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08-27-12 | Posted by

Calling all little monsters! For this week’s Gorgeous Giveaway, we are delighted to have one debut bottle of Lady Gaga Fame, the first fragrance from the award-winning artist, plus one bottle of the line’s Shower Gel (a total value of more than $100) to give to one lucky winner. The fragrance is just hitting U.S. shelves now, so this is your chance to get a jump on all the other monster fans.

As befitting Gaga, this is the first-ever “black” fragrance. The actual “juice” of the scent appears black in the bottle, but turns invisible once it hits the air and your skin. The fragrance too has a dark side as it is inspired by belladonna, the potentially lethal plant that was used by 18th century beauties to enlarge their pupils and enhance the appearance of their eyes.

Rather than the typical fragrance construction of top, middle and bottom notes, Lady Gaga Fame has three accords that work in concert with one another. Called dark, sensuous and light, the accords create a floral and fruity fragrance with a distinctive dose of sensuality. The dark accord is inspired by belladonna blended with incense; the sensual accord is a fusion of honey, saffron and apricot nectar; and the light accord blends tiger orchid and jasmine sambac.

The scent is contained in an egg-shaped bottle that makes me think of the egg that encased Lady Gaga at the 2011 Grammy Awards. For this contest, we are giving away the eau de parfum concentration of the fragrance, contained in the Masterpiece version of the bottle, which is decorated with a three-pronged metal cap.

The Lady Gaga Fame collection was created by Gaga’s own Haus Laboratories in association with Coty.


To Enter: Tell us the name of your favorite Lady Gaga song and why you love it.

COMMENT post your response in the comment
section of this post


TWEET your response to @Beautyinthebag

*to be eligible to win!

*No purchase necessary. Open to US residents only. Contest begins 8/27 at 11 AM EST
and ends 9/2 at 11 PM EST.


  1. lizplawman Says:

    I love the song “Born this way”, I think it has a really good message to send to the young and old alike.

  2. BeautyByKrystal Says:

    I think my favorite LG song is Just Dance, I remember loving it on the radio, getting ready to go out and dance with the girls! 🙂


    Born This Way is my fav.

  4. amyorvin Says:

    My favorite song is Judas! I really like the beat and the beginning of it.

  5. jillyrh Says:

    I love “Born This Way” because it encourages everyone to love themselves just the way they are no matter what!

  6. lunachique Says:

    Bad Romance. It’s so funky and I love the video!

  7. Lindsay Says:

    My favorite Lady Gaga song is Paparazzi because it’s artsy and catchy.

  8. lovelions Says:

    Born This Way 🙂 Because we should be accepted the way we are because we were Born This Way!!

  9. sunflwrnut Says:

    Definitely BORN THIS WAY and I love it because that girl can sing!!!

  10. sandollar Says:

    Born this way, I can relate to the lyrics. Thanks!

  11. gtcarol66@yahoo.com Says:

    I love “Born This Way”! It tells everyone to love who they are and don’t change because society can’t except you the way you are. Just be happy and be yourself!!!

  12. sirenajen Says:

    My favorite Lady Gaga song is poker face. My husband passed away last year very young, and people kept telling me not to cry, and they didn’t want to see me sad. I didn’t want to make anyone “uncomfortable” so I would put on my best poker face. It always made me sing it in my head…..

  13. Sandi Says:

    Her song Born this Way I think is my favorite. The kids love singing to it.

  14. ccboobooy Says:

    Just Dance! It’s my favorite workout song.

  15. melaniemb Says:

    Born this way!!!!

  16. Mpugh Says:

    My favorite song is You and I! I love the bluesy feel of it and the first time I heard it it gave me goosebumps!! 🙂

  17. ri.brannan@yahoo.com Says:

    My absolute FAVORITE song by Lady Gaga or anyone else for that matter is Born this way ! It is my favorite song because of the message, and I have gone through so many hard times and it has got me through when I’m sad or when I just feel alone and I always hear Gaga saying its okay to be myself and to love who I am. Thank you Lady Gaga.

  18. mkeyer Says:

    Bad Romance is my fave song. Lady Gaga is one of my fave artists too!

