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07-19-12 | Posted by

Londoners are gearing up for the Olympics starting in the next few weeks. The stifling, stuffy underground and overcrowding is proving to be stressful even for the most level-headed BITB writer, but we have braved and barged the crowds to research the best in beauty news. For those that aren’t into sport or haven’t managed to bag themselves a ticket to one of THE events, there is plenty to get excited about on the London beauty scene. The BITB team has scoured the land for the best deals, limited editions and services dedicated to the London Olympics and here is our pick of the best but be warned, book early to avoid disappointment. And let the games begin…

Gold-Medal Facial

The multi award-winning Thai Square Spa has launched the last word in luxury and even if team GB doesn’t win Gold, you certainly can with a 2 ½ hour Gold Leaf Mask Treatment. The Leaf Mask will help to absorb pollutants (and boy, there are plenty of those around town at the moment), regulate the skin’s ionic balance and impart a fresh glow. This ancient Thai ritual was conducted on the royal bridal party before their wedding ceremony. The face and body is prepared for treatment using a mild exfoliant. The body is then cocooned in a mask containing turmeric, which is high in vitamin c, leaving the skin restored and glowing. You will indulge in a therapeutic bathing experience, immersed in the delicate fragrance of the lotus flower. To conclude your treatment, gold leaf is applied to the face and a full body massage is carried out by a highly trained therapist in attendance. £190, Thai Square Spa, 25 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9HW. 020 7240 6090.

Bath Time for Winners

Molton BrownIf you’re lucky enough to have a night’s stay booked at London’s 5-star Goring Hotel during Olympic season, then you’re in for a treat. Those clever people at Molton Brown, Britain’s best loved brand of luxury candles, hand &body products, have teamed up with the hotel to offer a service worthy of the top spot on the podium. MB promises to transport The Goring’s guests to exotic destinations around the world (via the bathtub) through their collection of globally inspired bath bubbles including the delightfully named Paradisiac Pink Pepperpod. Upon request, a bath butler (yes, you heard right!), will draw guests a bath complete with a delicious matching cocktail to sip while you soak, bathed in the flickering light of Molton brown’s piccolo candles. You can buy the Global Heroes Collection for £36 if you want to DIY at home.

Deal of Olympic Proportions

Wash Area

If you’re passing through Knightsbridge en route to one of the BIG events this August, drop in at the hair and beauty emporium of Paul Edmonds, mentor of the top of the hair hierarchy like Errol Douglas and Richard Ward, and discover bronze, silver and gold pamper packages incorporating both hair and beauty at winning prices. If you ask me, go gold and get a Gold Keratin Treatment, Diamond Oxyderm with Oxygen Therapy Facial, Luxury Manicure and Pedicure and a signature wash and blow-dry for just £500 (value of £635).

With all these beauty treats it’s certainly worth fighting the crowds to get a bit of top-notch beautification.

Love from London


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