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11-09-12 | Posted by

Fall harvest is a rich and plentiful time when beautiful things happen: apples ripen, pumpkins become stylish, and butternut squash soups are all the rage. Even as we approach winter and wave goodbye to fall, we still can smell Golden Delicious apples and taste delicious pumpkin pie…all in the shower and while we put on our makeup. If you are like me and love fall and all its flavors, here is a bounty of beauty products to help you preserve the season even after the leaves are gone.

Melvita Yellow Fruit Shower Scrub ($14)

Melvita Golden Delicious Body scrubMelvita, a French organic skincare company, makes a slew of organic shower gels worth stocking up on. Fall harvest fragrance options include zesty berries (raspberry, blueberry, redcurrant), and soft and creamy apple, quince, and hazelnut organic shower gels. We love the Yellow Fruit gentle exfoliator, which is a shower cream with three beautiful ingredients: fresh, wholesome apples, quince extracts, and hazelnut powder to slough away dead skin cells. It’s extremely mild and has the most delicious, deeply rich fall fragrance and is PH neutral for the skin. If you love apples and a good, creamy scrub, this one is for you.

Stila Lip Glaze Trios in Foliage and Harvest ($12 each)

There is nothing like a Stila Lip Glaze to really give your lips shine and moisture. The hues are impressive and the gloss stays put for quite a while, and it’s easy to retouch with the iconic pen-like packaging. These seasonally perfect Lip Glaze Trios feature three of Stila’s most popular lip gloss shades: Foliage (contains shades Delicate, Loganberry and Fawn)  and Harvest (contains shades Vanilla, Orchard, Spice).

Origins Ginger Treats  ($39.50)

Nothing gives you quite the warm, luscious totally season appropriate feeling like Origins’ Ginger goodies (trust us when we say they’re absolutely divine), and the Ginger Souffle Whipped Body Cream, Body Scrub and Cream Bubble Bath are all packaged beautifully in this totally covetable holiday bundle. Stock up because this limited edition will go out of stock, fast!

AHAVA Mineral Botanic Hibiscus & Fig Velvet Body Lotion ($26)

Ahava Mineral Botanic Body LotionIf you want a lotion that really and truly moisturizes the heck out of your skin, you’ll never buy another after trying AHAVA. The body lotion is infused with natural emollients including aloe vera and palm and shea oils, but the texture is never greasy although it’s very rich. It is also powered by AHAVA’s patented Osmoterâ„¢ blend of Dead Sea Minerals: the result is super hydrated and recharged skin. Trust us when we say this never leaves our nightstand. The hibiscus moisturizes, while fig extracts benefit skin with anti-inflammatory properties and natural moisturizers.


Yardley London Limited Edition Honey Vanilla Crème Bath Bar  ($0.99)

Made with natural honey extracts and creamy vanilla essence, this Bath Bar is extremely affordable yet effective. Ours lasted for a good month and moisturized skin to boot. At only 99 cents, you can stock up on several, or give them to guests. The brand also makes Skin Indulgence Bath Bars with eco-friendly packaging.

LUSH Phoenix Rising Bath Bomb ($6.95)

Phoenix Rising LUSH CosmeticsTrust LUSH Cosmetics to come up with a truly special bath bomb that’s totally seasonally appropriate and pretty wicked too. Phoenix Rising is a royal purple with gold dust sparkly gem that signifies all good things can happen. It has a spicy apple scent and a cinnamon stick in the middle. This is the season to take delicious long baths, so indulge!



  1. loozeybug Says:

    I also love a good body mud mask to help with my aligator skin, especially during the fall. I like Pevonia Botanica, Borguese Fango, and Wei East’s Mud masks. They are really expensive, and I cannot afford them so much anymore, so I was wondering if anyone knew of a cheaper, yet effective brand choice?

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