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09-17-12 | Posted by

AB-Care_Sallybeautyf-ACrd22After toning your body and creating a youthful complexion, you don’t want your hair to give your age away. For this week’s Gorgeous Giveaway we have 3 sets of Zotos AGE Beautiful Anti-Aging Color Preserve System, plus a $20 Sally Beauty Gift Card (a $50 total value), to give to our lucky winners.

The Zotos AGE Beautiful Anti-Aging Color Preserve collection is created to fight 5 signs of aging hair: thinning, loss of color vibrancy, damage, dryness and dullness. The products are sulfate-free—so they won’t fade your color—and formulated with phyto-collagen and keratin peptide protein to replenish hair with essential components.

The products in this beauty giveaway include:

AGE Beautiful Fullness & Body Sulfate-Free Shampoo – This sulfate-free shampoo is proven to keep hair color vibrant up to 50% longer, and to instantly add 20% more volume.

AGE Beautiful Fullness & Body Conditioner – This anti-aging conditioner features UV protectants, keeps color vibrant up to 50% longer, and adds volume to hair.

AGE Beautiful Intense Strengthening Treatment – This rinse-out treatment is formulated with Moringa Seed Oil and reportedly repairs and reduces breakage by up to 75%.

With these products, there is no need to settle for thin, dry and dull hair anymore.


To Enter: What is your SOS for dealing with a bad hair day – scrunchie, ponytail, hat, etc.!!


COMMENT post your response in the comment
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*to be eligible to win!

*No purchase necessary. Open to US residents only. Contest begins 9/17 at 11 AM EST
and ends 9/23 at 11 PM EST.


  1. MizCindyHead Says:

    I use a clippy or ponytail on bad hair days


    Cute ponytail.

  3. windycindy Says:

    Usually, on a very bad hair day, I pull my hair up and put
    “chopsticks” in! It looks pretty good, then…
    Many thanks, Cindi

  4. libby701 Says:

    My SOS for dealing with a bad hair day is the clip! I have many different colors, shapes and sizes. I usually try to curl some wisps around my face and style my bangs. But, an updo with the clip is best for those humid days when nothing can defy the frizz factor.

  5. vickeigh Says:

    If I have the chance I’ll stop in the salon to get a blow-out, if not then I use lots of dry shampoo and a cute headband

  6. barbieQ Says:

    A messy bun is my go to, quick and easy, hairstyle for a housecleaning day!

  7. sandra Says:

    I usually put a frizz serum or gel in my hair, then I put it up in a pony tail.

  8. jb1ab2 Says:

    I SOS dealing with a bad hair day my go to is the ponytail.

  9. ilea81 Says:

    bobby pins!! i have short hair so when i cant do anything with it i grab some bobby pins and pin it back!!

  10. figs Says:

    dry shampoo

  11. dragonfly777 Says:

    I’m having one of those days today! It’s shoulder length, so I twisted it up and put hairspray on it. I gave up this morning lol

  12. msbogwan Says:

    My SOS for dealing with a bad hair day is to tuck my hair behind my ears. It’s not the best solution for my short, fine, thinning hair but sometimes it’s that best I can do! I would love products like this that preserve my hair color while adding volume and fullness! No more bad hair days!

  13. red66060 Says:

    I just put my hair in a cute little braid and forget about it!

  14. bcannaliato Says:

    I usually do a pony-tail, or a barrette updo.

  15. ginainohio Says:

    i put it in a pony tail and put on a baseball cap

  16. sheenamariee Says:

    My sos for dealing with a bad hair day would be a braid! Braids are so hot and women of any age can wear them! I typically go for the fishtail to the side myself, and the 5 strand braid is a great and funky way to play up a braid and make your hair appear thicker! No matter what you try to do to your hair that doesnt work, you can always fix it with a funky and interesting braid!!

  17. alex04johnson Says:

    Whenever I feel I am having a bad hair day I just throw my hair up into a cute ponytail and tease in the front. 🙂

  18. solod81 Says:

    Tons of hairspray(for volume), smooth out hair around face with my huge round brush and wear up in a high pony tail.

