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11-20-13 | Posted by

A gorgeous well-groomed brow does wonders. It opens up the eyes and helps define features.

But, many of us may be sporting the wrong eye brow shape for our face type. We talked with owner Malynda Vigliotti of New York City’s Boom Boom Brow Bar, on how to get the right brow shape for your face type and ways to keep brows looking fab this holiday season.

“A properly groomed brow highlights the good and downplays the bad—it’s the perfect non-surgical tweak you can do to brighten up and look younger,” says Vigliotti. There are so many options with eyebrows—thick, thin, dark, natural, arched and straight—and the right shape can bring out your best features. “Brows are always about balance and proportion, and the most natural brow is best.”

Boostier_BetteThose with oval face shapes like stunning actress Marion Cotillard have longer faces than wide, with the jaw line, cheekbones, and forehead being the same width.  If you have this face shape, Vigliotti suggests, “going with a strong defined brow, which draws attention to the eyes, away from the longer chin and forehead.”  She likes to use Boom Boom Brow Boostier ($16), a mineral-based powder that is applied with a brush, to make brows appear more lush and give definition. If your brow color is hard to match, try Anastasia Brow Powder Duo ($23), which lets you mix and blend to perfection.

Heart shape faces like celebrity Vanessa Hudgens have narrower chins while the upper part of the face—the forehead and cheekbones—are about the same width. Vigliotti suggests heart shape faces go with a softer arch, which can lessen the point of the chin and help balance the face.

New mom and singer, Fergie, is a great example of a round shape face, and can benefit from a more angular brow to help bring out facial bone structure.  “Well defined brows with a high arch is best for round faces as you want to create angles to break up the roundness of the face,” says Vigliotti.


Square face shapes like actress Demi Moore have a square jaw line, and the forehead, cheekbones and jaw line are about the same width, so it’s best to go with an angled arch with a sharp peak. “A well-defined angular arch can help draw the attention up and away from the jawline,” says Vigliotti. She likes to use Boom Boom Push Up brow highlighting pencil ($16) on the brow bone to highlight and define the arch. You’ll also find a highlighter pencil in the Two-Faced Brow Envy Brow Shaping & Defining Kit ($35).

After you go in for a professional shaping and find your best shape, it’s important to groom brows once a month. “Ideally you want hair growing in on the same growth cycle so it can be removed at the same time all at once, only one time during the month,” explains Vigliotti.  And, if you over-tweezed and need to thicken up your brows, Vigliotti recommends putting down the tweezers and using an over-the-counter conditioner with vitamins and peptides like Brow Job ($49) two times a day.  Even some eyelash conditioners like City Lash Growth Enhancer ($49) can help enhance brows.



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