary. Open to US residents only. Contest begins 10/14 at 11 AM EDT
and ends 10/20 at 11 PM EDT.



    Yes. Overtweezed and had to let them grow back. Never again!

  2. mchoneycutt Says:

    I over “sculpted” the night before my wedding!!! NEVER a good idea–LOL

  3. Donnalyn47 Says:

    A friend wanted to shape my eyebrows and I let her. Big mistake! She tweezed them so thin that I had to use eyebrow pencil to fill them in and shape them until they grew in.

  4. lisamcf Says:

    overtweezed in college – had to be patient and fill in with brow pencil while waiting for them to grow back in

  5. nonstpcute Says:

    Omigosh yes! It was a long time ago, I was 14, and my friend’s sister plucked my brows pencil thin! My parents had a FIT! I don’t think they ever grew back the same!

  6. OhLaLaChrissy Says:

    When I was in 7th grade, I overplucked my left eyebrow. I didn’t wear makeup at the time and my mom didn’t have any eyebrow pencils, so I actually used a pen to fill it in! haha!! It looked absolutely ridiculous! I kept overtweezing and when I was 21, I tattooed my eyebrows. I HATED it. I regretted it the same day I got them done. It’s been over 10 years and you can see the red, faded lines from the tattoos. I actually grew back my brows with generic Minoxidil, but I still have to conceal the faded lines. I do NOT recommend tattooing your brows, EVER.

  7. tiffie555 Says:

    yes – tweezed unevenly. Had to go to a professional to fix — took 4 months and $$$. Won’t ever do that again!
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  8. martinam1952 Says:

    Overtweezed way too thin and had to use alot of pencil till they grew ot to normal!LOL!

  9. aprilkay Says:

    I went to a shop to get my eyebrows done and the gal shaped them way to thin almost non-existent and to top it all off I had a reaction to the wax crap they used. I had to use some gel/cream i had to calm it down.
    Then stupidly I decided to try and correct them when they grew back in and ended up doing the same thing.

  10. foontou Says:

    When I was a teenager I plucked my brows so wide apart that they STARTED in the middle of my eyes. My Mom took one look at me and taught me the art of the eyebrow pencil. I must admit that that memory still horrifies me 🙂

  11. orchidlover Says:

    I decided I could wax my own eyebrows to save a few bucks. BIG mistake!!! One of them was thinner than the other, so I rewaxed the thicker one. Of course they still weren’t even, so I plucked them to try to make them more even. By the time I was done I basically had a little thin strip for eyebrows. I used a brown eye shadow to try to make them look thinner.

  12. orchidlover Says:

    “thicker” sorry for the typo!

  13. carole312 Says:

    Way back in 7th grade, I got a candle. When I lit the candle, I couldn’t help myself from getting close to get a whiff of the beautiful smell. Then all of a sudden things start sizzling. I was afraid to look in the mirror but when I did, my left eyebrow AND eyelashes had singed off. It was the worst, and they took forever to grow back.

  14. kalei77 Says:

    Oh yes, I’ve always wanted to have light brown eyebrows color so I tried with Jolene bleaching cream. Guess what? I looked like a ghost. It looked like I had no eyebrows. I got so freaked out and couldn’t wait till my normal colors came back. Never again. lol.

  15. adendyut Says:

    Yes I ended up with one highly arched and one straight across

  16. boofa29 Says:

    Yes..I overtweezed for years when I was a teenager. Still to this day, I’m paying for it lol. I have the worse uneven, sparse eyebrows that you’ve ever seen. When I was younger, all I ever wanted were very thin beautiful brows. I didn’t realize that your own unique brow shape is beautiful w/just a little grooming.

  17. jessad Says:

    I’ve been plucking for years between the brows – I have one that is slightly “in” more than the other. I have dark brows so I think it’s quite obvious-wish I had gone to a salon for this 🙂

  18. mom4everandever Says:

    yes over shaped- what a mistake- had thick brows just need to make it 2 brows instead of a uni- they grew back in fast so let them grow

  19. porschepuppy Says:

    Overtweezed on one side. Just had to wait for them to grow back in.


    No. I have a professional do my brows

  21. ladyboarder9669 Says:

    Yes… ive over plucked and waxed them right off several times! oops!

  22. lizc Says:

    I went to a salon and let someone wax my eyebrows. She got skin! I was bleeding and then she was trying to make them even by waxing again and then tweezing. Even tweezing she got skin. I finally told her to stop and was sore for a week with scabs and uneven, thin brows. I went back to my usual place – no more experimenting and I do my in between clean ups myself!

  23. missluckybreaks Says:

    I used to draw my brows in, it looked so terrible!

  24. redfuzzycow Says:

    i overplucked my eyebrows into oblivion in high school because i wanted to look like someone else!

  25. miriama59 Says:

    Over tweezing…..it wasn’t pretty and I was saved by long bangs…

  26. alwaysblabbing Says:

    I have not personally had an eyebrow disaster because I learned from a friend’s sister. She tried to wax her eyebrows and pulled one of them almost completely off. She took more than half of it off. There was nothing she could do to fix it. I have never tried to wax my own eyebrows since then.

  27. BarracudaRon Says:

    would you believe me, never

  28. kristyjo1978 Says:

    When I was in skin school a girl was supposed to give me a high arch, she made them so thin and took too much off the middle and ends it looked horrible! It took months for them to look normal again.

