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07-06-12 | Posted by

The Clinique Happy fragrance has always put a smile on my face and this summer I’m smiling from ear to ear. The company has launched Clinique Happy Summer Spray ($60), a slightly lighter version of the original as a special limited edition.

It’s a perfect summer scent that bottles the fun and energy of sun-filled days and sultry nights. With just one spritz, you’ll be surrounded by the aura of fresh flowers and feel like you are enjoying a day outdoors even if you are working in an office.

And for die-hard fans of Happy, never fear, Clinique Happy Summer Spray doesn’t veer far from the original. The limited edition features the floral heart of Happy coupled with warm, citrusy notes.

Even the packaging will make you feel happy – the box and bottle feature a pop-art sort of flower graphic sure to put a smile on your face.

The same floral-pattern is used again on a limited edition makeup pouch that comes with Clinique’s Superbalanced Powder Bronzer ($34). What’s great about this bronzer is that you can carefully control the amount you get on the brush. It starts off as a compressed powder that is released as a fresh loose powder by a compact “shaver.” Each calibrated turn of the dispenser allows the perfect amount of bronzing powder to be dispensed. The result is a natural, sun kissed look.


  1. melissa10 Says:

    i would love this it smells so good such a great idea i hope you guys have a store around me or make one such great products

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