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12-16-11 | Posted by

Sometimes beauty writing is all about editing – choosing the best of the best products available and highlighting their benefits. That’s exactly what beauty and health site www.DailyGlow.com has done with its first ever Daily Glow Beauty Innovator Awards, selecting 85 products within six categories and granting them “Glow-Getter” status.

The product categories include Skin, Hair, Makeup, Hand/Foot/Nail Care, Biggest Breakthrough and Editors’ Picks. The winners have just been announced on the site as of today.

A panel of 17 beauty and medical experts selected the winners – scouring the market to choose products that deliver above and beyond anything else available. For example, winning items include a body wash that’s so moisturizing it eliminates the need for lotion, a makeup brush that erases dark circles, and a sunscreen that protects your skin from damaging rays but also reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

Described as the “perfect intersection of health and beauty,” the “Glow-Getters” represent innovative formulas, cutting edge ingredients and novel approaches to solving skin and beauty problems. Be sure to check out the Editors’ Picks, chosen by Daily Glow staff as well as leading beauty bloggers.


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