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05-26-16 | Posted by

Bikini season is once again upon us, and Thermi technology can help tighten and tone everything from the eyes to the thighs.

You name it, and Thermi can troubleshoot it, says New York City plastic surgeon Z. Paul Lorenc, MD, at a #getthermi event held at Gansevoort Park Avenue In Manhattan.

Thermi delivers radiofrequency energy through a hand-held device to kick-start the body’s own collagen production. With ThermiTight, a small probe is inserted under the skin to tighten areas such as the neck, abdomen, arms and breasts. ThermiSmooth uses a round probe on the surface of the skin of the face or body. Smooth treatments can be repeated several times to achieve the desired results, and ThermiTight is often a one and done deal.

Dr. Lorenc uses ThermiTight for fat reduction and skin tightening around the knees, abdomen and face and ThermiSmooth body and ThermiSmooth face to treat crepey skin.

“Everyone getting treatment will come away with excellent results and no discomfort,” he says. “It is low risk too as we don’t have to heat up superficial tissue to tighten, lift and smooth skin,” he says. Lorenc is using the technology to postpone the need for surgery and/or enhance the effects of surgery. In addition, he stacks non-invasive treatments for a more comprehensive rejuvenation effect.

“I use ThermiTight after a facelift or to delay the need for a facelift in younger patients,” he tells Beauty in the Bag. “This is a perfect procedure for laxity of the skin and neck,” he says. For facial rejuvenation, an energy device like Thermi may be followed by Silhouette InstaLift and then possibly some fillers down the road, he says. ”This takes us closer to the type of results once seen only with a facelift.”

Silhouette InstaLift is another newbie that’s hitting the beauty scene this beach season. It suspends lax facial tissue via Polyglycolide/L-lactide (PLGA) cones. The PLGA works double time. It suspends tissue and also stimulates collagen production beneath the surface to increase volume.

“When treating the knee, I will use ThermiTight on the front and a laser on the back for and all-around tightening and toning,” he says.

Cost varies based on body part/s treated and starts at $2,500 per area.

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