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02-05-10 | Posted by

Photo Credit: triabeauty.com

Hair removal can be a major nuisance. For women, we’ve got unwanted hair on our arms, under our arms, thighs, lower legs, bikini line, below the belly button, even fingers and toes can be sprout hairs. For guys, hairy backs, shoulders and chests can conjure up some very unsexy images.  Think Steve Carell in The 40 Year Old Virgin (2005).

When it comes to hair removal, the choices used to be painful waxing, daily shaving, or irritating depilatory creams. Most of tried all of these with disappointing results – and we have the scars from shaving nicks to prove it. Then laser hair removal arrived in the 1990s, and after several generations the technology evolved so it really works well and delivers lasting results. But it is still expensive (as much as $500 per treatment in big cities like New York, LA and Miami), and you have to keep going back for more sessions for larger areas like legs and arms. The next big wave of hair removal options was a crop of home devices that promised to destroy the hair follicles with heat or light energy. I bought a few of these over the years – but after spending hundreds of dollars and wasting my time trying them out – they never really worked. The energy in many of these systems is not strong enough to get the job done.

Enter TRIA® – the only FDA approved diode laser for home hair removal – that uses the same laser energy that all the top Dermatologists use in their offices. Now this caught my attention!

According to New York Dermatologist Cheryl Karcher, “TRIA® is based on the gold standard of hair removal technologies, and it definitely works.”

FDA clearance gives you the confidence that a device is safe and effective for the approved claims. Without good clinical studies, it is impossible to know whether any device can do what it says it can do – and if it is safe to use. TRIA® is revolutionizing how we deal with unwanted hair. If you follow the simple instructions that come with your TRIA® Beauty system, you can be fuzz-free in a few months. And the best part is that it is comfortable to use in your bathroom, while watching TV, laying in bed, or almost anywhere!


Prizes are from $45 to $3,300 Grand Prize.



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