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06-18-12 | Posted by

Banish those pimples, blackheads and blemishes with this week’s GORGEOUS GIVEAWAY. We have 3 sets of Beyond Clear™ ($29.95), a new type of acne regimen that works fast and improves skin quality in 3 easy steps, to give to our lucky winners. Incorporating powerful acne fighting ingredients like benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, retinol and niacinamide, Beyond Clear™ gets quick results without the irritation usually associated with acne treatments.

The secret behind its non-irritating effectiveness is the patent-pending Clarifoam Technologyâ„¢ Foam Delivery System, which delivers a potent dose of benzoyl peroxide – 4.25% – in an encapsulated form. This allows this powerful ingredient to fight acne causing bacteria without creating redness, flaking or rough skin.

Better yet, Beyond Clear™ not only targets blemishes, but it also improves overall skin tone and texture. The results are impressive; clinical studies show that Beyond Clear™ clears breakouts twice as fast as other leading acne regimens – but without irritation!

The Beyond Clear™ 3–step system includes the following products:

Pure Purifying Cleanser: Formulated with 2.0% salicylic acid and fruit enzymes, the cleanser washes away impurities, exfoliates and unclogs pores.

Clear Clarifying Treatment: A leave-on foam that features Clarifoam Technology™ to fight acne causing bacteria with 4.25% benzoyl peroxide. It also includes aloe, comfrey, and chamomile to soothe and calm the skin.

Healthy Skin Accelerator: A nutrient and antioxidant rich leave-on serum that repairs and improves skin texture and tone with a blend of retinol, niacinamide and fruit seed extracts.

This beauty giveaway also includes two additional products: Boost 5-Day Quick Start Treatment, a gentle exfoliator to jump-start results, and Fast Spot Clearing Accelerator, a targeted troubleshooter with 2.0% salicylic acid.


To Enter: Do you breakout? Tell us what triggers your acne. It could be stress, makeup, PMS or anything else that affects your skin.

COMMENT post your response in the comment
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*to be eligible to win!

*No purchase necessary. Open to US residents only. Contest begins 6/18 at 11 AM EST
and ends 6/24 at 11 PM EST.



    My breakouts are triggered by exercise & sweat. Love to use this to help my summer skin.

  2. di2bhusker Says:

    “that time of the month” triggers my acne

  3. vmahaney Says:

    I would love to try Beyond Clear, I have tried everything from the popular to not so popular. I am 54 yrs of age and still have acne on a daily basis I would call it not so bad to medium on bad breakouts I just want to stay in the house I don’t even want my family to see me. I want to thank you for this chance to win and try Beyond Clear and good luck to everyone who enters!

  4. SilentRedRose Says:

    Unfortunately ususally stress and that time of the month. Absolutely hate it. :/

  5. edwa3331@att.net Says:

    Hi Beauty in The Bag, would like toenter to win your, “Beyond Clear”, product. My breakouts are usually due to stress and eating to many sugary items at the time of PMS. I have tried so many types of products and some improve my breakouts my at 50 I would like something that would keep my skin soft and supple and not add to the aging process. I sure hope I am able to win this prie so I am able to try something that sounds to good to be true. I also have a nirece with my problem, though hers is due to teenage acne and not adult. I would like to see if it would also work on her beautiful soft delicate skin. Thank you for your time and the chance to win. Sincerely, Renee’

  6. Barblacy12 Says:

    Stress and hormones and I break out!

  7. vickeigh Says:

    Even though I’m entering my 30’s I still breakout. My triggers include pms, stress, and comedogenic ingredints-red dye, olive oil, shea butter, anything that ends in myristate

  8. missluckybreaks Says:

    I believe PMS makes me break out b/c it only happens once a month! Luckily, it doesn’t happen every month!

  9. lchally Says:

    Stress is my face’s worst nightmare! Plus I have to be better about washing my face as soon as I get home.

  10. msbogwan Says:

    At age 50, my breakouts are definitely related to hormonal changes. I love that the Beyond Clear system includes a Healthy Skin Accelerator with retinol and a Fast Spot Clearing Accelerator with salicylic acid – great ingredients for older skin still experiencing acne!

  11. wizardewu Says:

    Makeup often causes my breakouts.

  12. jenniferjoy Says:

    PMS makes me break out.

  13. Pwilliams Says:

    When I am under stress.

  14. Lin82 Says:

    My acne is triggered by stress and PMS, unfortunately! The perils of being a woman 😉

  15. laralynn Says:

    P.M.S. Sick Of It!

  16. laroyal06 Says:

    Everything makes my skin breakout…stress, PMS, makeup, and lack of sleep.


    My breakouts are triggered by exercise & sweat.

