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By Wendy Lewis

Tis the season to give someone on your list something he or she really wants– to look years younger.  Whether they have been naughty or nice, everyone deserves a boost to welcome in the New Year.

BOTOX Browlift –  BOTOX® Cosmetic is the little wrinkle relaxing neurotoxin that can lift your brows and soften lines of expression – crow’s feet and forehead creases.  One treatment lasts about four months and the versatility of BOTOX® makes it an all purpose wrinkle and lifting treatment for women and men. According to New York Facial Plastic Surgeon Yael Halaas (www.drhalaas.com), “BOTOX is by far the most popular injectable treatment in the world with good reason. After one brief visit to my office, in a few days, patients will see a noticeable improvement that looks soft and natural and no one has to know that they have had anything done.”

Cost – From $500 and up per treatment area. www.botoxcosmetic.com

Cheeks By Sculptra–  Sculptra Aesthetic is a unique rejuvenation product that works differently than fillers because it stimulates your own tissues to produce more collagen over time. It takes several weeks to months to see the effects but after two or three sessions, results can last up to three years. According to New York Plastic Surgeon Dr. Bryan Forley (www.drforley.com), “The results of Sculptra are closer to facial lifting that many other agents commonly used. Patients like the fact that the effects are gradual so they look completely natural without an over filled appearance.”

Cost – From $1200 and up per vial. www.sculptraaesthetic.com

Radiesse Rejuvenation –  This long lasting dermal filler is equally popular among women and men in search of improvement for their creases, folds, wrinkles and it also works nicely in the temples and hands. Radiesse is often combined with lidocaine to make the treatment very comfortable, and can last up to a year. According to New York Dermatologist Dr Judith Hellman (www.bigappleskin.com), “Radiesse is my go to filler for deep creases, nasolabial folds, and to build up facial contours. A treatment of two syringes goes a long way and results are really great.”

Cost – $600 and up per syringe. www.radiesse.com

Pelleve Wrinkle Reduction –  Pelleve™ is a radio frequency energy based system that works to minimize lines and wrinkles, and is a favorite among cosmetic doctors and dermatologists for softening crow’s feet and rejuvenating the area around the eyes. According to San Antonio Dermatologist Dr Vivan Bucay (www.drvivianbucay.com), “We offer patients a series of three 45 minute Pelleve treatments to get optimum long lasting results. The treatment is pleasant and painless with no downtime so patients can have it done before a party and look great.”

Cost – $500 and up per area per treatment. www.pelleve.com

Tone Up With Lasergenesis – Known as the complexion laser because it targets the visible signs of aging and sun damage. The treatment is done in multiple sessions and can be continued for longterm skin maintenance. A course of at least three sessions is recommended. According to New York Plastic Surgeon, Dr Z Paul Lorenc (www.lorenc.com), “Lasergenesis delivers steady improvement for skin tone, texture, reduced redness and discoloration. It is fast, effective and works beautifully for the face and chest.”

Cost – $500 and up per area per treatment. www.cutera.com

Body By Zeltiqâ„¢ – Coolscupting is the newest way to reduce fatty bulges around the waist, flanks, and tummy in a single in-office treatment. It takes one to two hours, and the final results will take up to four months to be visible. As New York Dermatologist Dr Melanie Grossman (www.drmelaniegrossman.com), explains, “My patients are very excited about Zeltiq because it is truly non-invasive. The results of the Coolscupting treatment are long lasting so once we destroy the fat cells they will not reappear if you maintain a good diet and exercise.”

Cost – $750 and up per cycle (each treatment is 2-3 cycle).  www.zeltiq.com

If you are in the San Diego area, and you are interested in learning more about contour lift, visit San Diego Body Contouring.

Wendy Lewis is President of Wendy Lewis & Co Ltd, Global Aesthetics Consultancy, Founder and Editor in Chief of www.Beautyinthebag.com and the author of 11 books on beauty. www.wlbeauty.com

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