  19. mkeyer Says:

    Bad Romance is unique and powerful. 🙂

  20. mjreynolds32 Says:

    My favorite Gaga song is Teeth. I also am a huge fan of the True Blood series and honestly she was off my radar until I heard this song in the closing credits of an episode of the first season. I also love Speechless because it sounds just like an older rock and roll song that Elton John or Billy Joel would sing. Thanks for the chance to win!

  21. squirrelbaitt Says:

    I love “Born This Way” because it encourages everyone to love themselves just the way they are!

  22. herblady Says:

    I like Born This Way because everyone has something that makes them different and it celebrates that. It gets stuck in my head all day when I hear it.

  23. figs Says:

    My favorite song is The Edge of Glory because it is her most meaningful song written about the death of her grandfather.

  24. andreajagdeo Says:

    Born this Way is definitely a favorite. It sends a very strong and powerful message to society. And that message is to embrace your stereotype because God makes no mistakes, because of course, everyone was born in their own special way. Love Lady Gaga!


    Love Born This Way. Many ca relate

  26. Pwilliams Says:

    I like “Born this way” because of the message behind it

  27. ladyboarder9669 Says:

    Eh Eh Eh, i love that its a little different and Its one of those songs that gets stuck in my head for days but i dont mind at all!


  28. mefink Says:

    The Edge of Glory is my favorite song.

  29. missluckybreaks Says:

    Paper Gangsta has cool beats! “Don’t want no Paper Gangsta, won’t sign my life to someone, who’s got the flavor but don’t have no follow through …”

  30. Tyler Says:

    My favorite song is Speechless. To be honest, I’ve never been in the situation when a sick loved one is dying, but I know the feeling to be shocked or to be bullied into silence, to be speechless, but at the same time, desperate for change, to help, to please. The song is written about her fear of death, and her father, for me, its a song about my own sort of emotional and/or motivational coma; a semi-death that is revealed to me by the song. Gaga helps me open the door to my locked away emotions, and for that, I’m grateful, because I can’t kick down the door myself.

  31. Ady2803 Says:

    Bad Romance is definitely my favorite song of all time. I love the message of it because I know how is it to be in love with someone you’ll never be with. And it’s tearing you apart..

  32. Giancarlo Coco Says:

    I, personally insanely in love with the song “H A I R” by Lady Gaga.
    From the moment i heard this song, i had decided to grow my hair long because I think i will live as free as my hair like the lyrics repeat around my head. I love to being for who I wanted to be so long. Thank you and have a nice day, plus, I hope you can pick me. 🙂

  33. atith543 Says:

    Hair is definitely my favorite because it taught me to live life to the fullest ,just be myself and you’re the only person that can judge you that will matter:)

  34. jamilghores Says:

    My favorite Lady Gaga song is “Hair” because I’ve watched how close friends have related to it and felt empowered. The song gave them the courage to be themselves and be as FREE AS THEIR HAIR! 🙂

  35. Ellie08 Says:

    My favourite Lady Gaga song is “Just Dance” because it is such a fun and catchy song that you cant help but get up and dance to! Also even though this was her first song i believe it marked her as an icon as soon as it was released because it changed pop music forever and this generations music. As soon as i heard it i new id be a massive fan of Gaga’s forever! I remeber watching the video and thinking “wow”, her style the music and everything was just so different and unique! Shes an amazing artist!

  36. JWH514514 Says:

    Very hard to pick just one. There are several that I just love. I’m gonna go with Speechless. It tugs on my heart strings everytime I hear it. It reminds me of my baby sister and all she is going thru right now. My brother in law came out of the closet after 10 years of being married. I support him fully and I think he knows that. But he did hurt my baby sister and she is trying to put the pieces in her life back together while taking care of 2 small children, one with Autism. I can’t really pin point it but I play this song and just cry for my sister. I love them both so much and I hope they both find the happiness they each deserve.

  37. Theresa Says:

    Love the scent! Longer its on the more wonderful it smells! ♥
    My favorite GAGA song would have to be You and I! It reminds me of my wonderful best friend in Indiana. My husband was stationed in Kansas and so I had to move away from Tyson. Since my husband finished his service, instead of moving home we moved to SC. You and I reminds me of hanging out at Tysons and I favorite bar. Me (ALWAYS) sitting in the corner with my high heels on then moving away and promising to not leave him again. Since I did leave he will eventually move down to SC with me and my husband and of course his boyfriend! Every time I hear it, it brings back GREAT memories!!!!

