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06-26-15 | Posted by

It’s that time of year again – time to get smooth and bare all!

According to BEAM Laser Spa in New York City, clients come in year round to keep stubble under control, but March through September is their busiest season. Beam’s laser of choice is the Candela GentleMax laser that gives amazing and has a special cooling device to blast the skin’s surface while the active hair follicles are destroyed, making it almost painless.

But if you’re not quite ready to check into a laser clinic, you don’t need to look like a caterpillar with these new DIY hair removal helpers.




bliss ‘fuzz off’ foam ($32)



This fresh-scented foaming depilatory is the ideal hands-free summer companion because you can use it all over for smoother results. It also has a hair inhibiting complex which is ideal for those who want to reduce hair regrowth over time. It also has a nourishing double butter complex. This is probably one of the freshest and most painless ways to remove hair: wait for ten minutes and rinse off in the shower.


Olay Smooth Finish Facial Hair Removal Duo ($23.99)



This two-step system is effective when it comes to removing the fuzzy wuzzy on your face (and it’s much kinder than stripping the hair off your face). The Skin Guarding Balm conditions the skin, so it’s less prone to irritation and the actual Hair Removal Cream is applied over the balm to remove fine to medium hair. You need to wait for 6-8 minutes before the hair disappears.


Completely Bare Body Moisturizer & Hair Inhibitor ($9.99)



This is actually a moisturizer that, because it contains CD Tri-Complex and natural plant extracts, inhibits hair growth. It contains Capislow which helps reduce hair density by 50%, hair length by as much as  30% and hair growth as much as 55%. The best way to use it is after a shower or after a shave, to minimize hair growth and also reap the benefits of softer skin.


Nair Moroccan Argan Oil Glides Away ($10.99)





This is not your grandmother’s Nair: the new formulation contains Moroccan Argan oil which moisturizes skin and is also effective on coarse hair. And it doesn’t come in the form of thick goop that you once knew, either. This sleek new formula actually looks like a deodorant and is perfect for the bikini area/arms and underarms too. It is also ideal for contoured areas where you need something more gentle than hair removal lotion itself. This works in as little as three minutes.






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