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09-09-13 | Posted by

For this week’s GORGEOUS GIVEAWAY, we have a special treat: Juno Transformative Lipid Serum (ARV $125) from niche skincare line Sunday Riley, which is sold at exclusive retailers like Barneys New York, Bergdorf Goodman, and SpaceNK. The anti-aging serum contains fast absorbing oils that are extremely high in natural retinol—one of the best ingredients in the world to fight lines, wrinkles, and dull skin.

The serum is actually a dry oil and comprises a blend of 10 different oils, the majority derived from edible plants, including acai, black cumin seed, blackberry seed, blueberry seed, broccoli seed, carrot seed, chardonnay grape seed, cranberry seed, marula seed, and meadow foam see oils.

This age-fighting blend has an abundance of vitamin C, essential amino acids, omega-3, 6, and 9, UV shields and natural anti-inflammatory agents. The result: luminous and smooth skin with decreased lines, wrinkles, and discolorations.

The brand’s developer, Sunday Riley became interested in skincare at a very young age, thanks to the teachings of her grandmother, who used Native American plants to regenerate, detoxify, and heal the skin. Sunday incorporated this family knowledge into her NV-5 Complex, which includes blue agave, biofermented aloe and yeast extract, Yellow Lady’s Slipper orchid, prickly pear, and night blooming cactus to calm, fight inflammation, and rejuvenate the skin.

A behind the  scenes darling of fashion shows and red carpet events, Sunday Riley also offers free facials with the purchase of any two products at Barneys New York. Hurry and enter, because we have only three bottles to give away to the winners of this beauty giveaway.


To Enter: What skincare secrets has your mother or grandmother (aunt, or sister, best friend) passed on to you?

COMMENT post your response in the comment
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*to be eligible to win!

*No purchase necessary. Open to US residents only. Contest begins 9/9 at 11 AM EDT
and ends 9/15 at 11 PM EDT.


  1. jmiranda181 Says:

    ALWAYS take off your makeup no matter how tired you are!

  2. heathersweet Says:


  3. njf288 Says:

    always clean your face no matter what and moisturize

  4. Antonina Gladkova Says:

    My grandmother used to apply olive oil everywhere) as a hair treatment, as a body exfoliator (with sea salt), as a hand treatment (mixed with lemon juice) and a table spoon inside!

  5. auntiebb Says:

    Drink lots of water!

  6. tiffanysusanne Says:

    Always wash your face and follow with a good skincare routine…

  7. teachjmh Says:

    Use oatmeal for itchy skin!

  8. lovelions Says:

    Always wear sunscreen, get lot’s of sleep and drink tons of water 🙂

  9. nonstpcute Says:


  10. tiffie555 Says:

    avoid the sun (and wear sunscreen and wash face nightly). My mom is 66 and looks like she is 47 because she followed her mom’s (my grandma’s) advice!!
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  11. wizardewu Says:

    Wash your face at the end of the day.

  12. kayenewman40 Says:

    Always was your face every morning and night.Always wear moisturizer and drink 8-10 glasses of water a day.

  13. boofa29 Says:

    Don’t over pluck your eyebrows and try to not touch your face! 🙂

  14. labskita523 Says:

    Keep your hands off your face all the time.

  15. pavanco Says:

    avoid picking at a blemish, it makes it worse not better, most importantly it makes it take longer to heal and go away!

  16. suecruz Says:

    my grandmother used milk of magnesia on her face let dry wash off to give her skin that porcelain looking skin.

  17. janalee Says:

    Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

  18. skylasage Says:

    ALWAYS use SPF!!!

  19. sdbrazier Says:

    Always Always wash you makeup off at night and drink plenty of water.

  20. foofo Says:

    Never leave without putting on a high SPF!

  21. ImHisBella813 Says:

    Drinking plenty of water and getting enough sleep each night helps from the inside out…it is true because when I do start to get dehydrated, my skin gets flaky and scaly and I look more gaunt. If you take care of your body and skin, it will take care of you!

  22. adellag Says:

    Moisturize Moisturize Moisturize!

  23. openmind101 Says:

    Drink alot of water, stay moisturized, and remove your makeup at night.

  24. patellahurts Says:

    Always wash your face before you go to bed. Do not use harsh cleansers on your skin.

  25. suey10459 Says:

    Wah your face daily use Spf

  26. kelekoma Says:

    oil, oil, oil! Inside and out! drink lots of water and choose JOY!

  27. ltaylor2513 Says:

    Always wash off your make up before you head to bed for the night, and stay out of the Sun without sunscreen! 🙂

  28. redfuzzycow Says:

    always wear sunscreen and protect your skin

  29. Laurelflower Says:

    Don’t touch your face unless your hands are clean!

  30. sheila3321 Says:

    Wash your face, exfoliate, & use SPF in your products!

  31. carole312 Says:

    they taught me about Olay products.

  32. ashsky Says:

    Under no circumstances…EVER…rub your eyes!

  33. bmteal Says:

    Always moisturise, massage your cream in for about 3 minutes. Never wash with soap, always use a good cleanser.

  34. SANDERSITE Says:

    drink lots of water and stay out of the sun

  35. KirstenHolen Says:

    Always put sunscreen on your neck. 😛

  36. jodir Says:

    Push your baby daughter’s eyebrows into an arch with your soapy baby finger when you’re giving her a bath. She’ll grow up with a pretty natural arch!

  37. nikkibecker73 Says:

    My grandmother used sliced cucumbers on her eyes and told me it was to treat puffy eyes!!

  38. paj Says:

    Always use a moisturizer day and night

  39. christinemathisen81 Says:

    Always wash your face before going to bed, use oil of olay, moisturize, and don’t forget sunscreen.

