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04-04-12 | Posted by

Full confession: just recently, I started to notice that my cheeks were looking a smidge sunken in and dragged down—and though I’m still shy of 40, it was taking the rest of my face with it! I was looking more tired and (dare I say it) older. (Okay, my cheekbones weren’t all that bad—but certainly not Angelina Jolie proportions!).

So after a consultation, Dr. Amy Forman Taub of Advanced Dermatology recommended injectable fillers for my cheekbone area to improve their shape and plumpness. By enhancing the volume of and filling in my “lost” cheekbones, it’s essentially like getting a cheek-lift. Actually, the end result is better. It’s practically a lift. As Dr. Taub explains, “restructuring your cheekbones makes everything look like it’s gotten a little lift. Your whole face looks younger.”

Dr. Taub used a combo of Perlaneâ„¢ and Restylaneâ„¢, two fillers that rely on hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance found in the body, which adds volume to combat hallow areas.

Before we got started, she applied a topical anesthetic to the area around my cheekbones, where the injectable would be administered. At the end, after feeling no pain, I was sent home with an ice pack for on-and-off icing throughout the day. There was a little swelling and redness—but nothing a little foundation couldn’t hide!

The results were natural—just an enhanced version of me. While my friends and family noticed there was something different, they couldn’t quite figure out what it was. Most thought that it was simply a solid night of sleep. To me, that was the biggest compliment—and the best result I could have ever hoped for. Results last six to 12 months, and then, I’ll be back again.




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