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02-16-15 | Posted by


Orlane B21 Extraordinaire is a revolutionary anti-ager. It is a product amplifier that resets the clock for your cells.  It can be applied under any serum or moisturizer and boosts their efficiency, or by itself.  Over time, B21 Extraordinaire works to visibly fade fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots, and makes skin firmer and more radiant!  This game changing product that will reset your skin back to 10 years ago. Whatever your age, this treatment will provide you with fresh, youthful looking skin. Get ready for glowing, firmer, lineless, smooth skin!


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TO ENTER: Why do French women look so glam? What do you think are their beauty secrets?

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  1. LadyintheManor Says:

    French women look so glamorous because they take great care of their skin, everyday.

  2. jmiranda181 Says:

    I think their secret is balance! They understand that you must enjoy life to feel good and look beautiful.

  3. wizardewu Says:

    French women look so glam because they eat healthy food and drink wine. They also protect their skin from the sun.

  4. Minimeeh Says:

    great products and a good diet

  5. pdxmom Says:

    French women look so glam because they know how to take care of their skin & have access to some of the best beauty products out there.

  6. Sass Says:

    When I think of French Glamour and Beauty… I think of classic looks embodied with a very rich and cultivating lifestyle for fashion and beauty products. They appeal to me as carefree…and just living life to the fullest. They have the #glamfactor

  7. mjcranford Says:

    I think they don’t try so hard. Simple, natural beauty works best.

  8. jwkuan Says:

    Because they have great resources.

  9. martinam1952 Says:

    confidence!!and wine!!

  10. gingerpye Says:

    They are very secure with themselves!

  11. snowwite72 Says:

    I really believe they are more look conscious then us, Beauty is a bigger routine to them than us in the US

  12. jacqgrif Says:

    French women are born with Chanel running through their veins so it comes easy to them. Being born in a culture that puts an amazing priority to looking their best is alway a plus. The French shop everyday, eating only the freshest foods which helps for glowing radiant skin and they don’t drink soda. All in all, it’s not just getting dressed up for a date night, glam and fashion is a way of life.

  13. Kat Says:

    French women keep their style simple but edgy and sexy. Having confident attitudes help too.

  14. weeziestoy Says:

    It’s a secret and they want tell me…

  15. jenannhayden Says:

    I think French women have a confidence and because of that they aren’t always stressed and starving themselves.

  16. pattycakes_65 Says:

    Because they rely on their natural beauty

  17. ewhatley Says:

    They are typically self confident, poised and at ease with themselves. Doesn’t take much more to make a beautiful woman.

  18. Annette Says:

    Healthy eating and good skincare.

  19. CKay Says:

    I think it is their attitude and confidence.

  20. olivetulips Says:

    I believe French women to be so utterly gorgeous and confident because they are raised in a culture to prioritize confidence, beauty and inner strength. They also seem to realize that “less is more” and never appear to be wearing too much makeup or statement pieces. I’ll admit it, Id be much prettier if I was from France.

  21. momma Says:

    Good genes?

  22. fzuuji Says:

    Routine has got to have a big part in it. Also accessibility to amazing luxury miracle brands. Because, France.

  23. babywendy Says:

    because they are confident in themselves.

  24. meghan013081 Says:

    I think the French look good because they take care of themselves. Not to mention they live in a very romantic place.

  25. tamaraben Says:

    French women look so glam because of what they eat, they use high quality beauty products and love makes them look beautiful too

  26. stacyknows Says:

    They walk everywhere

  27. germgina Says:

    French women look great because they know simplicity is best. They go for quality, not quantity when it comes to food, skincare, clothing, etc!

  28. collifornia Says:


  29. Susanna Says:

    I think that French diet may play a big roll.

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