  38. RomoMonster Says:

    Yes born this way sends a powerfull message but my favorite song has to be “Hair”. Because it makes me feel like this is who I am and I’m not changing for anyone else. “I am as free as my hair”. It makes me feel like its ok to be me no matter what People say or who judges me. I know there are people out there that love me for me. Not people who judge me because I’m a little different. I am free and I want to be nothing but me. I can be anyone I want to be and I know that no one can stop me. All of lady Gagas songs are absolute genius, but ever since I heard “hair” I just thought. She did it. She made a song that will empower everyone. Born this way is about how you are this way because that’s how god made you. But “hair” is talking about you can be anything and anyone you want to be.

  39. britmonster28 Says:

    Dance in the Dark is not JUST my favorite song. The music instantly flows through my body in a way no other songs have. As soon as the song begins, I feel as if all of my senses are heightened and I am alive. This song is about “Fear of Self” which for a very long time, I was afraid of my true self. I had no idea who I was until I was introduced to this song. I understood that it was okay to be yourself and be free. This song changed my life and one of the major reasons why I love Lady Gaga. She set me free <3

  40. miriama59 Says:

    Born This Way because it encourages us to be ourselves and to accept others for who they are.

  41. alex3394 Says:

    Speechless means so much to me in so many different ways. It was the first song I ever heard by Gaga and it is still the reason to this day I love her music and her commitment to her art so much. Speechless to me is about that moment in your life when you honestly truly appreciate the love of those around you. In the song gaga is talking about her relationship with her father and how he helped to guide her off drugs and back to a purer life. That gave me the strength to rekindle my relationship with my father who I hadn’t seen for nearly 10 years. I believe that through her music gaga is able to connect with so many people on so many different levels, whether you want a simply catchy pop song to a piano ballad to an electronica dance floor smash she is able to deliver, I urge everyone of you if you haven’t already heard it to go to YouTube and listen to the pure honesty that is Speechless.

  42. graemeguttmann Says:

    My favorite song is probably Hair. The composition of the song (the eighties anthem feel) with the overall message about just being proud of yourself for who you are. Plus, the metaphor “Free as your Hair” is just so fitting for Gaga because of her every evolving style. It’s a gem on Born This Way (the album) and I wish she would perform a live studio version of it, although the acoustic version is amazing live. It’s just an empowering song on an album full of great messages.

  43. abackherms Says:

    Paparazzi is my favorite Gaga song because it introduced me to her.

  44. LadyJaynessa Says:

    I really love the song Speechless so so much, not only just the way it sounds but it has personal meaning to me as well. I had my mother play this song for my grandmothers funeral, which he passed away only 7 months ago 2/3/12. This song reminds me of her. I love her and miss her so much. Hope you read this

  45. IsabelleC Says:

    My favorite Gaga song is Marry the Night. It is pure appreciation of where we come from and what each of us personally call home. To me, it describes our roots to be a part of who we are.

  46. manifestomiku Says:

    Beautiful Dirty Rich, I really love the message of the song you can be glamorous without money. It was also the song I always listen to when I was in financial trouble, while walking in the city streets with only $5 dollars in my pocket. Some people might think the lyrics are superficial, but it is definitely meaningful. 😀

  47. Phillygirl2206 Says:

    My favorite song would be a toss up between Bad Romance/Heavy Metal Lover/Teeth. They are my favorite because they make such a statement about pushing social norms and creating a stronger love for ones self to make the world better. Plus they are the best songs to rock out to and make any day better. These songs aren’t just epic and popular, they are strong.

  48. Kevin.arbona Says:

    I love every mother monster song ..but the one that i really like and the one i dont get tired of listening is born this way. Because the lyrics are about stoping prejudice everywhere and they tell you be free and dont take care of the people who judge you..its about not taking care of what they think about you ..you only can be you. Why? Cause you were born this way..amen..

