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11-09-11 | Posted by

Getting your beauty sleep is a MUST to feel reenergized and look refreshed – but some of us wake up in the morning feeling a little less than perfect. The problem could be your pillow causing undue morning wrinkles and neck and back stress. Enter the enVy Pillow ($199), a memory foam pillow designed to “help you wake up feeling good and looking good.”

“The enVy pillow is designed to take pressure away from parts of the face that can cause rhytids and ‘sleep lines.’ The concept seems sound and from using it myself I can tell you that it’s quite comfortable,” says Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel, Chief of the Division of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery at Boston University Medical Center.

I have to agree with Dr. Spiegel, after trying the pillow for several nights, I noticed a marked decrease in shoulder tension. Furthermore, I’m a side sleeper and tend to wake up with unsightly folds and wrinkles on my face. Thankfully those lines were banished after a night sleeping on enVy.

The one caveat is you have to be sure to follow the directions for sleeping. The pillow is designed to support your neck rather than your face when sleeping on your side. You must position your head in the hollow of the pillow and then turn carefully to the side.

While waking up with facial lines is not a problem for back sleepers, the enVy pillow is also designed to accommodate this sleeping position. Just lie on your back with your head in the center of the pillow and your shoulders tight to the pillow.

The enVy pillow design is patented, created by two Canadian nurses, chiropractic endorsed and offers optimal neck and shoulder support, relieving neck, shoulder and head pain caused by poor sleeping alignment. It is considered an anti-aging and wellness sleep aide.

It is also perfect for use after dental or aesthetic procedures, including nose or face surgery as it keeps you from putting pressure on your face.

“After the bandages and wraps come off following facial surgery, having something that keeps pressure off delicate healing tissues helps maximize the good results, I believe,” confirms Dr. Spiegel.

Composed of anti-allergen and dust-mite resistant memory foam, the pillow comes with an eco-friendly 100% bamboo pillow case – very soft and comfy. For purchase information, go to www.envypillow.com.

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