  19. Cynthia Says:

    My hair is really short. So on a bad day I use the curling iron which is bad for my hair. I am 58 so my hair is already dry, plus I have my hair dyed and highlighted. My hair could really use these products!

  20. mefink Says:

    On bad hair days I pull my hair in a ponytail.

  21. herblady Says:

    I roll mine up in back and hold it with a big clip. It’s very cute that way.

  22. Kim D. Says:

    My SOS for dealing with a bad hair day is a ponytail.

  23. lizplawman Says:

    A good old ponytail.

  24. jlynne90 Says:

    For a bad hair day i have 2 go to looks either a messy bun or a fishtail braid…for me its normally a messy fishtail braid tease is at the crowd and your good looks so gorgeous!

  25. missluckybreaks Says:

    I usually curl my ends on a a bad hair day and put it up in a high ponytail.

  26. CJM Says:

    Wearing a hat is my favorite!

  27. traymona Says:

    I wear a pretty scarf to cover my bad hair days.


    I just let my hair do what it does naturally.

  29. pavanco Says:

    I usually put a clip into my hair on really bad hair days making it a casual updo and just “go with the flow”.

  30. ndfessman Says:

    I roll it into a bun and make sure I have some lift up top. I then braid my bangs to the side, so it looks like I put a little effort into my hair:)

  31. pbkup Says:

    Bad hair day I put on a hat

  32. NancysParadise Says:

    when my curls get crazy.. I just laugh

  33. DianeBa53 Says:

    My sos is a large hat, sunglasses and hair appt the next day

  34. snevels Says:

    I just pull it up into a ponytail.

  35. pixiestixpet Says:

    A really pretty head band always works for me. A bad hair day for me usually means the hair that frames my face is not behaving, so by smoothing it back with a jeweled head band of some sort, usually does the trick!

  36. miriama59 Says:


  37. worrywart1 Says:

    I use dry shampoo

  38. Tammy Says:

    I use a big claw clip 🙂

  39. wizardewu Says:

    I put my hair up in a bun.

  40. knjszymanski Says:

    What hair…. almost like an infant you can see my scalp …. wear a scarf or had low on the brow and proudly. This look will work for all of us ill or not Stay strong and positve

  41. carole312 Says:

    I put mine in a ponytail. Its so long and thick and makes me hot…ugh!! I’ve been putting it in a ponytail every day….hmmmm…


    I just put my hair in in bun.

  43. hotnspicy77 Says:

    I pull my hair back and snap it in a clip.


    Use a clip.

  45. ladylisa1 Says:

    Ponytail or combs to keep it back.

  46. buttmuffin Says:

    i put it in a ponytail

  47. hellenmarley Says:

    My SOS for dealing with a bad hair day is to soak my hair with moroccan oil and put it in a bun. However if it gets really bad I wear a hoodie, because if it’s a really bad hair day it can also be a pretty bad bun day!


    Use a scrunchie even though they are unattractive.

  49. ChicRoni Says:

    My SOS on a bad hair day is a ponytail/bun…super chic!

  50. Micho Says:

    Faux Hawk ponytail! Works every time to create a look that says,”Yeah, I meant it to look this way!” even if it starts to get messy or a little oily near the scalp it will continue to look ‘meant to be’ even edgy rather than dirty.. Can’t beat that.

  51. shartman26 Says:

    I make my hair curly with a little beach wave gel and scrunching.

  52. karen1234 Says:

    Pony always works for me!!!

  53. jahylo78 Says:

    I braid my hair and twist it into a bun, a nice polished look with minimal effort.

  54. ellen Says:

    in a pony hanging from a cap

  55. MoonRae Says:

    To be honest, I don’t have bad hair days perse…I have super short hair, BUT, I hate when I’ve let my coloring go a little too long and my roots show.Then I try to slick it back

  56. Terrief Says:

    Dry Shampoo and a high pony are the way to go!


    I use dry shampoo.

  58. LT11 Says:

    Calling in sick. Crawling babk into bed. And if either fails, slicked back oversprayed pony tail!


    I braid my hair as to hide the problem.

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