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01-16-12 | Posted by

For this week’s GORGEOUS GIVEAWAY, we have a powerhouse treatment that fights the signs of aging both day and night. We are giving away 3 jars of Hydroxatone AM/PM Anti-Wrinkle Complex (a $79.95 value) to our lucky winners. Powered with a trio of key ingredients (Matrixyl 3000, Argireline, and Hyaluronic Acid), AM/PM Anti-Wrinkle Complex works to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, firm skin, enhance skin tone, texture and radiance, and deliver soothing moisture.

This multifunctional formulation combines anti-aging benefits with that of a moisturizer. Improved appearance results from boosting the production of collagen in the skin.

The complex is designed to be used on all skin types as well as men and women. Apply after cleansing and toning in the morning and evening. Clinical-style results show that AM/PM Anti-Wrinkle Complex improves overall appearance of the skin, moisturization, texture, and noticeably reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

For more information, be sure to check out Hydroxatone at www.facebook.com/hydroxatone and www.twitter.com/hydroxatone.


To Enter: Tell us where your very first wrinkle appeared. Was it around your eyes, mouth, cheeks or elsewhere, let us know.

COMMENT post your response in the comment
section of this post

TWEET your response to @Beautyinthebag

*to be eligible to win!

*No purchase necessary. Open to US residents only. Contest begins 1/16 at 11 AM EST
and ends 1/22 at 11 PM EST.


  1. asharalpa25 Says:

    My first wrinkles started to appear when I was about 18, around my eyes as I tend to squint when I laugh or smile. I have tried not doing this but now given up, as I looked like an absolute freak when tried not to squint, lol.

    But I have to admit I have been micro-needling for the past year or so and my wrinkles have faded somewhat. Got to now try to stop eating so my waistline will fade.

  2. diego Says:

    by my eyes. So it was my first wrinkles as there was one on each side.

  3. dragonfly777 Says:

    Under my right eye! I sleep on that side and I knew this would happen.

  4. ladyboarder9669 Says:

    around my eyes was where i first noticed it! 🙁

  5. pumkin2677 Says:

    around my eyes a few years ago 🙁

  6. szawadzke Says:

    On my upper lip

  7. wizardewu Says:

    My first wrinkle appeared at the corner of my eyes.

  8. sonset Says:

    My first wrinkle appeared on the side of my nose.

  9. melaniemb Says:

    The first wrinkle appeared on my forehead.

  10. chrisdeglen Says:

    My first was the dreadful “elevens” I think. Still there too.


  11. Cynthia Says:

    My first wrinkle appeared around my mouth.

  12. fruitcake Says:

    11 between my eyes.

  13. toonces1989 Says:

    Under my left eye

  14. rinnytintin Says:

    Definitely my forehead!

  15. dorielle Says:

    Forehead. Bleh! They are so hard to get rid of! :-/

  16. msbogwan Says:

    My first wrinkle(s) were the dreaded “crows feet” around my eyes! They aren’t deep wrinkles yet but I could really use some Hydroxatone M/PM Anti-Wrinkle Complex to reduce the appearance of those pesky crows!

  17. bnaskychick Says:

    I did comment on FB but just in case, I’ll post here also because I would LOVE to win something that would help me with my wrinkles. They are everywhere but started on my forehead because I’m extremely expressionistic

  18. gingerpye Says:

    The lower corner of my lip. Really how absurd!!

  19. berkah84 Says:

    My very first wrinkles are around my eyes!!! So Sad! lol

  20. bklyngrl017 Says:

    My forehead and laugh lines

  21. LBird206 Says:

    My first wrinkle appeared around my eyes 🙁

  22. justplay524 Says:

    just around my eyes, how sad!

  23. Couponmomfl Says:

    My first wrinkle appeared on my forehead… not I try not to move my forehead as much haha! Like that will help!

  24. Lin82 Says:

    My very first wrinkle appeared in the form of a laugh line on my forehead! GAH! It defines character, I know, but it bothers me from time to time.

  25. MizCindyHead Says:

    My wrinkles are around my eyes, ugh, now around my mouth….But neck, wow it really ages me…

  26. missy_nathan Says:

    Crows feet at the corner of my eyes 🙁

  27. ruthyruth Says:

    My first wrinkle was on the left side of my face by my mouth

  28. jb1ab2 Says:

    My first wrinkle was laugh lines around my mouth when I was in my late 30’s

  29. pollyrey Says:

    My first wrinkle was probably the crows feet around the eyes. They have progressed to wrinkles around my mouth and chin 🙁

  30. vmahaney Says:

    When Iwas 19 or 20 around my eyes, my gray hair started first at 18. I would really love to win Beauty in a Bag to try the AM/PM Anti-Wrinkle cream that would be just wonderful on these long lived wrinkles. Have a wonderful day everyone!

  31. cksunshine Says:

    My first wrinkles were around my left eye (crows feet), followed quickly by wrinkles around the right eye.

  32. laroyal06 Says:

    I noticed my first wrinkles around my eyes when I smile….not cool

  33. AnnMarie Says:

    I As Well Noticed Mine Around The Eye’s,And Oh The Wrinkles Around My Mouth Was Fast To Follow..So I Am In need of Something that Works wonders…hope i win cause i truly Need it…Thanks Ya’ll From Georgia..:)

  34. snoopysmom Says:

    My first wrinkles appeared around my nasolabial area then around the eyes. My problem was that I didn’t take care of my skin until my early forties (!)when I went to cosmetology school. Then, after esthetics school, I became obsessed with having great skin. Even now, at almost 44, people still tell me that I look 10 years younger. It all started with Anew from Avon, then Dermalogica and Glymed Plus products. <3 them all and I have heard the commercials from Hydroxatone and would really like to try it out. 🙂

  35. Cmiller934 Says:

    I noticed my first wrinkle in my forehead. I guess I was about 20. From then on I was self conscious about it and tried not to ever frown.

  36. hoot Says:

    My first wrinkle has to be the crows feet and many more are starting to show in other places. People actually think I’m older then my age. I Really need help but haven’t found anything yet and I’m beginning to become a skeptic, lol. Please help me. 🙂

  37. BrandyB Says:

    I noticed my first one around my mouth. I have to say I almost freaked out. Not long after, the gray hair started. I have been too busy taking care of my family all these years and putting myself last. Since the kids are older, now I have more time to myself and need to pay more attention to my skin. I could really use all the help I can get and would love to win this product so I can start giving my skin the attention it needs. It’s never too late to try, right? HELP!!

  38. laroyal06 Says:

    I first noticed wrinkles around my eyes when I smile

  39. Not2Haute Says:

    fine lines around my eyes – @not2haute

  40. destinyd1 Says:

    My forehead by my eyebrow/nose so unflattering.

  41. oatesfan Says:

    at the corners of my eyes

  42. lilyk Says:

    My first wrinkle appeared around my eyes.

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