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Photo Credit: Harmonia Botanica


07-29-13 | Posted by

(Sponsored) This week’s GORGEOUS GIVEAWAY will give your body a lift—naturally. We have three Harmonia Botanica Body Beautiful Sets (ARV $158) to give to our lucky winners. Included in this beauty giveaway are four naturally formulated products from the newly launched Harmonia Botanica line: two body oils, a serum, and one beauty elixir for the face.

Many beauty brands claim to offer “natural” products without the facts to back it up. Not so with Harmonia Botanica—at least 95% of the collection’s ingredients are of natural origins, and most products are 100% natural. Plus they are formulated without synthetic additives like parabens, silicones mineral oil, or synthetic fragrances or colors.

Now, for the details of this prize, which includes:

Slimming Body Oil: An anti-cellulite body oil that is 100% natural and includes pure plant extracts—geranium, orange, rosemary, juniper berry, and frankincense—to help eliminate toxins and prevent sponginess.

Camellia Firming and Sculpting Body Oil: 100% pure plant extracts and camellia seed oil penetrate deeply to restore and rejuvenate the skin. Cherished for centuries for its firming abilities, camellia seed oil is known as the “Beauty Secret of the Geishas.”

Chest and Throat Firming Serum: Formulated with 100% natural ingredients, including apricot, sweet almond, and rose absolute oils, this lightweight serum nourishes, firms, and protects the décolleté area.

ESSENTIAL BEAUTY ELIXIR Mandarin: A combination of essential oils work to unclog, clean, and tighten pores, while it regulates sebum production. Mandarin, sweet orange, orange bitter, and ylang ylang oils soothe, uplift the senses, and impart a feeling of happiness and well being.

Together the products in the Harmonia Botanica set will revive your skin and uplift your spirits. Enter today for a chance to check out this naturally formulated line. Learn more about the collection by visiting harmoniabotanica.com or it’s Facebook page.


To Enter: Tell us about your favorite essential oil and why you love it.

COMMENT post your response in the comment
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*to be eligible to win!

*No purchase necessary. Open to US residents only. Contest begins 7/29 at 11 AM EDT
and ends 8/4 at 11 PM EDT.



    Love lavender for relaxing

  2. DianeBa53 Says:

    I love the Camellia Firming and Sculpting Body oil, because it makes my skin come “alive”

  3. JessicaMary Says:

    I love lavender essential oil because I find it calms my stress and can sometimes help alleviate my chronic migraines.

  4. labskita523 Says:

    My favorite is lavender oil. It calms and eases my mind. Whenever I feel stressed out, the smell of lavender oil takes away the anxiety and puts me right to sleep. =) A lot of great oils but this one is my fave.

  5. heathersweet Says:

    Lavender because it has so many uses

  6. twilson19 Says:

    I love vitamin E oil. You can use it on your skin, you can use it on your cuticles, you can use it on those rough spots on your face that need a little extra moisture or healing. Vitamin E oil is absolutely amazing for anything relating to your exterior body.

  7. tiffanyfrye Says:

    I love Vitamin E oil because, I can use it all over and for just about anything! Helps with healing of my skin and makes my lips super soft!

  8. magentaruby1 Says:

    I like lavender as it has many uses, as a calming oil and also to help one sleep.

  9. vickeigh Says:

    Birch Wood because it is wonderful for achy joints. (tough choice btw since I work in a natural skincare apothecary and work with EO’s daily)

  10. pixiestixpet Says:

    I have several favorite essential oils. Like so many others, lavender is incredibly soothing and calming. But I actually prefer eucalyptus oil because it both refreshes AND soothes me at the same time. Another essential oil that is incredibly calming and relaxing for me is sandalwood.

  11. Eiffelgirl Says:

    My favorite essential oil is Vitamin E oil. I love it because it has so many practical uses. Vitamin E oil is great for dry or rough patches anywhere on your body. I have used it to soothe burns from ironing or cooking-as well as sunburns. It aids in the healing of old or new scars, whether they are a result of surgery or acne. Vitamin E is a great essential oil to have on hand.

  12. kayenewman40 Says:

    I love camellia oil!

  13. Kimmie02 Says:

    My favorite essential oil is Lemon! From the smell to how packed full of antioxidants…its just a wonderful oil! It is so uplifting and revitalizing as well!

  14. wizardewu Says:

    Lemongrass for its insect-repelling property

  15. newsamj Says:

    I love neroli essential oil. It calms my mind when I’m stressed and anxious. It lifts my spirit when I’m feeling down. The aroma is so fantastic and inviting!

  16. busywinner Says:

    My favorite essential oil is Tea Tree Oil.
    I love it for its’ anti-bacterial properties,
    plus it smells great!

  17. Minimeeh Says:

    I would love the body oils because it works best for my skin, and i haven’t tried an anti cellulite product before. I hate lotions because it makes me feel sticky. but body oils are EXPENSIVE and i go thru them so fast!

  18. anissa23 Says:

    I haven’t really experimented with oils. Would love to!

  19. mom4everandever Says:

    love peppermint oil- relaxing and soothing to me- I run so its very soothing

  20. missluckybreaks Says:

    I love spearmint & eucalyptus b/c it wakens me up and is so refreshing!

  21. auntiebb Says:

    I love sweet almond oil, it really hydrates my face well.

  22. lisamcf Says:

    lavender – very soothing and relaxing

  23. lisamys1 Says:

    My favorite is lavender…it helps me destress after a long day!

  24. jwlbug28 Says:

    Vitamin E oil….great for wrinkles and burns and scars. Its amazing!

  25. skkl3r Says:

    I absolutely love Vanilla. IT is the most relaxing and calming oils out there. I use a little before bed, and it just puts me to sleep. Besides, it makes my room smell wonderful!