  49. yellowhummer3x Says:

    Has to be Born this Way. If we all could just embrace that each one of us is special in our own way and only we as individuals can claim our own identity and individuality. Celebrate who you are and not what others may want you to be. Be as unique as the Lady herself and as mysterious and mesmerizeing as Fame.

  50. schlage Says:

    My favorite Gaga song is Marry the Night. It’s a very empowering song that helped me through a rather rough time I was going through, Whenever I feel like things are just too much, I listen to that song and realize that things can get better if we make them better. Paws Up Little Monsters <3

  51. Greg1217 Says:

    Although I DESPISE choosing, my favorite Gaga song would have to be “The Queen.” It’s about bravery and being unafraid to live up to your full potential and how Gaga can be the extra push in our lives we may need or shoulder to lean on to help us through the rough times. This song, to me, is almost sacred in a way because of the personal connection I feel to Gaga when I listen to it. She’s known for her dedication, admiration, and loyalty to us, her fans, and I believe that this song really tops it all off and shows how much she really does care and love us. I can’t help but tear up when I listen to it because whenever I feel lonely or down for whatever reason, I put it on and it really does help and put a smile on my face. It’s a really cheerful and uplifting reminder that she’s always going to be there for all of us and fight for our rights, freedom, and equality no matter what struggles or circumstances we face and that, is why “The Queen” is my favorite Lady Gaga song. (:

  52. janna.nguyen Says:

    My favorite Lady Gaga song would have to be The Queen. Not only is she a queen, but the song itself is just amazing. It’s great to dance to, but it also has this rock-anthem feel that I love, especially during the guitar solo. And the lyrics are just great. They’re empowering and beautiful and honestly, they make me feel great whenever I listen to them. They make me feel like I can live up to the potential that has been put in front of me and that in and of itself is just amazing. The fact that she can write a song like this that embodies the themes of an entire era (the Born This Way era) is phenomenal and personally, I think it would be a great moment in pop culture if she did a due with Elton John live with this song. <3

  53. Minimeeh Says:

    I love Just Dance because it’s a fun song to sing and dance to.

  54. monsterB Says:

    My favorite song by Lady Gaga is Speechless. It helped me get through ait h really hard time in my life. It helped me to be brave and to not let people change me. It showed me that Gaga and I have things in common. We both had pain that we are overcoming. I am so thankful for her as a person and a hero. She really did save me a hard life fulof discouraging surroundings. I can’t imagine life without my Mother Monster.

  55. Mari_Monster1987 Says:

    My favorite Lady Gaga song would have to be “Dance In The Dark” from the begining of just the beats of the song it gives me chills!! I’ve went to 3 of Mother Monsters shows and all of her shows started off with “Dance In The Dark” and gave me chills and immediately filled me with so many emotions because this was the begining of me not going to a concert but a production by a artist who understands her fans and who makes you feel free and alive!! This song will always be my favorite and will always bring me back to every show and remember the exact emotion I felt at that moment!!! Thank you for your time and consideration!!! -Paws Up (“‘) ^,…,^ Maritza

  56. lisawash Says:

    I have so many favorites but I really love Bad Romance. That song came out exactly around the same time I was going through a similar situation as what was going on in the song and I listened to it constantly because it completely captured how I felt in a song!

  57. giulion1 Says:

    My favorite lady gaga’s song is “The Edge Of Glory” cause she wrote this song for her grandfather and when i heard that song for the first time i felt all the love and passion she gave for that song and i cried cause it’s close to me and the song remembered me the death of my grandmother and i felt connected with her. Anyway i’m not in US but i just wanted to try.


    I listen to Born This Way everday.

  59. suecruz Says:

    Love Poker Face! can never let them know what your thinking !

  60. GRACEMEEH Says:

    im not a huge gaga fan, but i did and still do enjoy listening to Bad Romance, and Just Dance. really love her vocals and these songs just put me i a good mood.

  61. lovelions Says:

    It would be really hard to pick just one because I really love all of her songs!! But I will choose Just Dance because everytime I hear it I stop everything and dance away 🙂

  62. rheasndrs Says:

    My whole family loves “Edge of Glory” its just a great song for all ages 🙂

  63. Karren Says:

    My favorite Lady Gaga song is “Bad Romance”, b/c my 4 year old sings the chorus with me and cracks himself up =)

  64. heathersweet Says:

    My favorite Lady Gaga song is ” Money Honey” Because I need money honey!!!!