  18. bayctygrl Says:

    Makeup and not washing my face before bed

    hippopurplemonkey at yahoo dot com

  19. Not2Haute Says:

    My breakouts are seasonal (climate, humidity and allergies). I get the best results from fruit extracts, niacinamide and salicylic acid (.5 – 2.0%). @Not2Haute

  20. GRACEMEEH Says:

    luckily, it only comes once a month, but unfortunately, they hurt and they sometimes scar. i get occasional breakouts esp when i stress. i’m in my early 30’s, and it would be great to just have acne stop forever!

  21. ccboobooy Says:

    Stress is the biggest thing that breaks me out. I can’t seem to get a handle on the stress or the breakouts.


    My breakouts are triggered by exercise outside. Sweat & oil are troublesome. Love to use these.

  23. jmeleigh13 Says:

    Hormones. My acne increased when I was pregnant and I have not been able to get rid of my acne ever since. Ive tried every acne solution there is, and nothing works.

  24. Tammy Says:

    The humidity, sweets, stress, you name it, I break out from it! Thanx for the chance to win this, my skin could really use it!

  25. irishgirltara Says:

    i break out alot more around PMS time….but i also seem to get more ingrown hairs along my jaw line 🙁 since i’ve gotten older. i think i have more acne/zits now then when i was a teen 🙁

  26. Jo-el Says:

    I have such a tough time with my skin. I breakout from stress,PMS and humidity. I also have to deal with eczema so it becomes difficult to find something to treat the acne without making the eczema worse.

  27. LT11 Says:

    stress… stress… stress…

  28. j.liebhard1969@gmail.com Says:

    I have sensitive skin, adult mild acne, and very red skin. Affordable products to turn down my face are hard to find.The Irish side really shows if I’m to warm….

  29. driade Says:

    Pms saddly >.<

  30. kimba Says:

    My name is Kim and even though I’m 48 years old I still break out especially on my chin I believe the culprit is my menstrual period which I still get:'(. I also think chocolate does not help matters I wouldn’t love anything more than to try these new products
    My chin is a mess. Help!

  31. Dyane78 Says:

    I get breakouts from certain essential oils or cosmetic acne from mineral makeup ingredients like Titanium Dioxide. I also have to avoid this ingredient in sunscreens. TIP: Never pick at zits in the chin area — the chin never forgets and it be red/inflammed for days!

  32. mistymountain Says:

    I break out when I’m PMSing, stressed and with certain make-up. But I have black heads and large pores all the time. I also have rosacia, and dark circles under my eyes. Plus I am a glass blower and I try to counter-act the negative effects of the flame such as sunburn, premature wrinkles and dry/oily skin.

  33. te3 Says:

    I break out from stress, food, time of the month, make up & even from unbalanced skin.
    I have been battling break outs from my teens to even now & I’m in my 30’s. It would be nice to know how it feels to have clear skin & not have to wear make up to try to cover it up.


    My breakouts are triggered by exercise, sweat, & oily skin.

  35. pavanco Says:

    My breakouts are stress and hormonal related mostly.

  36. ladyboarder9669 Says:

    i recently switched to the IUD and for the first time in my life i’m breaking out like crazy! its been so frustrating trying to get a hold on it!

  37. marigolds Says:

    My breakouts are always caused by PMS. They always appear a few days before my period, they’re like a (unsightly) reminder of my upcoming period lol.


    My breakouts are caused by exercise & sweat in the summer.

  39. mbivins0906 Says:

    my breakouts dont ever stop mine are caused by stress pms i get breakouts just by touching my face its horrible!

  40. crittercat23 Says:

    Mine are caused by my bangs leaving hair products on my forehead!!!


    My breakouts are triggered by the heat & sweat when walking for exercise.

  42. mishamuse Says:

    Hormones seem to be the main culprit.

  43. meenatangy Says:

    Definitely pms and when I eat too much sugar and oily foods.

  44. napoleon1 Says:

    the only place i break out is my back. i hate it!

  45. madhavi Says:

    Heat, junk food & stress the triggering agents 🙂 hope u have the solution

  46. neelam21 Says:

    My breakouts are triggered by Stress, Dirt and pollution. I have been fighting acne sice my teenage and still this battle is on.


    My breakouts are triggered by exercise & sweat in the hot Texas heat.

  48. mrspattyann Says:

    I have high growth hormone due to a pituitary microadenoma and my skin naturally is quite oily especially during a hormonal change.


    My breakouts are triggered by the hot Texas sun which I fight for months. Love to walk & jog.

  50. tball1532 Says:

    My acne triggers are stress, hormones, and ESL (Lupus). I have probably tried every product from the low to high end of cost. NOTHING has worked. My t-zone is constantly filled with large pores that turn into acne. It’s a viscous cycle I need to end. I think a foam product is a great idea. I would love to win this prize package and let this be the answer to my skin prayers. I know there’s clear beautiful skin under there somewhere. PLEASE HELP ME FIND IT!

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