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07-30-12 | Posted by

The dog days of summer are upon us and there is no better time to hit the beach than now! Of course, before you can lounge out in the sun with your new plush beach towel, sunscreen is a must.

Fortunately you’re in luck with this week’s GORGEOUS GIVEAWAY. Every day this week, we are giving 1 lucky winner 1 dazzling ocean blue towel plus 1 bottle of BeyondClear™ Protect, a light and non-greasy sunscreen with UVA and UVB broad-spectrum SPF 29 protection. That’s a total of 7 winners for this beauty giveaway, a $72 value!

BeyondClear’s new, non-comedogenic sunscreen formula won’t clog your pores if your skin is prone to acne. What’s even better, it reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while protecting against free radicals because Protect is rich in antioxidants and nutrients. A multi-purpose sunscreen, Protect hydrates and improves the skin’s moisture barrier so your skin can maintain its natural hydration.


To Enter: Tell us about the best thing that has happened to you this summer so far. Did you go on a much needed vacation? Perfected that summertime mojito? Let us know!

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*No purchase necessary. Open to US residents only. Contest begins 7/30 at 11 AM EST
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  1. mellanhead Says:

    I won a grill :)(like them on facebook jeannine drenchek-scavo)

  2. mchoneycutt Says:

    I had a WONDERFUL family vacation in Charleston 🙂

  3. jenefer3 Says:

    The best thing that’s happened to me this summer? My daughter came home after 4 months across the country. I’ve missed getting to hang out with her.

  4. JanC1 Says:

    The best thing that has happened to me this summer is winning $100. on a $1. lottery scratch off 🙂

  5. dropastitch Says:

    Thirty days touring the Baltic countries. It was a fabulous trip. Gorgeous countries!!!

  6. libby701 Says:

    I finally got a job after being laid off for two years. Woo Hoo!

  7. melg2nyc Says:

    Diving w dolphins in Roatan, Honduras w the new love in my life!!

  8. caroln Says:

    it will be this coming weekend..going on an intown vacation..Just me and my hubby! It’s his birthday Saturday!

  9. Sami Thomson Says:

    The greatest thing that has happened to me this summer is that my sister and niece have moved in with us! I am not used to having a 3 year old around again but it’s fantastic and I’m so excited to get to know my niece 🙂

  10. MizCindyHead Says:

    not the best thing but I had 3 IV infusions for my RA pain this past week and Wed a colonoscopy, last week a full body Xray and ultra sound of my female inners. I have RA… Old age sucks… lol but thank God I’m alive

  11. shaundra916 Says:

    Got to relax and sleep in for once….YAY!!!!!

  12. cheyc Says:

    The best thing thats happened to me this summer is passing my ITEC level 2 beauty therapist diploma, Im so proud of myself! Left high school over 10 years ago with barely any gcse’s so its a big achievment for me. 🙂

  13. pixiestixpet Says:

    My very dear friends, Matt and Ian, got married this past weekend and it was the best time ever! They are the most loving couple I know and I couldn’t be happier for them!

  14. Pwilliams Says:

    The birth of my daughter

  15. kvieweg07 Says:

    We got tickets to go see Bruce Springsteen! =)

  16. smeltzeramy Says:

    The best thing that happened to me so far this summer is I started a new job (and work with some really nice friends).

  17. vmahaney Says:

    That summer is going to be over soon don’t take me wrong I love summer just ready for school to start that would be the best thing that happened this summer!

  18. mommytokids Says:

    I’m happy and excited that we got our pool up and running so my 5 kids and swim and play in it to burn off some of their energy

  19. tarac2232 Says:

    I had a baby girl 🙂 she is three weeks old today

  20. Byrdy1999 Says:

    my best has been that despite having a tricky pregnancy..my baby boy is healthy…

  21. laralynn Says:

    I would love to win this as I have combination 40ish skin and am still on the prowl for a sun protection that won’t make me break out!

  22. laralynn Says:

    The best thing that has happened to me this summer is that 2 of my best girlfriends had beautiful baby girls. In this awful heat!

