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05-13-13 | Posted by

Hey, BITB fans—it’s time for another Gorgeous Giveaway. Summer is nearly here and with it an increased chance for irritated skin from waxing, sun exposure, laser treatments, or microdermabrasion. Never fear, this week’s beauty giveaway is just the thing to soothe and comfort irritated and sensitive skin. We have three bottles of B. Kamin’s Revitalizing Booster Concentrate ($60 average retail price) to give to our lucky winners. Formulated to cool, soothe, and relieve inflammation and redness related to laser treatments,  radiation, AHA treatments, microdermabrasion, waxing, or electrolysis, the Booster is particularly great for calming the symptoms of rosacea.  Fragrance, mineral oil,  lanolin, and color free—this anti-inflammatory powerhouse has been allergy tested for even the most sensitive of faces.

The cream’s calming benefits come from the anti-inflammatory blend of bisobolol and Bio-Mapleâ„¢ compound. It really will do wonders for sun that is (heaven forbid) sunburned. Three lucky winners will get this delivered to their front door! Just answer our weekly beauty giveaway question and you might be one of the chosen! So, bring on the wax strips, BITBers. We’ll see you at the beach fresh-faced and splotch free.

To Enter: What beauty treatment do you find the most irritating (on skin or otherwise)?

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*to be eligible to win!

*No purchase necessary. Open to US residents only. Contest begins 5/13 at 11 AM EST
and ends 5/19 at 11 PM EST.


  1. jmiranda181 Says:

    My skin gets irritated if there is a ton of fragrance in my face lotion.

  2. lovelions Says:

    microderm abrasion

  3. vickeigh Says:

    Working in the skincare industry I have endured many treatments but I have to say that the most irritating treatment, from my experience, is electrolysis. Oh the pain!

  4. har Says:

    Just what I need now that I started a skin brightening system



  6. lisamcf Says:

    I haven’t really experienced any irritating skin treatments

  7. TKnCK Says:

    Trying new retinal products, with out testing first, or over doing retinal turns mt facial skin red. Shaving also causes my husband’s skin to be very red!

  8. Stephanie Warren Says:

    Face peels

  9. koalaty Says:

    abrasive mud maskas


    I think microdermabrasion is the worst.

  11. gibbonssarah77 Says:

    I can’t commet on the others but microdermabrasion is pretty bad in my opinion. I also one time bleach my lip and left the blech on too long…ooooowwwwww!!!!!!!!! I will stick to waxing from now on!

  12. teachjmh Says:

    Eyebrow waxing! I had it done once at a spa/salon and my skin was not happy.

  13. elysek Says:

    Abrasive facial scrubs really irritate my skin.

  14. LT11 Says:

    Chemical Peel. Sure you may have renewed fresh smooth again, after, but is the pain and extended redness, and having to hide in the house for a week, worth it!

  15. dragonfly777 Says:

    Scrubs and strong acids turn my fair skin bright red.

  16. Natasha Rodriguez Says:

    I think microdermabrasion

  17. mefink Says:

    Waxing is very irritating to my skin.

  18. K-lee Says:



    Laser treatments are the toughest

  20. anissa23 Says:


  21. collygirl Says:

    Can’t use anything to perfumey or harsh on my face. I have very sensitive skin

  22. niela1221 Says:

    Facial scrubs are the worst for me because they irritate my skin the most :/

  23. fyrcracker Says:

    I worked for a plastic surgeon for a long time in his other business and he gave us all 2 free treatments a month. I went in thinking how sweet a chemical peel would be and it was AWFUL!!! I looked like a poached pumpkin and hid for a week or so, ooh awful!

  24. collifornia Says:


  25. BarracudaRon Says:

    Anything the wife uses w/ Cucumber scents, drive me up a wall

  26. OhLaLaChrissy Says:

    Waxing! I’ve ripped off skin while waxing my upper lip. It hurts so much and made my skin so red and raw. That’s why I epilate that area now. Wax has done too much damage to my face.


    Electrolosis is the toughest

  28. missluckybreaks Says:

    Peels can be quite irritating for the skin.

  29. Kat Says:

    Skin peels are very irritating (of course) but so worth it to bring out the ‘new’ skin.

  30. Leslie Fox Says:

    Facial hair removal with creams.

  31. calliope123 Says:

    chemical peels, waxing, even exfoliating

  32. busywinner Says:

    Chemical peels. I had one and never again!

  33. SuziQ523 Says:

    That one little hair that’s blind on the chin that I insist on trying to pluck and it irritates my chin the rest of the week.


    Chemical peels are the harshest

  35. krisi479 Says:

    chemical peels. I had one at a spa while doing a facial. It was very tingly. I do not think i will be doing that again

  36. kwarrenburg@yahoo.com Says:

    let me win please

  37. dinda Says:

    abrasive mud mask’s

  38. tweety6561 Says:

    Waxing anything, never again!

  39. Mary Says:


  40. redgirl Says:

    My skin get irritated when getting waxing, red bumps and very red sore skin!

  41. NancysParadise Says:

    bikini wax

  42. Stephanie MacDonald Says:

    Anything that is high fragrance, my face does not care for!

  43. tlm1174 Says:

    Some scrubs really irritate my skin especially if I accidently get some on the undereye area

  44. eview Says:

    i could use this, i have had lots of chemical peels and laser peels and have sligth roseaca. this would be great. thanks

  45. Cindy Von Hoffmann Says:

    I agree with everyone’s responses. But I just had a series of Fractional Laser treatments and I can honestly say that this treatment makes me red for days and days when my Dr. goes deep. But the results are fantastic! I could really, really use the Kamin’s Concetrate, if it really gets the red out!

  46. Beth McClellan Says:

    Scrubs or masks with Vitamin C tend to irritate my skin.

  47. lisamcf Says:

    chemical peels

  48. hellenmarley Says:

    bikini wax!

  49. tiffie555 Says:

    waxing and peels!
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  50. ephlet Says:

    A chemical peel – I was red for a long time!

  51. Sharon Gattone Says:

    I find waxing makes me breakout, or if I exfoliate more than once a week.

  52. dallasfan38 Says:

    Too much exposure to the sun makes my skin irritated. It will burn, but then when that is gone, it will itch like crazy for weeks afterward. That is why I always try to remember my sunscreen!

  53. savefor4 Says:

    Heavy make up makes my face feel heavy and it irritates my skin. Also, using a heavy /harsh chemical for at home microdermabrasion really makes my skin very red and irritated.

  54. mom4everandever Says:

    shaving- tweezing irritates, scubs, depends on season

  55. Byrdy1999 Says:

    facials…my skin gets so red and blotchy

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