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09-26-16 | Posted by

If you’ve never done the “glossy lid” now might be the time for you to give it a shot. After all, it is trending this season and will have your eyes glistening with a fresh, dewy look that you’re sure to love. The beauty of it is that it enables you to add some sheen without having to resort to super shimmery powder shadows to get the job done. Though it can be done with any eyeshadow color as your first layer, you can also pull off a neutral look by doing it sans color. Be forewarned though, this look does have its downsides:

  • Gloss on the lid feels sticky, but you can prevent it from feeling uncomfortable by applying the gloss to the lid only, while avoiding the crease.
  • When you apply gloss to the lid, it can slip or smear through the course of the day. If you’ve got no time for touchups save this look for a day or evening when you’ll be able to give it the attention it needs.

Still ready to give it a go. You can get the look with any shiny lip product on lids — think lip gloss or even Vaseline — followed by an eyeliner at the lash line in your preferred shade. You can also opt for one or more of these alternatives:

Surratt Beauty Prismatique Eyes in Crystal Eyes ($38) features a clear gloss that you can blend onto your lids as well as a shimmery, multidimensional shadow to complement the look. Apply the gloss with your fingertip and blend well. You can wear it alone or layer the glistening top coat for magical effect. You can also ring it around your entire eye for a bolder look.



MAC Mixing Medium Shine ($22) makes it easy for you to create a super gleamy wet look. Wear this wax-based product alone for a super shiny look or mix it with an eye liner or shadow in a makeup palette before applying to your lid.



Milk Makeup Eye Vinyl ($20) comes in two vastly different shades: Bride (a nude shade) and Tunnel (black). Both are easier than ever to apply and leave behind a high-shine super-glossy finish. To do, simply twist the base of the pen to dispense product, swipe on your lids and then blend with your fingertips or an eye brush. Infused with natural oils for moisture, a glossy finish and non-tacky feel, you’ll love the ease of application and on-trend look.



Tatcha Gold Camellia Nourishing Lip Balm ($36) contains camellia oil, squaline and actual flecks of gold for a sensual shimmer. Pair this hydrating balm with a deep brown liner for a sophisticated look all your own.





NOTE: All products were tested in store. Opinions are my own.

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