  29. Kat Says:

    I bleached my eyebrows as blonde as my hair. I had to spend a lot of extra time each day filling them with an eyebrow pencil because I was so inexperienced, (Not too many options ‘back in the day’)

  30. tamaraben Says:

    Over plucked one eye brow right before a big presentation for work panicked thankfully my friend had an eye brow pencil she fixed it in no time. Lesson learned!

  31. rayray Says:

    I have made them to thin before. I use a brow brush to spread them a little a part and then use a brow pencil to fill them in to be thicker 🙂

  32. vsearle36 Says:

    The first time I tweeted my own eyebrows, I had no idea what I was doing an ended up tweezing a bald patch right in the middle of my eyebrow…no lie!! I was freaking out cuz I was in high school and for SURE would be picked on. So I waxed both eyebrows completely off and drew them on until they grew back (still got teased for that anyways). From then on and for many years, I never touched my tweezers and just went and got waxed every 2 weeks for YEARS until I was taught, yes I had to be TAUGHT, how to tweeze myself! Whew !

  33. pavanco Says:

    I have mistakenly over plucked and had one eye brow thinner and shorter than the other and whole bald spots in between from grabbing one too many hairs at one time

  34. eyewonit Says:

    I tried to trim some fine hairs around my brows wit a razor and lobbed off some of my brow line. If tried to fix the damage with a pencil but it was an embarrassing mess!

  35. windycindy Says:

    Yes, I don’t have that many eyebrows to begin with!
    Then, I used a growth product, which helped them to grow
    and they stuck out and were way out of my brow line…
    Thanks, Cindi

  36. banina9 Says:

    Oh goodness yes. Why oh why did I pluck my entire eyebrows off by tweezing in the dark last year? I looked completely different without my brows! I had left barely a line. Now that I have myself under control I’d love to own a gorgeous set of tweezers like this!

  37. weeziestoy Says:

    No…I often worry about it….I have seen some doozies…

  38. amylynnwells Says:

    over-tweezed a bit but luckily it wasn’t too bad and just had to learn self control

  39. prettyinink Says:

    I used to use an eyebrow shaver instead of plucking or waxing.
    As time went on my eyebrows became thinner and thinner until they were practically nothing!
    At one point I had to use an eyebrow pencil to fill in spots I accidentally shaved.
    Definitely the worst beauty disaster of my life!
    Finally a year into ruining my once full and nicely shaped eyebrows
    I tossed out the brow shavers and started plucking instead, hoping my
    eyebrows would grow back. It took a couple of years but because I now tweeze
    instead of shave them, I’m happy to say I have real eyebrows again.

  40. Earthlover Says:

    After I graduated high school I gained interest in doing my own eyebrow grooming so I bought some wax because my friend made it seem too easy to wax my own eyebrows. Well that was a huge mistake! I ended up waxing off a huge chunk of my right eyebrow and on my left one I had gone over it so many times that I peeled of some skin. So I looked like I got punched in one eye and the other eyebrow was half missing, so yea that summer I learned how to draw the eyebrow and color it in and I also learned what concealer was haha never again!

  41. collifornia Says:

    I’ve never had an eyebrow disaster thankfully!

  42. Annette Says:

    More than a year ago I had my eyebrows waxed. The technician removed too much off the end and to this day it’s never grown back.

  43. jacevedo Says:

    My eyebrow disaster is probably that I have SUUPPPEEERRR sparse eyebrows. My eyebrows don’t show up in pictures it is the worst! and I’m a brunette! So I decided to get them waxed because my best friend was going to. We both got them waxed and hers looked amazing but mine basically disappeared. it was soo bad! D; But luckily i went shopping and bought some things to fill my eyebrows in. Now I am always in search for new things to fill my eyebrows in. I hardly ever even leave my room without filling my eyebrows in. I feel basically naked without my eyebrows filled in!

  44. mic3 Says:

    My story is for my 16yr old daughter Brooklyn, she has her daddy’s Unibrow(poor girl) thank god she has light hair so it’s only noticeable to her. Problem is, every brow job is a disaster, over & under plucking. Every beauty shop has been a terrible experience, BAD pluck/wax jobs, her leaving crying. I believe the tweezerman would make a huge difference for her just for sheer confidence. She is beautiful with the biggest blue eyes ever, so the brow is just a problem for her, this seems to be a perfect fix for her.

  45. ziggy Says:

    Haven’t really had an eyebrow disaster, but one night when my sister and I were up (way too late) I used an eyeliner pencil to fill in her eyebrows. Well, the next morning when we woke I looked at her and could not stop laughing. (One of those laughing attacks where you are bent over and tears are pouring down your face). Needless to say my sister was asking what I was laughing at. All I could do was point at the mirror. Finally she turned around to see what appeared to be Groucho Marx looking back at her. At first glance she was not amused. A few minutes later she too was bent over laughing uncontrollably. It took a lot of cold cream and a lot of scrubbing to erase the eyebrow disaster that I caused my sister.

  46. mic3 Says:

    I desperately need the extra help, not only can I not help others, but I’m a Eyebrow Disaster just waiting. I swear, every single time I have plucked my own, I over due it and end up with just about none, thus use a pencil to help. I have waxed as well, did I learn after taking out one whole brow, NOPE, they say practice makes perfect, well not in my case. Not to mention the bee wax burnt me each time. It hurts so bad that I have given up and will let them grow like grandpa Munster. lol, but will give it another shot if I win, and I’m sure as determined as I’ve been that I will be a success.

  47. magentaruby1 Says:

    Only once when I used to tweeze my eyebrows. I overtweezed and there was a space in between. Lesson learned 🙂

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