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07-08-13 | Posted by

DDF-GiveawayNow that we are deep into summer, you are probably in need of refreshing your sun protection. This week’s giveaway is an unbelievable chance to stock up on four über protective skincare products from DDF® (Doctors Dermatologic Formulation) skincare. We have three DDF Sun Protection Kits (ARV $194!!!!) to give away to our lucky winners.

The kits include three daily protective moisturizers and a nighttime treatment to help reverse unwanted pigmentation from the sun.

This beauty giveaway features:

DDF Ultra-Lite Oil-Free Moisturizing Dew SPF 15: An oil-, fragrance-, and dye-free moisturizer than contains broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection, which the FDA now requires of all sunscreens. Perfect for all skin types, the formulation includes aloe vera and vitamins A, C, And E.

DDF Daily Protective Moisturizer SPF 15: An enriched moisturizer that gives you a daily does of antioxidants to fight free-radical damage and broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

DDF Mattifying Oil Control Moisturizer SP F15: For those with a little too much natural glimmer, this moisturizer minimizes shine and helps control oil on contact with its clarifying Neutralizing Complex.

DDF Discoloration Reversal Moisturizer: A new launch from DDF, this overnight brightening moisturizer helps fight the appearance of hyperpigmentation and dark spots caused by the harmful rays of the sun with the goal of achieving radiant, glowing skin.

Summer is the time for fun in the sun, but keep your skin protected with these easy to use and effective products. And remember, summer isn’t the only time to wear sunscreen; it’s a year-round must!.


To Enter: Tell us why you think sun protection is important.

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*No purchase necessary. Open to US residents only. Contest begins 7/8 at 11 AM EDT
and ends 7/14 at 11 PM EDT.


  1. mom4everandever Says:

    have had family who have had skin cancer- yes more for health to me and skin and sun care keeps you yonger looking rather than a dried prune

  2. mom4everandever Says:

    have had family who have had skin cancer- yes more for health to me and skin and sun care keeps you yonger looking rather than a dried prune

  3. windycindy Says:

    Hi, I believe that the Ozone Layer problem has caused
    the sun to be even more dangerous to our skin! From an early age,
    children need to be protected with sun care and into old age…
    Since, skin cancer can be prevented, we should take advantage of
    what is offered to us.
    Thanks, Cindi


    Prevents skin cancer

  5. Thalia Arely Ramirez Says:

    Sun Protection is important because it can prevent you from Skin Cancer. Also it prevents early aging. Also who wants to get sunburned? i don’t think anybody does. Those are some reasons why sun protection is important.

  6. gooooleslie Says:

    The over exposure of the sun can lead to skin cancer, premature aging, sun spots, dryness leading to wrinkles. Always protect your skin!! You wont regret it!!

  7. lorirc Says:

    To help prevent skin cancer and protect skin from sun damage.

  8. OhLaLaChrissy Says:

    Sun protection is so important because our skin is the largest organ of our body! We need to protect it from damaging rays in order to prevent skin cancer.

  9. heathersweet Says:

    To prevent Skin Cancer and early aging

  10. sgeoffre Says:

    It is anti-aging and beneficial to the skin. Helps prevent cancer. It also helps in reducing the creation of new wrinkles and sun spots. Who doesn’t like younger looking skin when we can get that using the basic sun protection.

  11. jwlbug28 Says:

    Its important to prevent cancer, wrinkles, sun/spots and it keeps you looking young.

  12. erilee69 Says:

    To protect from wrinkles and skin cancer.

  13. lkhuu Says:

    Helps prevent cancer, early aging, wrinkles, sun spots! Also, I wouldn’t like to get sunburned!

  14. fangirl Says:

    My grandfather had skin cancer. He never wore sunscreen. I’d like to avoid that problem.

  15. Jamie1456 Says:

    To protect my skin and to make my skin look moisturized!!

  16. kayenewman40 Says:

    To prevent skin cancer!

  17. dawnp Says:

    When I was younger I could use suntan lotion of SPF 4 and now I use SPF 30 and always wear a hat and sunglasses. The sun and the environment are much different now. We have to worry about skin cancer and early aging.

  18. wizardewu Says:

    It’s important to protect your skin from the sun to prevent skin cancer and also keep your skin looking more youthful. The sun can cause age spots, dry out your skin and cause more wrinkles.

  19. teachjmh Says:

    I’m super fair skinned and have photosensitivity from Lupus so I use products with sun protection not only to avoid skin cancer and prevent early aging (ew!), but also to keep my immune system from having a Lupus flare.

  20. smthkat789 Says:

    Living in the sunny state of Arizona, sun protection is a must.
    The most important for protection is skin cancer, life is more important than anything else. The DDF products will be put to good use for us.

  21. lisamcf Says:

    to prevent early aging and skin cancer – basically to help you stay young looking and healthy

  22. stephbinks Says:

    Most importantly to keep skin cancer free, but also to keep my skin looking young and fresh!

  23. mishamuse Says:

    Sun block is important to help prevent skin cancer (and also looking like show leather as you get older).

  24. mishamuse Says:

    Sun block is important to help prevent skin cancer (and also from looking like shoe leather as you get older).


    Sun protection

  26. twilson19 Says:

    Sun protection is important because it promotes healthier, even, and younger skin. Sun protection will help avoid cancer in your future and make you look younger and healthier. I use SPF everyday. Thanks for the chance!

  27. Heather Hobbs Says:

    Sun protection is important because you can get skin cancer, sun spots, wrinkles, etc from too much sun exposure

  28. amylynnwells Says:

    sun protection so you don’t get wrinkles, sun spots, cancer and stay looking youthful.

