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05-20-15 | Posted by

Real Housewife Larsa Pippen, the uber glam wife of ex NBA star Scottie Pippen, mom of 4, and self-confirmed fitness fanatic says that she is “obsessed” with UltraShape, the fat destroying ultrasound treatment from Syneron Candela

At a recent press event at the Standard Hotel in the trendy Meatpacking District of New York City, the reality star proclaimed, “I exercise every day, and eat healthy, but I still see fat in certain places that I don’t like. UltraShape is the easiest treatment. You just go to your doctor’s office and it only takes 45 minutes.” She added that her mom is now going for treatments too, and she has all her girlfriends getting on board.



Larsa who has a popular lifestyle and beauty blog, LifewithLarsa.com, was joined by Syneron Chairman Shimon Eckhouse, Ph.D., and two powerhouse derms; Anne Chapas of Union Square Laser Dermatology in New York, and Leslie Baumann of Baumann Cosmetic Dermatology in Miami.

UltraShape is not just another fat reducing system. Over 300,000 treatments have been performed worldwide, and its non-invasive fat destruction technology has been studied and proven in over 30 peer-reviewed publications.

“UltraShape is the fastest non-invasive fat reduction technology,” said Dr. Baumann. “UltraShape’s patented technology delivers ultrasound energy with extraordinary accuracy, allowing us to target and destroy fat cells immediately without the lumps and soreness with other non-invasive fat reduction treatments.” She further explained how UltraShape results are smooth, with no lines of demarcation or pockets of fat and uneven areas left after treatment. “My patients love the results we can achieve for them without surgery, pain or downtime,” she said.

Dr. Chapas described her experience with the VelaShape® III system, the fourth variation of this cellulite-busting and body contouring technology that was originally launched in 2004. It uses a combination of Bi-Polar RF (radiofrequency), IR (infrared) and mechanical tissue manipulation with pulsed vacuum. “VelaShape III renews collagen, affects the dermal structure and connective tissue, and improves skin quality and tone. The collagen tightening effect delivers overall skin surface improvement,” she said.

To date, said Dr. Eckhouse, “Over 5 Million People Contoured by VelaShape and 10,000 Vela treatments are performed everyday around the world.” Most people have an initial series of three treatments and maintenance sessions as needed.

The event concluded with live demonstrations of UltraShape on a model’s tummy, and Dr. Chapas performed a live VelaShape treatment on a model’s thighs, while interested journalists and bloggers watched intently.

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