  23. barbieQ Says:

    ♥ Finding out my Son..almost age 35, his wife is expecting his firstborn in February! I’m so excited! ♥

  24. snevels Says:

    Lost weight this summer by doing what I love, swimming. So far Ive lost 15 pounds and hope to loose much more!

  25. neelam21 Says:

    The best thing that happened to me in this summer is that hubby took me for a long beach vacation. We really enjoyed our time there.

  26. wizardewu Says:

    I’ve taken a couple of short trips this summer.

  27. GRACEMEEH Says:

    spent a week in a cabin up in blue ridge, georgia. my whole family went and that was our first time renting out a huge cabin. got to experience the realness of being in true nature, went fishing, hiking, boating, and other outdoor activities with the babies and neices.

  28. LisaSmith Says:

    Best thing so far this summer was I watched a video of my 3yo gtranddaughter swimming under water without floaties and seeing the pride on her face!

  29. napoleon1 Says:

    so far, it hasn’t really been a summer to remember. i got a new job so i guess that’s good!

  30. tamaraben Says:

    Drove down to Orlando for the 4th of July with my children for a big family reunion. SO many family members I haven’t seen in decades it was truly the best thing for me seeing my children playing with their cousins they have never met. Truly blessed!

  31. pbkup Says:

    I raced my 2nd 5k race and 6 mins faster & beat women 20 yrs younger Im 44

  32. herblady Says:

    The best thing was that all of my lab tests came back normal.

  33. sschaeff1 Says:

    My Husband just returned home after being away for 6mo on the job..OH happy day!

  34. monjanbren Says:

    My handy man husband, bought, assembled, and connected a water slide to our pool for the kids. No leaks, no problems, no emergency runs to the store, lol. It REALLY works great and the kids love it!!!

  35. Mrs.Endres13 Says:

    My husband came home after 366 days in Afghanistan. Couldn’t have asked for anything better!

  36. kimbowr Says:

    Met my mother in Brooklyn to visit my son and dtr-in-law. Had a blast!

  37. porschepuppy Says:

    enjoying my new BBQ grill!


    Took much needed vacation at the beach.

  39. nutmeg237 Says:

    best thing that happened to me this summer is my daughter graduating high school and getting ready for her first time away at college next month 🙂 !

  40. ladyboarder9669 Says:

    I am taking a trip to Miami for the first time next month! It will be the highlight of my summer! Liked the fb page- cindy batchelor 🙂


  41. suecruz Says:

    spent the summer with my family having a staycation

  42. ninna Says:

    Me & hubby went on a two week vacation to Hawaii. Heaven!

  43. Sk3lly_Tin Says:

    Got to enjoy my summer with my son, by the pool and relaxing (:

  44. djc319 Says:

    I won a Beautiful and sexy pair of sandals!And I have to tan to show them off !

  45. smjnrtj Says:

    I went to my 20 Year HS reunion. It was a blast!! Love to catch up with old friends I haven’t seen in forever : ))

  46. loozeybug Says:

    The best thing that’s happened this summer was last Wednesday, our only child who is deployed in Afghanistan, emailed that he is “OKAY”! When you live daily waiting for a short email, it’s very relieving in that moment, then it’s right back to worry.

  47. rosimccoy Says:

    Please enter me in the GORGEOUS GIVEAWAY contest. The best thing that has happened to me all summer? Finding out that I am going to be a grandmother again!!!! It is just the most fantastic news ever. Of course, being a grandmother with healthy, beautful tan skin would make things even nicer!! Thanks.

  48. miriama59 Says:

    Took my husband and youngest daughter to Oregon..hiked around McDowell Creek falls where I used to hang out. It was fun sharing a part of my past and we also spent a day at one of my favorite beaches. A very good weekend.

  49. meenatangy Says:

    the best thing that happened to me this summer was starting a job I love. Also super excited about taking a couple trips this summer!