    Lavender is my fav

  27. miriama59 Says:

    Peppermint oil for headaches and stress.

  28. redfuzzycow Says:

    i love rose oil, smells so fresh

  29. mommydi1 Says:

    Tea tree oil for it’s healing properties – Great antiseptic!

  30. diane1hw Says:

    I have a lavender pillow which now helps me to sleep

  31. windycindy Says:

    Rosemary Oil has been a favorite of mine for quite awhile.
    I enjoy growing the plants and making topiaries out of some
    of them and using the oil from the others…
    Thanks, Cindi


    Sweet lemon is lovely

  33. EllenM Says:

    eucalyptus…its great for my allergies

  34. martina Says:

    Argan Oil, your skin is just amazing after you use it!!

  35. lorirc Says:

    I have never used any, Would love to try!

  36. barbieQ Says:

    Bugs seem to love me so Lemongrass for its insect-repelling ability.

  37. ladyboarder9669 Says:

    Argan oil! I use it in my hair almost everyday!

  38. MandaC11986 Says:

    Lavender and vanilla; calming yet perfect for a massage or a relaxing start to a good nights sleep.

  39. aprkr619 Says:

    I love grapefruit essential oils. Not only is the scent refreshing, but research shows the smell suppresses your appetite, too!

  40. lovelions Says:

    Peppermint is wonderful for headaches!!

  41. Leslie Says:

    I love this tea tree Rosemary oil I use for a healthy scalp!!

  42. Sandy H Says:

    Love the firming oil for the PURE ingredients. and fabulous results!

  43. 60126 Says:

    I love Spearmint because it has a very relaxing quality, though I also love rose and lilac oil because they smell amazing and just make me feel so relaxed and ready for the day. Please consider me for your contest because I have kids at home and I could really use some relaxation. Thank you!

  44. mefink Says:

    I have used only argon oils but really want to try the Chest and Throat Firming Serum.

  45. rajee Says:

    love lavender essential oil for stress free and calming effect

  46. sarasil Says:

    I like sesame or coconut

  47. lexisasuperhero Says:

    Lavender because I have sleeping issues and lavender helps me doze off!

  48. BarracudaRon Says:

    Wouldn’t know an oil if it smacked me in the face!


    Lavender spray is so relaxing

  50. Lisa407 Says:

    I love ylang ylang oil! Smells wonderful & it helps keep my skin oil free!

  51. weeziestoy Says:

    Gardenia is my all time favorite….the smell just relax me and relieve my stress…

  52. buddysmom100 Says:

    My favorite would have to be lavender because of it’s soothing scent, very relaxing.

  53. rudy46n2 Says:

    I have used Lavender for myself and my children to calm.

  54. Urdchan Says:

    Oh, I love so many, but I have to say that lavender is my favorite.

  55. kuristi Says:

    I love the slimming body oil! ‘m small but gained weight too fast and have tons of cellulite and stretch marks all over my thighs, stomach and butt 🙁 would love to try…


    Lemon is uplifting

  57. stacey1970 Says:

    I love the lavender because it calms me and is so soothing.

  58. carole312 Says:

    My fave is eucalyptis, I just love it!

  59. Laurelflower Says:

    Love lavender!

  60. Vernae Says:

    Apricot oil gives a lit-from-within radiance.

  61. Stormygale21 Says:

    Gale Hubbard
    I am looking for a new product!!!!!

  62. porschepuppy Says:

    There are so many essential oils that I like. Lavender would be my favorite.

  63. tlynn56 Says:

    I really like the slimming body oil

  64. martinam1952 Says:

    Lavender,its very calming!!!TY!

  65. tealady3 Says:

    Basically I use lotions my one try with an oil(grape seed)was not a pretty site,it was like skating in my bathroom.Would love to try these.

  66. savefor4 Says:

    Never used body oils before but always either Bath & Body Works or Philosophy Lotions, spray mists & eu de parfum.
    It would be great to give it a try to see if I would be able to tolerate it on my mature skin.


    Sweet orange is so uplifting

  68. CKay Says:

    I also want to jump on the Lavender bandwagon. The smell isn’t overly perfumey but smells so nice and clean. My Mom always liked to use it to treat minor wounds as well.

  69. bekahh_10 Says:

    Lavender because it is so calming and relaxing! It has a very soothing scent.

  70. lindasmaggie Says:

    I love argon oil, it has so many uses.I can’t think of an oil I don’t like.

  71. nonstpcute Says:

    Neroli essential oil iI feel one of my favorites…..I love the scent and I feel relaxed and happy whenever I use it 🙂

  72. GarnCap61 Says:

    I don’t currently use essential oils. I would love to though!

  73. jessi Says:

    I like lavender and tea tree, lavender is very calming and has multiple uses! 🙂

  74. Carlie Says:

    love lemon oil, it helps with migraines!


    Orange is so uplifting

  76. ewalsh Says:

    Patchouli,love the smell.

  77. taylor.bloom@duke.edu Says:

    Love the Omega 3, 5, 7 oils (have only seen them in NUDE skincare) that work as nighttime treatment, or I also use a little bit underneath my makeup for some glow- #fancy

  78. lambofgoth Says:

    I love Sandalwood. Dark, mysterious, sexy and yet calming. It may be the perfect essential oil… at least for me!

  79. Cynthia Says:

    I would love to try Camelia Firming and Sculpting Body oil. I have lost a lot of weight and I would really like to try this to see if it firms up my loose skin. I also love lavender oil. It calms me.

  80. afrase Says:

    Peppermint, it’s great for when my sinuses are bothering me from allergies, and it also helps with headaches and migraines.

  81. yenci Says:

    my pregnant body will love this!

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