  29. labskita523 Says:

    Sun Block is important to prevent skin cancer and aging. Also, it prevents you from getting sun spots and wrinkles. Some look so old at their age because they keep on going under the sun.

  30. anissa23 Says:

    skin cancer

  31. missluckybreaks Says:

    Prevents us from getting skin cancer and helps preserve the skin we still have!

  32. redfuzzycow Says:

    it’s important because sunscreen is the #1 anti-ager!! my mom had skin cancer, so it’s important to me to stay safe.

  33. helobuff Says:

    My sister got sun poisoning and now cant be out in the sun so it’s important to me to use SPF plus it ages you!


    Prevents aging

  35. Laurelflower Says:

    I don’t want any more wrinkles!!

  36. Lollipaup Says:

    I don’t want skin cancer or wrinkles! I apply it everywhere, especially my face and tops of my hands!

  37. carole312 Says:

    Because you can get skin cancer from the sun’s rays. Especially if you have red hair and very light skin.

  38. walkfordogs Says:

    To help prevent future skin cancer spots on my body that have been removed.

  39. LT11 Says:

    My dermatologist’s words say it all, “Keep it up, it’s good for my business!”

  40. jessi0831 Says:

    It helps prevent aging, sunspots and I believe it’s so important for kids!

  41. amydwill1982 Says:

    Your skin protects everything in your body so it needs to be protected!

  42. ephlet Says:

    Sun protection is so important for preventing wrinkles, sun spots and, most importantly, skin cancer!

  43. BarracudaRon Says:

    Skin Cancer & Dark Spots Prevention

  44. skydive12k Says:

    Sun protection is an important part of combating wrinkles, freckles, age spots, dilated blood vessels, changes in the texture of the skin that make skin look older, and skin cancers due to overexposure.

  45. CKay Says:

    I wish I had known when I was a teenager about the dangers of baking in the sun. I just didn’t realize that even if I stay out of the sun in my middle years, the damage has already been done. It looks great when you’re young, but later in life the effect can be skin cancers, dark spots, wrinkles, dry itchy skin and other skin issues.

  46. wellen1 Says:

    boy do I need this

  47. collifornia Says:

    To prevent skin cancer and premature aging.

  48. porschepuppy Says:

    Sun protection prevents dark spot, skin damage and skin cancer.

  49. 66rogers Says:

    With a new form of cancer and so many other skin problems cropping up every day it only makes sense to be proactive not reactive when it comes to protection against the elements. Sun protection also helps to ward off signs of premature aging such as, wrinkles, uneven skin tone (age spots), dehydrated skin lacking firmness. These things are even more notable in the over 40 crowd since our skin trends to be much thinner so there is an even higher risk of permanent damage from the sun. So it is very important to use a Sun screen every day even in winter and on cloudy days, this is something you should start from day one and teach your children to learn from our costly mistakes.


    Sun causes wrinkles and damage

  51. weeziestoy Says:

    To avoid burns and skin cancer….

  52. lexisasuperhero Says:

    Burns cause both skin cancer as well as the drying out of skin. Both will severely damage your lovely face!

  53. tiramisu Says:

    Sun protection is important because it prevents premature aging of the skin and more importantly, it prevents skin cancer.

  54. savefor4 Says:

    Very Very important as I make my kids wear sunscreen. In my day, no one wore sunscreen and I am reeping the horrible side affects today. My skin has aged so fast. Wished I knew then what I know now. Hmm, I believe many have heard that statement before!!


    Early aging is a reason to wear sunscreen

  56. meenatangy Says:

    To avoid looking like a leather bag past 40. To keep complexion smooth and prevent sun damage and sun spots.

  57. wellen1 Says:

    we all need this to prevent the dangers of the sun

  58. clgrata Says:

    simple, it ages you

  59. tiffanysusanne Says:

    For all the reasons we need it..Cancer,wrinkles and just having great skin.

  60. mila Says:

    to prevent cancer, wrinkles, sun/spots and it keeps you looking young

  61. ladyboarder9669 Says:

    i got sun spots in my 20s so i know its important!!

  62. KatM21 Says:

    I think sun protection is important because there is only 1 of YOU & you matter! Taking care of your skin health by using proper sun protection will keep you looking younger longer. Different types of skin cancers can be avoided/limited with daily sunscreen. A few seconds a day can help keep wrinkles and sun spots away!


    My dear friend died from skin cancer so this is needed.

  64. JK8675309 Says:

    It is very important to keep your skin healthy, Protect it to prevent skin problems, premature aging, the sun is so very dangerous i always use sunscreen.


    Wrinkles and sagging skin are caused by sun damage

  66. cutie Says:

    I think it’s very important to start wearing sunscreen at a very young age. To prevent many types of problems in the near future such premature aging,cancer, dark spots & the pain of loosing someone who has cancer. When we knew how to prevented cancer the first time by using sunscreen.

  67. fce431 Says:

    skin protection is important to prevent from getting skin cancer. It also causes wrinkles, spots, aging skin so it’s very important to wear sunscreen.

  68. Byrdy1999 Says:

    I myself have already had precancerous skin removed. You never really think about it until it is too late. The sun causes premature agiging, saga and skin discoloration amoung many other things. I have been out of the sun for over 18 years, but the damage has been done. I want to fade my sun spots and make my wrinkles less noticible. Skin cancer is only going to get worse.

  69. Maria Shiavi-Johnson Says:

    Skin cancer prevention is a must, irregardless of age.Wrinkles are also enhanced, aren’t we trying to avoid those?!

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