  50. cherfn Says:

    The best thing that happened to me this summer, was I became a first time mom. Had my beautiful, healthy, daughter on May 22. She has changed my life. Never knew love like this. This has truly been the best summer

  51. kalei77 Says:

    I fought my case with unemployment office cause my former employer gave false information about my employment status. They wanted me to volunteer without paid so I won the case.


    The best thing is I spent 2 weeks at the beach with my family.

  53. driade Says:

    Well the best thing this summer is my son BD in Auhust 5th. I love my baby<3

  54. kellicbaker Says:

    Best thing that happened this summer, I beat my time in a 5k that had grueling hills from the year before. My sons(12 & 7) have started joining me on 3 mile runs.

  55. mefink Says:

    The best thing was I won a trip to Nashville.

  56. shopalot Says:

    Got to see my friend for the first time in about 10 years!

  57. jenkcrewell Says:

    I get to hang out with my little lady all summer long and the best thing that has happened so far is seeing her so happy will visiting cannon beach or


    Best thing is being at the beach for 2 weeks with friends & family.

  59. DianeBa53 Says:

    The best thing that happened this summer was that I made a party in June with 20 of my best buds, so we could realize how good life really was and use the party as a chance to tell each other what are friendship meant to each other!

  60. hunters mom Says:

    Finished chemotherapy; Found out I am in remission. Allowed back out in the sun, finally!! Loving life and counting my blessings!!

  61. hereiam956 Says:

    I had family from out of state visit and we went to SF for a few days… good times!

  62. magentaruby1 Says:

    This has been the best summer yet. Spent every weekend and lots of time in June at one of the two pools in my development and did a lot of lap swimming as well at night. I’m also juggling to make sure my 19 yr. 10 mo. old furbaby is feeling good. I can’t have a vacation now because I have to take care of my kittykat. Have a meowing day!

  63. LadyintheManor Says:

    We went camping on the beach and brought new drinks for the parents, it was wonderful.

  64. vanityh1008 Says:

    Enjoyn the summer with my son and seeing my sons face light up at all the new places and things he saw.

  65. AmyButler Says:

    My first grandson was born!!! I AM IN LOVE!!! 🙂


    Spent vacation at the beach with friends & family. Peaceful & beautiful.

  67. chellebellybeans Says:

    There could only be one possible answer to this and that would be my Fiancee making it out alive and returning home from Afghanistan! Now on to the wedding!


    Spent time at the beach relaxing with family & friends.

  69. mommytokids Says:

    The best thing that happened to me is we finally got our family pool up and running. so now my 5 kids can swim and get excersize and burn off some of their energy . and while they doing that ican get a moment to relax befor i have to get back into mommy mode

  70. mommytokids Says:

    What’s the best thing that has happened to me… that’s easy… seeing the joy and happiness on my 5 kids faces when we got our pool up and running. nothing can come clise to that except maybe winning your contest

  71. Maria Oller Says:

    Well great summer was my time to relax and do almost nothing <3 loved it.
    I liked Beyond Clear Skin <3

  72. ShawnaMichelle2 Says:

    Taught my 2 boys to swim this summer!

  73. eyewonit Says:

    I just returned from a visit with family on the Gulf Coast. Loved spending time exploring the French Quarter, enjoying fabulous sea food but most all talking, laughing and catching up. Nothing like family to warm the heart!


    Enjoyed floating down the river with friends & family.

  75. sschaeff1 Says:

    After 5 months away on a business trip my husband is finally home. Everyone seems Happy and Healthy and I thank God for that. Hoping the same with everyone else.

  76. MizCindyHead Says:

    We adopted a 3 month old chihuahua from a animal shelter and named her Annie

  77. oatesfan Says:

    adopted a small disabled dog to save him from being put to sleep. to me he’s perfect inside and out.

  78. ccboobooy Says:

    I spent quality time with my son. We actually had a really nice summer vacation together. It was really fun hanging out with my kid, but all good things must come to an end.

  79. ccboobooy Says:

    LIKE BeyondClear’s Facebook Page

    charity s

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