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06-24-15 | Posted by

Yes, you read that right. While it might seem too good to be true the truth is you can eat as usual, skip the workout and still look better than you did just moments before. Though it would be prudent for your health to eat right and exercise, Dana Enochson, Founder/CEO of Xen-Tan says that “with a little practice you can flatter your figure using self-tanner.”

Want larger breasts? A flatter-looking tummy? Six-pack abs? Whatever it is you’re covering you can easily make that happen. Enochson says “darker skin makes the areas look smaller while you should go lighter in the areas you want to look bigger.”




Here, her Self-Tanning Dos & Donts to get the body of your dreams:


  • Do tan your breasts bigger and your tummy flatter! You can contour your chest a little by going a bit deeper right under the breasts and in your cleavage and keeping the breasts lighter. You’ll be surprised at the effect. After you tan your stomach go back with a gloved finger and slide on a thick bit of tanning lotion under each rib to make them shaded in a bit darker.
  • Do blend out the self-tanner lightly over your feet, hands, face and throat. Thinner areas of skin need less product.
  • Do choose a gradual tanner if you are not the best at applying self-tanner yet or feel uneasy doing it. With graduals you can do a little every other day, or every day, to tan and provide moisture. If you are not the best at applying tanners but you love to stay tan this is a great option. Each coat will layer and adjust any spots you missed the day before so you can look gorgeously tanned every day and it doubles as your body moisturizer. Another benefit of graduals is that they seem to hold up better than other sunless tans when you swim but I recommend you limit yourself to 15 minute dips (or less), and then gently pat dry to keep your color.
  • Do opt for a light self-tanning formula if you have darker skin. Instead of making the skin darker it gives a richer, warmer tone while moisturizing and hiding whitish flakes of dry skin on knees and elbows. If you have fair skin, opt for a darker self-tanner as it looks best and most natural on fair skin.
  • Do pick a self-tanner based on texture. You are going to get tan in the end so it’s all about how you get there. Are you dry and feeling flaky? Use a rich lotion. Do you have a new dress for work and need tan legs this minute?—use a liquid, or fast dry mousse. Though I’m not a fan of sprays because they leave a big mess behind to clean up, you can spray them on a mitt and blend them on the skin for great results without any drips on your legs, or mess on your shower walls. If you are new to tanning try a mousse. Always use instant color so you can see where you are putting the product until you get used to application.



  • Don’t use anything with oil before self-tanning and avoid all moisturizing products as they’ll get in the way of your tan. Self-tan needs to get right down to your skin without something blocking it. Also, make sure your body scrub isn’t an oil base. *NOTE: If you use retinol products or anything similar your tan may fade too fast. If you must, I recommend using your retinol product at bed time and your tanner during the day so you keep some color in the day.
  • Don’t blend too much. Wherever you put the tanner is where you are going to be tan. Most self-tanners these days are streak-free and blending too much can cause the product to grab in spots and pull away from other areas. Allow it to glide over the skin like you are frosting a cake.
  • Don’t let your tan get patchy. Apply moisturizer every single day when you are not self-tanning.
  • Don’t panic. If you make a mistake, just take a long warm shower and use your washcloth to gently buff off any excess color. Re-tan when you are dry. The second layer will hide most flaws. If you have excess color on your palms, soak them in soapy water while you watch a favorite show and next time use a mitt to apply.
  • Don’t exfoliate too vigorously before self-tanning. A light scrub with a gentle body scrub (especially on the drier areas) is ideal. Self-tan grabs onto the dead skin cells on the surface of your skin so it will work best if you leave some dead cells behind.

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