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02-03-16 | Posted by

Like most of you, I love nail polish. Right now I’m loving it all shades of blue, rich or vibrant purples, pale pink tones and black, but unlike most of you I love it only on my toes. For my fingers, I’ll always choose a nice clean buffed nail over color any day. There’s just something about a buffed nail that I can’t get enough of. It’s chip free so perfect if you’re more the low-maintenance type and gives your nails an understated “finished” look with a healthy-looking, natural sheen.

You might be wondering what my dilemma is. The truth is, if I step into a salon to get it done, it’s hard for me to justify spending the same amount of cash on a mani when I won’t be getting the “included with” polish that should accompany it and would accompany it if was what I really wanted. And doing it myself with a buffer is okay, just more time consuming than I’d prefer.

Thanks to the latest from Emjoi, I won’t have to concern myself with this any more. You see, I was lucky enough to be asked to review Emjoi’s Micro-Nail and discover for myself if this could be the solution I was searching for. Truth be told, after trying it, I was overjoyed. In fact, I might never feel the need to get a professional manicure again.

Emjoi’s Micro-Nail ($39.95) is an at-home, hand-held, battery-operated device that gently and easily smooths, buffs and shines nails in seconds (truly!) so you can always have gorgeous nails. It gently buffs away any ridges, imperfections or discoloration and can also be used on your toes.

You can use it as I prefer, to buff my fingernails to a gorgeous sheen or you can apply nail polish after buffing for the smoothest application ever. The device’s roller spins 360 degrees, at a very speedy 30 times a second so it easily, effectively effortlessly does your nails.

To use, simply cut your nails to desired length and shape and wash and dry your hands or your feet if you’re looking to do your toes. Then:

  1. Attach the gray smoothing roller.
  2. Turn the gadget on.
  3. Glide it over each nail for 1-2 seconds before moving on.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 with the white shining roller.
  5. Gently wipe down nails with a damp towel.

For those that do prefer polish on their fingernails, you’ll find you get the smoothest nail polish application effortlessly after using this little device. Micro-Nail met my expectations and then some. It’s the quickest, easiest way to I’ve ever experienced to get professional looking buffed nails without the usual time and expense that going to a salon requires, plus it’s hygienic and good to have on hand so you can always have “done” looking nails. I’m glad I discovered it and know you will be too.

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