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03-22-10 | Posted by

Photo Credit: sejaa.com

Supermodel Gisele Bündchen has finally revealed her skincare secrets to us mortals! Her new eco-friendly skincare line Sejaa Pure Skincare promises healthy skin, while looking out for our planet. Bündchen, who is a UN environmental ambassador has chosen all-natural ingredients and green packaging with recycled paper – very cool! The supermodel decided on the name for its spiritual meaning “to be” in Portuguese, her first language.

The new mom’s skincare line offers three products sold exclusively on the brand’s website: Day Cream ($70), Night Cream ($70), and Mud Mask ($56). Also offered is a  Pure Skincare Kit ($120), which includes a two-ounce jar of each product, a spa towel, and a mud applicator. Each ingredient has been extracted from natural sources using manufacturing techniques which retain their healing properties including: chlorella, aloe, algae, shea butter, argan oil and jojoba oil. Believe it or not, Gisele admits that she had pimples as a teenager and found that mud helped dry them (hard to believe, but we’ll take her word for it). For more information visit www.sejaa.com. Happy drying!

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