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03-06-09 | Posted by


COLORESCIENCE SUNFORGETTABLE ORB SPF30 – This is just a fun, upbeat, perky product that is good for your skin and makes you smile when you use it. I brought it to the beach with me on vacation, and it makes my skin glow and look healthy and radiant.  I love the design, the quirky teal powder puff,  and beautiful packaging – deep turquoise and coppery oranges like a tropical sunset. Although it’s not really ideal for travel due to the shape (it is literally an ORB – as in big round thing), Colorescience does make their fantastic SPF30 ALMOST CLEAR SPARKLES BRUSH that is portable and self contained and great to toss in your bag and go forth seeking sun with protection.

FINAL VERDICT – GGI (GOTTA GET IT) – I like this brand for its ingenuity and it stands out among the many mineral ranges now available.

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  1. Bonnita Says:

    too cute – love the blue puff!

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