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04-08-11 | Posted by

Spring showers may bring May flowers, but it’s awfully tough on hair if you tend toward frizzy, like I do. One of my favorite television stylists, Nick Arrojo – he is the former stylist on TLC’s “What Not To Wear” and owner/founder of ARROJO studio in New York City  – has the following tips for taming those frizzies and flyaway locks.

Tip #1: Get The Right Hair Cut
Go for a strong shape that is easy to maintain every day. A cut that is short to mid-length with a good solid shape will suit extremely frizzy hair perfectly, be it curly, straight or grey. Cuts like this won’t alter your hair texture, but will make it more manageable to control frizz.

Tip #2: Style with A Silicon Based Defrizz Serum
Combine the smoothing properties of a silicone defrizz serum with a moisture-based styling or curl crème to fight frizz and lock in curls. Focus the defrizz serum on mid-length and ends, the oldest and potentially frizziest hair on your head.

Tip #3: Retro Style Tip
According to Nick, this is one of the best solution for fighting frizz – a throwback to an old school salon trick. Pack a shower cap with leave-in conditioner (a little more than you would normally use). Keep the shower cap on damp hair for 10 minutes, then remove and style hair normally – no need to rinse. Your hair will be richly moisturized, soft, smooth and shiny. You can even add a  little styling crème for extra hold and texture.

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