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01-25-14 | Posted by

Flawless skin is the goal of all makeup and skincare, but Garnier’s latest innovation helps you achieve this in almost real-time.

Garnier Ultra-Lift Transformer ($16.99) is an anti-aging skin corrector that promises 24 hour moisturization while it corrects tone and texture. It features an auto-adjusting formulation (similar to BB or CC creams) to help conceal dark spots, wrinkles, and other imperfections, and it also has light reflecting micro-pigments to create a luminous complexion. All this with SPF 20 sun protection too!

The micro-capsules release pigments have an auto-adjust texture that transforms on contact with the skin, so that skin is instantly corrected. The package also says that the product is formulated with Pro-Retinol, which is developed through a process of green chemistry. Garnier says that this “natural retinol” is a combination of natural linoleic acid from safflower with retinyl acetate, and manufactured free of solvents. Since typical products containing retinol use lab-created molecules, this product is trying to accomplish a greener version of this process (Pro-Retinal boosts cell renewal and enhances the skin’s surface moisture barrier).

While there are other creams out there that possess skin correcting effects (most BB and CC creams come to mind), this version is ideal in that it offers anti-aging benefits as well. Keep in mind that Garnier doesn’t have a CC cream—and the Ultra-Lift Transformer is basically its version of a CC cream with an anti-aging component.

So, if you examine this product from that point of view, it performs very well, but as with most CC creams the hydration factor falls way short (it’s my pet peeve). A sister product is Garnier’s 5-second miracle blur (read our review here), that helps instantly erase wrinkles.



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