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Posted by 02.15.09


LAURA MERCIER LIP GLACE – Creamy lip gloss that stays where you put it, LM’s Lip Glace is a lot less gooey than other brands and brings new life to lips.  It glides on smoothly, is very hydrating, and adds shine without giving you that cheap barmaid look that some of these give off.  You can choose from sheer, medium and full coverage, and shine, sheen and shimmer finishes and the neutral tones like Bare Beige and Blush work beautifully for any skin type.

FINAL VERDICT – GGI (GOTTA GET IT) – Great colors and a nice texture. Try it.

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  1. betteboop Says:

    This is great stuff. It’s my favorite lip gloss. I used to wear Lancome Juicy Tubes but it is too shiny and sticky. Lip Glace is more elegant to use. LOVE YOUR BLOG!

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