  40. kshelady Says:

    Never put anything cheap on your face!

  41. deeds0709 Says:

    Never sleep with you makeup on

  42. carbkle Says:

    Moisturize. Moisturize. Moisturize!!

  43. mommamegs Says:

    Always wear sunscreen and take your makeup off with cold cream!

  44. marilsequin Says:

    Gram said to wear a smile.

  45. mommydi1 Says:

    Grandma says never drink, smoke, or use drugs to stay youthful…She’s almost 90 and looks amazing!

  46. michellewolfe24 Says:


  47. champ76 Says:

    Use moisturizer and drink water daily

  48. marycharleskc Says:

    DO NOT SMOKE! Stay out of the sun and use SUNSCREEN everyday! Use quality serums and moisturizers. Don’t tug on your face when you apply makeup. Don’t squint or constantly make facial expressions that leave lines. Don’t sleep on your face. Don’t forget to treat and protect your hands and neck – these often give away age first. Drink water!

  49. Yeah75 Says:

    Sunscreen and lotion!!! Especially lotion with sunscreen 🙂 It doesn’t really matter what kind of lotion the point is to protect your skin. And…sunscreen to prevent the damage. Porcelian skin is beautiful!!!

  50. lavalleem Says:

    Get plenty of sleep

  51. spygirl Says:

    Drink plenty of water, eat well, exercise and get plenty of rest.

  52. Julie Conn Says:

    Exercise, sleep and drink water!!

  53. kimberlygloss@yahoo.com Says:

    A Smile is the best makeup you could ever wear

  54. jen0214 Says:

    Always wash your face and don’t eat greasy food

  55. sabarinaram Says:

    Never touch your face unnecessarily…. Most pimples and impurities reach face through the hands touching face….. :)))

  56. zookeeperdel Says:

    Always wash your face before bed.

  57. Emrobin Says:

    Moisturize round the clock and wear a wide brimmed hat (no sunscreen available for my grandma way back then….).

  58. bpollini Says:

    Believe it or not My grandmother put vasaline around her eyes every night. She said you will never get wrinkles. And she had beautiful smooth skin!

  59. Kat Says:

    Drink plenty of water and never frown!

  60. EarenH Says:

    Drink lots of water and embrace your aging and do so gracefully.

  61. babiexnicci Says:

    Drink water and wear lots of SPF.

  62. mom4everandever Says:

    sunscreen 24/7/365 and keep hydrated with water

  63. drcole Says:

    My grandmother, and then my mother, always taught my sisters and I to use baby oil on all parts of the outside of our body. It helps the tanning process. It helps to exfoliate dead skin. It keeps the skin moist at all times. It helps with shaving legs.

  64. collifornia Says:

    Moisturize every day.

  65. ingliskf Says:

    Gramdma taught me to rub away my wrinkles with pure olive oil.

  66. missluckybreaks Says:

    She introduced me to oil cleansers!

  67. dwnbonner@gmail.com Says:

    Papaya and Pineapple helps brighten Skin…Granny always had such beautiful skin.

  68. Byrdy1999 Says:

    My Grandmother taught me to never go to bed with makeup on and wash your face 2 times a day and rinse with cold water

  69. HeatherV Says:

    Drink plenty of water and wear sunscreen

  70. weeziestoy Says:

    Keep your skin moisturized…

  71. vaidas4444 Says:

    @BeautyintheBag MY MOTHER always focused on drinking a lot of water. She said that kept her wrinkles away.. and she looks great

  72. vickeigh Says:

    The reason I became an esthetician is due to my obsession with my grandmother’s extensive Estee Lauder skincare collection as a kid. She taught me how to give self facials with warm wash cloths and steam from a tea kettle.

  73. lizc Says:

    Always wash your face before bed, never put your hands on your face or rest on your hands and drink lots of water.

  74. langgataka Says:

    Never fail to use sunscreen. Eat foods rich in antioxidants and drink tons of water.

  75. KimmyB71 Says:

    Drink plenty of water, keep moisturized and wash nightly. Always wear a 🙂

  76. Greisy Wardsworth Says:

    wash my face with rice water wash recently my mother and my grandmother always would tell me when you wash the rice before cooking wash my face with that water and still keep doing it with my 32 year old also remember my father did the same and your skin is highly conserved and Drink lots of water 🙂

  77. savefor4 Says:

    Don’t smoke, use sun screen and eat a well balanced diet.

  78. ewalsh Says:

    Using coconut oil instead of all of the expensive, chemical laden moisturizers.

  79. CKay Says:

    Drink water, stay out of the sun, and wash your face with Noxzema or Ivory Soap. But I never could use soap on my face, it felt too dry afterwards.

  80. missuslindsaylee Says:

    The most important thing I’ve learned in consistency. My mom washes her faces morning and night and never skips her moisturizer and eye cream!

  81. Angela Says:

    My mom had porcelain doll skin. She taught us how important sunscreen & moisturizer are.
    I also learned from a friend that vaseline around the eyes at bed time works well at keeping wrinkles at bay.

  82. ChicagoDivaOnADime Says:

    My Mom and Grams alway told me to use Seabreeze as an astringent. It works great. Even after I use my quality cleanser I find dirt it missed w seabreeze.

  83. buttmuffin Says:

    always remove makeup at night and wear sunscreen

  84. Annette Says:

    The best skin care secret my friend passed onto me was to use a Greek yogurt mask. You can add in additional ingredients like ground oatmeal and honey.

  85. MonCherie Says:

    Grandma always said whatever cleansing/moisturizing you do to your face, always to do your hands, neck and chest area…glad I listened!

  86. mjcranford Says:

    Wash your face every night!

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