  65. Pmm2u@yahoo.com Says:

    I love the song “Born this Way”, its a great song and the truth. That we should be accepted for who we are! My sons love this song and turned me on to Lady Gaga, and we are dancing away to all of her songs. It makes me happy and Thank you Lady Gaga for helping me connect to my teenage sons and making me go back in time to know how they feel so now I can keep up thier self esteem and tell them not to be haters!! Thank you for listening and I would love to wear her fragrance.

  66. mistybleu26 Says:

    Born This Way Nobody is a like, that is what makes us unique. The rainbow of our world

  67. snevels Says:

    My fav Lady Gaga song is Paparazzi. I just enjoy the song, it makes me want to dance & I sing along with it. The lyrics are catchy.

  68. LinJP21 Says:

    I have to say Bad Romance is my fav. I can’t help but just want to move when I hear it.

  69. barbieQ Says:

    I love her song, Born This Way!

  70. Alice Says:

    I love the Paparazzi, always get me on the Rocking mood.

  71. Sandra Aaaa Says:

    Love Just Dance….her first hit.


    My IPod has Born this way constantly playing.

  73. laralynn Says:

    Bad Romance. It reminds me of past bad relationships, and I LOVE the video. I never offed any of them though. Lol 🙂

  74. neelam21 Says:

    My favorite song of lady gaga is BAd Romance. I like this song because i really connect with the lyrics and feelings associated with bad romance in real life.

  75. Devon81 Says:

    I love them all, but Born This Way is such an inspiring song and message for everyone, so it’s one of my favorites! Thanks fr the draw.

  76. pixiestixpet Says:

    “Poker Face” is a great song and makes me laugh out loud because all of my friends and I are Texas Hold’em players and have been for the last 8 years, so this is our mantra!

  77. durstslovepens Says:

    Paparazzi is my favorite because it is great to karaoke to!


    Song Born this way is great for all.

  79. K Says:

    My favorite Lady Gaga song is “Scheiße”, not only because it’s catchy but it is also about female empowerment. Our Mother Monster has choose this song to be the music for commercial. BTW, I can’t wait to see the full commercial in September!

    xoxo Little Monster

  80. pavanco Says:

    bad romance

  81. Not2Haute Says:

    “Poker Face” ~ Never wear your heart on your sleeve. @Not2Haute

  82. kb1285 Says:

    You and I! I love the words to the song and it makes me want to sing every time I hear it!!

  83. bloodyspoof Says:

    My name is Wesley, and my favorite Lady Gaga song is…MARRY THE NIGHT.

    When I hear the church bells and piano riffs going off in the background to Gaga’s amazing lyrics, I become entranced. When I hear Marry The Night’s Chorus its as if the world of insecurity and fear has faded away.

    This song make me feel like a warrior, like a king, like a solider to my own emptiness.

    This song gives me the power and strength to rise from the bitter ashes of regret and transform into the mighty phoenix I DESTINED to be.

    This song gives me the motivation to eliminate all of the negative influences in my life, and work hard to be the best that I can be.

    This song, above all else…SAVED ME.



    Love Born This Way. Iy is great for everyone needing reassurance.

  85. patty Says:

    I love Bad Romance because it is very edgy


    I think Born This Way is great. It speaks to many including myself.

  87. pookiekitty62 Says:

    I love Poker Face! I love the high energy it puts out when it comes on the radio I just want to turn it up and sing along to it!

  88. LiLGlamDoll Says:

    My favorite Lady Gaga song is Alejandro because I think that the lyrics are amazing and it’s a love song that is about the fear of commitment which I can relate to…I love it… and I love that she speaks Spanish in the song.

  89. josephrawr Says:

    My Favorite Song Is The Edge Of Glory By Lady Gaga She Dedicated To Her Grandpa And It Has A Very Beautiful meaning. It Is That Moment When Your About To Die, The Moment Of Truth , And Knowing You Lived Your Life Well. I Just Love This Song So Much And Well It’s Very Catchy. I’m On The Edge With You <3

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