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03-30-15 | Posted by

Serious Skincare is a customer favorite on HSN for two decades. The range was created by supermodel Jennifer Flavin-Stallone (Sylvester’s wife) to address aging skin, fine lines, and wrinkles, sagging skin or oily, combination skin, and acne.

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This Gorgeous Giveaway includes these amazing products:

Facial Toning System – Microcurrent technology stimulates the muscles in your face and neck to help lift, tone, and firm. Serious Skincare’s unique Microcurrent Egg allows you to do both sides of your face at the same time, and can be used for the face, forehead, cheeks and neck too. You will feel a slight tingling sensation when you use it since it is working to contract your muscles, and the treatment is customizable so you can start at the lowest level and work your way up.  ($149.95)

Serious-C Serious Beyond Serum Intensive – These ultra-concentrated serums work day and night to help your complexion look radiant while fighting the look of lines and wrinkles. Use them together for two months for skin that looks gorgeous beyond your wildest dreams. These light serums also contain alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) and are intended to be used together for a consecutive 60-day work cycle ($99.00)

Serious Skincare Luster Face & Neck Polish – Give your complexion a new glow with this micro-exfoliater helps polish away complexion-dulling skin cells for a smooth, refined finish on your face and neck. ($29.50)



Do you hate your neck? What would you like to improve about the way your neck looks and why?

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  1. di Says:

    I don’t hate my neck, but will like to do preemptive work/treatment so skin stays tight and have a minimun of double chin and/or skin tags.

  2. SuzyQ Says:

    I hate my neck because of my double chin and acne 😳

  3. babywendy Says:

    i don’t like that my neck is loosing its tightness and would love to use a product that could make it tighter looking.

  4. lisamcf Says:

    i would love my neck to be a little bit firmer

  5. jwlbug28 Says:

    I don’t like the wrinkle lines around my neck and my double chin. I also get occasional acne on my neck area near the wrinkles

  6. jamesmccleese Says:

    I don’t hate my neck, I just wish it was more even

  7. wizardewu Says:

    I would like to get rid of the horizontal lines on my neck.

  8. magentaruby1 Says:

    I love my neck, but I would like to be proactive with a product that would firm the neck area and make it a tighter.

  9. mjcranford Says:

    I want my neck to be firm.

  10. Minimeeh Says:

    I do have noticeable lines on my neck, I tend to look down a lot. But it’s not so bad yet, so i guess i should start tightening so it doesn’t end up being so saggy in the near future.

  11. boofa29 Says:

    Ever since I was young, I’ve had these deep lines that are very much indented into my neck. It’s always been something that has bothered me. Now that I’m older, I deal with the lines and lose of firmness.

  12. IzzyFrost Says:

    My neck is one of my biggest issues as far as appearances go!! My neck seems to be drooping – it’s not firm looking and lifted! I’ve used a moisturizer for the last year in hopes that it helps; however, I’ve seen very little, if any, improvement.

  13. DianeBa53 Says:

    I wish I could wear turtle- neck shirts everyday -lol The skin on my neck, tells my true age and than some.

  14. jmiranda181 Says:

    Thankfully my neck looks good for the time being! I wear sunblock every single day to keep it that way.

  15. miriama59 Says:

    My neck could be a bit firmer.

  16. gingerpye Says:

    This is a problem area that is very difficult to fix.

  17. cathlabkristi Says:

    I don’t hate my neck “yet” but we do often forget about it until it’s to late. I am just begging my skincare anti-aging journey and would love to have this. Stay beautiful ladies 😃💄💅💋

  18. snowwite72 Says:

    I like my neck, just not too crazy about the way it’s starting to look as I get older

  19. tnrena1 Says:

    I like my neck but want to keep it this way for as long as possible!!

  20. kdlrpv6 Says:

    No I don’t really like my neck since turning 40, I’m developing rings and hate my double chin, oh I would like it to be a little firmer too.

  21. ewhatley Says:

    My neck needs serious help – wrinkled and sagging.

  22. becca Says:

    losing elasticity as I age + double chin needs help!

  23. eyewonit Says:

    The older I get the sadder I get that my neck is starting to droop and get wrinkly. My son even mentioned recently that I am getting old.

  24. pookiekitty62 Says:

    Now that I’m older my neck isn’t as firm as it us to be,it needs help!

  25. fairydancer Says:

    I do sometimes that my neck is starting to look saggy.

  26. Pwilliams Says:

    I love my neck, I think it looks great.

  27. Annette Says:

    My neck isn’t a problem (yet!), but I want to prevent it from becoming a problem. I would love to use this along my jawline and my chin.

  28. carolynishis Says:

    I am starting to notice lines on my neck and i don’t like it at all!I would like it to look smoother!

  29. Antonina Gladkova Says:

    would love to see my neck more firm!

  30. krisper1 Says:

    My neck could use a little help with lift. Being in my mid 30s I am noticing my skin elasticity getting less and less! 👎 this looks great and could help:)

  31. andreama13 Says:

    My neck is wrinkly and very thin

  32. Tee Anderson Says:

    I love my neck but it could always use improvement like be a little more firmer.

  33. jwkuan Says:

    I like to get rid of my double chin.

  34. momma Says:

    Not to have stretchy red skin

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