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06-23-12 | Posted by

If you had told me that an oil for your face would be the cat’s meow, I would have laughed. Not that I don’t believe in oils (there are some excellent ones for the hair), but I’ve generally felt that the most transformative powers for the face stem from creams and serums.

But Fresh Elixir Ancien ($260) features oils that are hand blended in a monastery to preserve the art of ancient oil therapy. In this slim white glass bottle that looks one part apothecary, one part precious china, this stoppered offering contains nothing but essential oils. The oils are chosen for their anti-aging properties and they help smooth and renew the complexion.

The very last thing one may want to put on the face – especially before retiring in the evening – is an oil. But Elixir Ancien absorbs into the skin quite quickly (just make sure you don’t slather on too much or else you’ll feel like a grease pit). As with many oils, a little goes a long way.

Hand made in the Czech Republic, Elixir Ancien was initially used to purify and treat dry skin conditions. But I’ve been using this nightly on my combination skin, and because of its blend of non-clogging oils (sea buckthorn, meadowfoam, black currant, jojoba, and wheat germ blend), this leaves my face hydrated, smooth, and truly radiant if used overnight. Sea buckthorn is especially known for its ability to be resistant to various weather conditions, and is an excellent oil to use for skin protection.

I would not advise this product be used in excessive quantity during the day, but you can certainly use it with a mattifying foundation and powder to remove some of the shine. It also helps promote the growth of collagen fibers, elastin, and fibroblasts, while it diminishes other imperfections including wrinkles.

The counterpart of the Elixir Ancien is the Creme Ancienne ($260), which is also handmade in the monastery. It depends on you if you prefer a cream or an oil, but the oil definitely works and did not clog my pores one bit. This is a testament to Fresh’s ability to always go for the purest, most natural ingredients, especially in the realm of skincare.

Plus, that white stoppered bottle will look pretty as a museum piece on your shelf: no prescription required.


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